5 Rooms Featuring a Zebra Print Rug

I have often dreamed about going on a safari in Africa. That is because I like the thrill of hunting and the emotion of the expectation, not because I like killing. Actually I don’t know if I would be able to kill, but I would go on a safari just to admire God’s creatures and their natural environment and maybe to watch them run free and hunt without fear. I guess it is in our genes to like hunting and everything that is connected to animals because we, people, have always been hunters.

Vintage rug

Well, that explains why most people still like and use animal print on their rugs. They do not kill animals for this any more, as the rugs are made of wool or synthetic materials, but the pattern is still popular and it has been so ever since real animals were skinned for making these rugs. Here are five Rooms featuring a zebra print rug that we love and I am sure you will, too.

1. Nice dining room with zebra print rug.

Vintage rug
Sophisticated dining room with beautiful chairs

This dining room is large and sophisticated, open to nature with huge windows and with bare wooden floors. It is the perfect location for this zebra print rug because everything about the room design suggests hunters and men power. It is only normal for this rug to be in the dining room as hunters used to have great feasts after hunting. The rug is large and covers most of the room and goes perfectly well with the horse statues on the table and also the leather covered armchairs at the table ends and the solid and elegant hanging light.

2. Home office with a zebra print rug.

Vintage rug
Create an African office theme by choosing a zebra rug

This is the perfect gentleman’s corner in any house where he can retreat and have a few moments of silence and quality time. This corner can be used as a reading corner, as a home office or a study, but it surely belongs to a gentleman. The desk is made of dark solid wood and the beauty of the mahogany is complemented by the shiny metal legs. All these details go in perfect harmony with the zebra patterned rug that covers the floor and the leather tufted high chair. The rug comes in contrast with the rest of the room that is serene and calm and can even be a source of inspiration. It is the detail that makes a room interesting instead of being boring.

3. The nursery with a zebra print rug.

Vintage rug
Grey, yellow, blue, white..the perfect nursery room

I would have never dreamed about seeing a zebra print rug in the room of a baby, a toddler. It is simply something my mind cannot put together. However, as you can see by yourself in the photo, this is actually a great idea and this kind of rug goes perfectly nice with the nursery. That is because kids love animals and everything connected to them and also this zebra pattern is ery attractive and funny for the small eyes. The black and white model is almost regular and the fact that it lack colour is compensated by the pattern. Toddlers love this rug as they “walk in four” and get the chance to touch and smell the rug and also see the difference between white and black really close. The black lines on the rug match the black bars of the toddler’s crib, so they won’t feel prisoners any more, but hunting animals in the savanna. And everything is obviously supervised by the mother sitting in the chair placed right next to the crib.

4. Modern living room with a zebra print rug

Vintage rug
Modern living room with large windows

Living rooms are usually those rooms where everybody is welcome and where all the people come and go, stay for a while and enjoy talking and spending time together. However, modern living rooms have come to be really sophisticated and cool rooms and very often people call for a decorator or interior designer’ s advice to make the room more interesting and to add it personality. Well, I don’t know about this one, but it surely has enough personality to fill a house. The zebra print rug is not a necessity here, as it does not protect your feet from the cold floor, but it is only used for decorative purposes. You can guess this from the way in which it is placed on top of the other white rug that is thicker. This zebra print rug even looks like an animal skin, as it keeps the shape and appearance and this makes it cool and brings something characteristic to the whole image of this living room. The whole place is surrounded by modern but comfortable furniture and the plants spread all over the place feel natural there.

5. Bedroom with a zebra print rug

Vintage rug
Master bedroom with canopy bed

This picture is the last proof that I needed to show you that animal print rugs, especially zebra print rugs fit perfectly in any room, in any house. The are cool by themselves, without having to borrow greatness from the place around. This bedroom for example is beautiful and the interior design creates a clam and peaceful atmosphere. The big bed is ready to hold its precious treasure and is really comfortable and the walls are painted in suave and sweet colours like that great orange combined with a shy olive shade. But the dark floors and furniture are the perfect background for this zebra print rug, as the visual contrast has great impact. It does not cover the whole room, but it does not need to, as its job is already done.

Vintage rug
Family room with a country feel
Vintage rug
Another dining/craft room featuring a zebra rug
Vintage rug
Living room with many vintage accessories

In conclusion, zebra print rugs seem to look great no matter where you place them and no matter what kind of style you have in each room. However, they do look great in those rooms that have a simple design and usually have one or two colours. They look their best in luxurious rooms and homes, but the rug has to be the centerpiece. If you surround it by many pieces of furniture and colours, the place will only look overcrowded and will scream bad taste. Don’t forget that “too much is too much” and good taste is very important.

So do you like these rugs? Do you have one at home? Please tell us your opinion on the subject.

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