7 Funky Ways To Update Your Chest of Drawers: Ideas & Inspiration

Your drawers go through a lot of rough and tough wear. So it’s nice to be able to give them a makeover once in a while to update their look and get rid of the visible nicks and bangs. And there are so many inventive and easy ways to make it happen!

Create something new to match other parts of the house you may be re-decorating or make something that pops and stands out. Take a look at these 7 funky ways to update your chest of drawers today!!

1. Make it Retro!

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Using this DIY, you can really make a retro room come to life, or have a little stand-out piece of your own. Great in a hallway, a craft room or one of your child’s bedrooms … a rad retro chest of drawers is always a great choice for a makeover.

2. Go a little crazy.

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Be different and bold! Take something you find inspirational and try it out yourself. Use this tutorial to make something playful and artsy. Pink out your favorite colors in various shades and have a ball with it.

3. Maybe something uber feminine and glamorous.

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Maybe your daughter wants something chic and girly .. or maybe you want something right out of an upscale boutique. With this DIY … you can! All you need are something beautiful mirrors to fix up an old chest.

4. Use words for organization.

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Need something to store your goods? Instead of a boring label maker … create something 3-D! You’ll find what you need faster, your worn out chest will become newer and it’s really fun. And there’s no way your neighbors will have something so full of pizzazz and personality.

5. Stripes are always sleek.

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This particular chest would be great in a little boys room, but adding a new coat of paint and some sleek stripes is a great idea for any room or anyone! How great would a red chest be with some black or white stripes? Or light pink with pretty yellow stripes?


6. Add pretty things.

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Knobs, flowers, stickers and buttons …. adding pretty things brings anything up a notch! Slap on a new coat of paint and add whatever your heart desires. It makes it a little funky, fresh and a whole lot better than before all the visible wear and tear the chest was going through.

7. Stencils work wonders.

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If your super crafty and can free-hand something magical …. that’s fabulous. But not everyone is so lucky and stencils work wonders. Stencil on some pretty designs and you’ll create something epic fr your house!

There are so many simple ways to update your chest of drawers. Add new paint and finishes. Stain the wood or change the knobs. Just remember that you don’t have to through out a chest just because it’s old a worn. There are so many ways to make it look brand new again!