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Homedit is a home decor inspiration resource showcasing architecture, landscaping, furniture design, interior styles, and DIY home improvement methods. Based on the notion whereby style reflects the individual, we’re a contemporary resource, fueling objective inspiration for pragmatic concepts.

Homedit & The Team

We offer security and confidence to readers by providing informative content on global trends in design concepts, interior and exterior styles, and customized living and work environments. Through annual expansion efforts, our role has organically transitioned from a well-intentioned provider to an authoritative voice on cutting-edge design standards and home lifestyle smart technology.

Since 2008, our forward-thinking mission remains dedicated to covering the latest innovative breakthroughs in architecture, interior design, and DIY home repair and restoration methods. With a common-sense approach accessible to everyone, we look forward to bringing you more home design discoveries.

On behalf of the Homedit team, we’re grateful you’ve been with us on our amazing journey, and look forward to having you as we continue onward.


Singularity within the home design realm is a celebration of form and functionality. Everything from appliances and bathrooms to bookshelves, kitchens, furniture, lighting, reading nooks, outdoor patios, rugs, and vinyl siding, nothing is excluded.

Once you realize this, you’ll see how home design at its root level epitomizes the notion of synergy. Although the parts may seem independent, remove one from the equation and the remaining players are rendered useless.

The discovery stage offers rewards that make exploration worthy of your time. When you find a new design concept or decoration idea, the exhilaration and adrenaline rush that accompanies each fresh discovery is unparalleled. Your home is the most important space in your life, so it deserves your full attention and care.

You’ll find inspiring decorating ideas, tips on finding and incorporating your personal style, and the latest product innovations…and so much more!


Most people aren’t aware of how easy it is to make your living or work space more attractive through your abilities. Homedit is the embodiment of the do-it-yourself (DIY) spirit.

DIY projects can enhance your home’s style and transform your living space with accented touches for special events or holidays. Whether a beginner or veteran do-it-yourselfer, Homedit specializes in educating readers on the best DIY projects for every space imaginable.


Educate yourself on home-centered topics through exclusive interviews on designs, concepts, and smart home technology. Here you can learn the essentials of home organization, cleaning, and more. You’ll find the necessary tools for your home project, plus additional ideas to provide you with optimum results.

Editorial Guidelines and Principles

Integrity has been a key ingredient of our success, and it’s something we’ll always uphold. By providing readers with original content, accuracy isn’t merely a notion, but rather the underlying theme for everything we publish.

Editorial Guidelines and Principles

Before each article is made available to the public, it must be approved by our editorial board through their specially designed system of fact-checking protocol and content review process.

We follow the same publishing guidelines and practices utilized by news and media agencies worldwide.


Homedit enforces and adheres to the highest standards available with regard to content delivery and publishing. Our team of writers generate stories from boots-on-the-ground interaction to careful field research and analysis. The underlying point here is that we don’t make it up as we go along.

Before we engage with a potential source, they must clear a multi-step verification check. By implementing in-house protocol authentication measures help us determine reliability and authenticity. We do this not only as a courtesy for our readers, but as a civic obligation to uphold accuracy in reporting.


As our readers will tell you, accountability is a built-in priority at Homedit. It goes without saying that our team of writers, researchers, and editors understand the responsibilities that come with their jobs.

When you provide the public with information, it needs to be 100 percent, and anything less would be disingenuous. It is out of great civic responsibility that we give our readers the best and most information available today. If we didn’t operate by that standard, we wouldn’t be here today. Now more than ever, the last thing the internet needs is another fraudulent platform.

Shout Outs

(because who doesn’t like a little attention every now and then?)

Adding to our success, we’ve received accolades and industry acknowledgment from some of the most prominent luminaries in the design field. Without this, a giant void would exist in place of our credibility.

Our Commitment to Human Written Content

All content on Homedit is written by humans. We withhold high editorial standards and perform rigorous fact-checking – a job best suited for people. Information written by ChatGPT and similar AI chatbots often contains misleading or incorrect information. Our mission is to deliver honest and accurate tips, tutorials, and home advice. We have a team of expert writers, each bringing knowledge, personal experience, and the ability to express ideas in their own words.

