12 Backdrops to Make Your Mounted TV More Interesting

When you’re trying to infuse your life and your home with the minimalist mindset, it’s common practice to pair down your forms of entertainment. Getting books from the library instead of owning shelves of spines yourself. Recycling your magazines when you’ve finished reading them. One of the most popular choices is to watch your movies and TV shows on your laptop instead of owning a TV. While that works most of the time, it makes it impossible to host viewing parties or really turn up the volume on the movie with your favorite soundtrack. Thankfully there is a way you can have a TV and still maintain your minimalist decorating. Take a look at these 12 backdrops to make your mounted TV more interesting.

Mounted Wall Tv with Black modern WallpaperView in gallery

What is the easiest wall decor solution with the most possibilities? Wallpaper. Choose a pattern and color that fits your minimal home and install it on the wall you’ve chosen for mounting your TV.

Mounted TV with a Tiled Wall behindView in gallery

When the minimalist is your goal, many of your decor choices might be made on durability rather than looks. This is where tile comes into play. Whether you have a fireplace or not, a tiled wall can make your mounted TV seem like it was meant to be there.

Wave wall and floating shelves for the TV wallView in gallery

One aspect about modern decor that is so unique is the ability to take different materials and made them fit into your decor in a sophisticated way. A metal wall, for instance, is the perfect option for giving some life to your entertainment wall while keeping things on the chic side.

Painting the bright wall with poppu colorView in gallery

Maybe you’re sharing your minimal home with some young kids and you want to keep things family friendly. Paint the wall behind your mounted TV in a bright poppy color that will catch your eye. No other artwork needed.

Modern living room with an amazing sea viewView in gallery

When you live near a body of water, nature can’t help but creep into your decor. Seagrass is a beautiful natural fiber to decorate with and it looks incredibly lovely as a wall covering. Put it behind your mounted TV to help that black box blend in with the rest of your sandy shades.

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If you asked almost any designer of modern homes, they would probably tell you that concrete is the answer for just about everything in modern decor. Cover your wall in a thin layer of concrete and mount your TV on top for a beautifully textured effect.

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Your home doesn’t have to be modern to be minimal. Mounting your TV on a white brick wall will give you all the interest and texture you need while staying warm and cozy in your living room.

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For the country home, you’ll want to think wood and rustic for your TV’s background. Whether you hire someone or do it yourself, a plank wall behind your TV will give you that rustic charm you’ve been looking for.

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Or we can go mostly contemporary and a little bit modern with a marble accent wall. Then no matter what the colors are in your home or how often you change them, your mounted TV will always match.

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For family rooms and basements, places where you want more of an entertainment wall, mount your TV on top of lighted panels. You’ll get a fun eye catching effect when you’re done.

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Of course you aren’t stuck with only one texture and one color per mounted TV. Layer your mounted TV on dual textures and shades. You’ll double your space’s interest without having to hang one single picture.

Black background living room TVView in gallery

How do you reconcile owning a mounted TV and making the ugly black box disappear altogether? You paint the wall behind it black. Suddenly your TV blends in and you notice everything around it instead of the box itself.