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A World of Living Room Interior Design

More than any other aspect of the home, living room interior design truly reflects the lifestyle and personality of the people who live there.

Our vast collection of articles and gorgeous living room pictures will lay out all the trends – from living room furniture to textiles, color palettes, finishes and décor accents to layout ideas.

Every style of living room interior design is covered, from the perennial favorites like contemporary and country to the hot trends like farmhouse and Boho styles.

It’s all here to help you create your ideal living room.

Living Room Decor

Choosing décor for the modern living room is fun and so is looking at all the ideas we’ve collected.

You’ll find inspiration for the sofa of your dreams, ideas for just the right occasional table and everything in between.

Decorating advice from professionals and the latest pieces from brands big and small will have you thinking creatively about your living room décor and how want your modern living room to look.

Clever living room design ideas are just a click away!