Media Highlights

Homedit Media Highlights

Throughout our journey within the world of home design and DIY solutions, we’ve received our fair share of international media attention.

It’s always nice to stand under the spotlight for a moment or two and receive recognition for our efforts and dedication. What a fun ride it has been, and honestly, there are moments when it seems a bit unbelievable.

But more than anything, we hope you’ll stick around as we continue to expand our presence on the global stage. 

Homedit Media Coverage

Without the help of a few key international media platforms, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We thought we’d say thanks to them and share a few highlights that have helped make Homedit a respected authority in the home design industry.

Our Team

Homedit is a team of international creatives with one thing in common: a passion for home design. Our goal is to channel that passion into a guiding light for our readers so we assist them with making their living and working environments reach their full potential.

Stefan Gheorghe | Founder/CEO Homedit.com

Stefan Gheorghe | Founder/CEO

Stefan Gheorghe is the founder and CEO of Homedit.com. In 2008, he launched the platform out of his passion for interior design and home decoration. Since then, the site has grown from a small DIY design and home repair blog to a global reference point for professional designers, interior experts, and first-time DIY home enthusiasts.

Stefan has a proven track record as a venture capitalist, real estate investor, and entrepreneur. Today, he is also devoting his efforts to his second passion – knot tying at TheKnotsManual.com, aquarium science, while maintaining an enthusiasm for strong coffee.

Simona Ganea - Interior Design Contributor, VA

Simona Ganea | Contributor/VA

Simona has been with us almost since the very beginning. Since 2011, she has helped Homedit emerge as a global voice in home improvement and design.

Her attention to detail drives others crazy yet remains her most appreciated characteristic.

She lives in a world of fantasy full of elves and mages but when it’s time to get things done she’s always right there where she’s needed.

Sahar Achouch - Graphic Designer

Sahar Achouch | Graphic Designer

Meet Sahar, a graphic designer with a passion for vibrant illustrations and prints. A graduate of Surface Pattern Design from the University of Fine Arts, George Enescu in Iasi, Romania, Sahar’s work bursts with color and positivity.

Inspired by her love for the mountains, travel, cooking, and hitting the gym, Sahar infuses her art with energy and enthusiasm, spreading joy wherever her creations are seen.

Vera Dordick - Home Decor News Editor

Vera Dordick | Home Decor News Editor

Vera Dordick is a global communicator and creative provocateur. She holds degrees in Journalism/Russian and Pastry and has had a life-long affair with creativity. From the day she was old enough to wield a wooden spoon, Vera’s Russian grandmother began her education in all things domestic.

In a mid-career blip, Vera opened a custom cake bakery called the Queen of Tarts. After exhausting her interest in sculpting exotic cakes, Vera hung up her toque (and rested her feet), returning to her passion for beautiful design, home interiors and DIY.

She is a lifetime dabbler and enjoys traveling, and making jewelry, quilts and the latest fashions.

Rachel Brown - Interior Design Contributor

Rachel Brown | Design Contributor

Her own sense of design combined with her experience allow her to create beautiful spaces that are authentic and meaningful.

Her practical experience with interior design began when she and her husband began renovating their first historic home in the early 2000s and has continued with every home they have owned. 

Katie Barton is a freelance writer specializing in home improvement, home decor, cleaning, and organizing.

Katie Barton | Home Improvement Expert

Katie Barton is a freelance writer specializing in home improvement, home decor, cleaning, and organizing. She lives in an 1800s-style log cabin with her husband and three kids in Ohio.

Terry Schutz is a freelance writer specializing in home renovations, DIY advice, and construction topics

Terry Schutz | Construction Contributor

Terry Schutz is a freelance writer specializing in home renovations, DIY advice, and construction topics. He lives in a small rural hamlet in central Alberta, Canada with his wife of 49 years.

Geraldine is a Florida-based lifestyle writer and savvy marketer.

Geraldine Orentas | Lifestyle Writer

Geraldine is a Florida-based lifestyle writer and savvy marketer. A valued home improvement contributor and marketing agency owner, she has a knack for empowering readers with design resources to create dream homes.


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