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Serene Coral Combinations: Mint, Grey & Cream

Coral is one of those colors that goes with a vast array of shades and style genres. But not all of them have a contemporary, serene sense. Some are loud, some are bold and others make you feel at home, relaxed and stylish. That’s why, today, we’re shining a light on serene coral combinations. Pairing this delicate tone with mints, greys and creams can get you that modern, trendy and relaxing look you’ve been searching for. Let’s get inspired, shall we?!

Coral + Mint.

1. Welcomed.


10 Swoon-Worthy, Inspiring Guest Bedroom Themes

Are you lucky enough to have an extra bedroom in your house that you can use to accommodate family and friend visits? If so, that means your guest room needs to be just as stylish and put together as the rest of the house, complete with color schemes and power themes. We’ve compiled a quick list of 10 swoon-worthy and inspiring guest room themes that will not only inspire but kick your decorating into gear. Take a peek!

1. Nautically Covered.


Proof That Shaggy Rugs Do Work: Ideas & Inspiration!

You may think shaggy rugs are long gone, but in fact, they’re still a fun and versatile way to bring life into any room. From the living area to your home office, these lively pieces bring an eclectic essence to every space. And that’s why we’ve decided it was time to inspire. Check out our bits and pieces of proof that shaggy rugs do work and hopefully you’ll grab an idea or two from the list.

1. Layered up.


Black & White Tiling That Will WOW You!

Black and white will also be the most classic and powerful color duo. From fashion to interior design, it works every time no matter the season, the space or the person doing the styling. So, it’s only natural that when it comes to big spaces in the house: the walls, the floors and even the ceilings – that you pay attention to the magic that comes from this combo. And when it comes to tiling, if you want something bold, fashion-forward but also quite homey, a black and white set is exactly what you  need. Let’s take a peek at some black & white tiling that will WOW you and inspire you!

1. Mix with Marble.


Nail Polish-Dipped House Keys: An Easy DIY

I’m a huge advocate for taking joy out of the little things. Whether it’s a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies or adding a pop of color to your rather boring house keys, these small adventures make entire days brighter. And that’s what we’ve got for you today, an easy DIY that makes a part of your everyday a tiny bit more stylish and fun!


Quick Tips on Displaying, Storing & Organizing Your Wine And Liquor

From wine glasses to scotch bottles, some homes are designed for entertaining guests, hosting dinner parties and holiday celebrations. And with those types of festivities comes the mixing of cocktails and pouring of classic red wines. If your house needs a nook for displaying, storing and organizing your wine and liquor collection, look no further. We’ve got the tips and tricks to you get started on your journey to pausing the clutter and designing your bar area with chic style in mind.

1. Keep Them Caged.


Colorful & Youthful Back Patios

It’s summertime and that’s means we’re all spending a bit more time outside! And that also means, our patios and porches should be in tip-top shape for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying. It’s the season of color and vibrancy, so why not dress our outside areas within that outline? Check out some of our favorite colorful & youthful back patios that pack a punch of style!

1. Feminine & Free.

This patio has all the workings of a summertime sleepover. We love how feminine and free the designs and colors are. We love the missed-matched effect and we love the patterns creating art for the outdoors.


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