Take your bike off the floor with these ingenious racks and hangers

Bikes are becoming more and popular these days. People are starting to recognize their practicality. There are several advantages to using a bike. First of all, it’s much more practical in a busy city where parking spaces are always a problem and where traffic is horrible. Also, bikes are environmentally friendly so, if you’re concerned about that, it’s a big plus. They also don’t require fuel so you get to save both money and space by using a bike instead of a car or motorcycle.

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However, they’re not as comfortable as other means of transportation and they’re not practical when you have baggage or when you’re in a hurry. But at least you can store them inside your home. This, however, doesn’t necessarily come without inconveniences. You first have to find the space for the bike and then you have to come up with a smart way of storing it without making it difficult to take it out when you need to. Here are a few ideas that might inspire you.

Functional and minimalist wall-mounted bike hanger.

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This type of hanger allows you to store and display your bike in a simple and practical manner. It’s a hanger that can be installed anywhere in your home, takes little space and also provides an additional shelf for a lamp, some books or anything else. The rack measures 12x12x4.5’’ with a 2’’ opening that can accommodate any type of bike. It’s made of birch and cedar that is domestically grown and that comes from sustainable forests so it’s also a way to stay green.{found on etsy}.

A similar handmade bike shelf.

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This bike rack has a design inspired by the one presented above. It’s a handmade version of that one and it measures 11-3/4’’ in depth, 11-3/4’’ in width and 4’’ in height. It features a 1-3/4’’ slot. The dimensions may vary and the rack can be custom designed for your bike. Also, since each piece is made by hand, it features unique characteristics and may present different looks depending on the grain of the wood and other factors.Available for 149$.

Reclaimed wood bike rack.

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We continue on the same line and we present yet one more wall-mounted bike rack. However, this one has a design that’s different from the one presented so far. It’s a rack with simple and versatile structure, designed to hold almost any type of bike. It can be custom made to fit your bike specifically. This rack is made of reclaimed wood using scrap materials. The wood is unfinished and has a raw look. Its dimensions are approximately 11″ wide, 11″ deep and 7″ tall but may vary.Available for 85$.

Simple and clever bike box.

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Here’s a similar storage idea. It’s a box that allows you to get your bike off the ground and to clear up some floor space for other things such as shoes and storage cabinets. The nice thing about this box is that it’s a shelf that can also be used to store books. It features bookends made from chain rings. It can be made from the wood of your choice for a customized look and the dimensions may also vary.Found on etsy.

The Cycloc bike storage mechanism.

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This is another wall-mounted piece with a simple and clever design. The difference in this case is that it allows you to store your bike either vertically or horizontally. The versatility and flexibility is perfect for small apartments and for spaces where storage is a problem. It allows you to free up some floor space and, in addition, it also includes a small storage space within he cup=shaped unit. It comes in green, white, orange and black.Available for 100$.

Foldable wooden bike hanger.

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The great thing about these bike racks and hangers is that they take very little space. But you can make things even better with this one because it’s a foldable hanger that you can flip up when not in use. It features beech bars that measure 25mm in diameter and 400mm in lengths. They feature an oil stain finish and support the steel frame that was painted in off-white to match the wooden bars. They are angle-adjustable and allow you to set the distance between 20 and 42mm.Available on site.

A 2 in 1 bike rack and basket.

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This is another versatile and practical bike storage system. It’s a wall-mounted metal unit with hooks and with a basket. It’s great for storing your water bottle, helmet and other things you usually carry with you when using the bike. It’s made of metal and it can be attached to the grid or directly to the wall. IT measures 8″tall x 20″wide x 15″deep and it can accommodate bikes of any size.Available for 42$.

Two-bike wall-mounted stand.

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So far we’ve seen some very clever and functional storage solutions but they were only for a single bike. So what if you have two bikes that need to be stored? That’s what this stand is for. It provides convenient storage for two bikes and it leans securely against the wall. It features a silver powder-coated finish and has independent adjustable arms that can accommodate almost any type of bike. Its dimensions are 30.48cm x 213.36cm.Available for 75$.