The Best Curtains for Modern Interior Decorating

Modern styling is one of the most interesting kinds of interior decorating. People think that it’s either too bare and boring or they find freedom in it’s simplicity. Whichever camp you land in, modern styling certainly helps to narrow down the options when it comes to window treatments. There are five basic styles of curtains for modern homes. Each has it’s own purpose and some won’t look as nice as others in your space. But once you find the right pick, you can set your modern decorating energies to bigger and better things. Take a look at these 5 kinds of curtains for your modern home.

Modern white curtainsView in gallery

Modern white curtains for livingView in gallery

Thinking about the basics of modern decorating, you obviously lean heavily on black and white in all your decor decisions. White is definitely a good choice for window treatments for several reasons. One, they are classic and they’ll match anything and everything you use to decorate your home with. Two, being white, they’ll bring the coziness to your home that all curtains do while staying rather out of sight against your window. Three, you can easily find white curtains in several different knits. So if you prefer sheer curtains, you can find white ones at reasonable prices.

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Living room black out curtainView in gallery

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Do you prefer to go dark with your curtains? Black is definitely an option. But the nice part about dark curtains is that the color isn’t immediately obvious. Darkly colored curtains allow you to choose deep blue or shady greens without making a color statement in your living room. They’re also good for bedrooms as the dark fabric will catch any outdoor light, helping you have a better night’s rest.(Images via 1, 2, 3)

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Grey living room curtainView in gallery

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Just like white, gray is a lovely neutral color that will always match in your living room. If you’re modern styling tends towards moody touches, smokey curtains will amplify that effect by leaps and bounds. Plus, being another classic color, it will be easy to find yourself a pair or two of gray window treatments without emptying your decorating fund.(Images via 1, 2, 3)

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Color block curtainView in gallery

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Maybe you can’t decide which colors would be best in your home. You’re in luck. Color block window treatments are definitely an option in modern decorating. Whether you choose two toned curtains in classic shades or add in a bright pop of color to bring out your complimentary tones, the color block style will bring some interest to your space and allow for you to swap decor much more easily.(Images via 1, 2, 3)

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Living room with mirrored coffee table and window shadesView in gallery

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Some of you are probably reluctant to get curtains because you do love the bare window look, but sometimes you have to have something. So before you toss out the shades option, think on it. Shades can be very classy when they’re colored gray. You can pull them up to give the illusion of curtain-less windows during the day and shut them at night for your desired privacy. It’s an especially good option for city dwellers who must have window treatments but can’t abide curtains themselves. So whether you choose roman shades or blinds, don’t be concerned about their effect on your modern home.(Images via 1, 2, 3).