Simple Desk Plans For Home Offices Built With Love

The search for the perfect desk can prove almost impossible which is pretty ironic given how many different designs and styles are to choose from. Luckily, there’s always the option to build a desk from scratch or to repurpose other elements into a great workspace setting. In order to make that happen, you need some desk plans and it just so happens that we can help with that. We looked around and we selected some of the DIY desk projects that we find most inspiring.

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The first DIY desk we’d like to show you today has hairpin legs and a cool shelf for storing and displaying things on. It’s easy to put together something like this and you can tell just by looking at the desk plans. First, gather the supplies: four hairpin legs, some lumber, wood screws, glue, clamps and the finish of your choice which can be paint, wood stain or a clear coat. Check out the full tutorial to find out more about this contemporary desk.

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Next, another hairpin leg desk with a chic and contemporary design. It’s a beginner level project for which you only need a few things such as two project panels for the top, wood glue, screws and four hairpin legs as well as some polycrylic finish and a paintbrush. You can find most of these things at your local lumber store. With these desk plans you can build a stylish piece of furniture worthy of pretty much any modern or contemporary space.

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Standing desks are really popular right now but they’re also usually very expensive. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a standing desk the alternative is to build it yourself. We have some great plans we can share with you on that. Check out this tutorial which shows you how to make a desk using pipes and wood. Use the pipes to put together the base and make it as tall as you want it to be. If you put your mind to it you could even make an adjustable-height desk.

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The desk plans shared on Shanty-2-chic are perfect if you prefer a desk that looks solid and has a subtle rustic feel to it. As specified in the instructions, all you need for this project is six 2×4 and three 1×6 boards. Of course, you should add to the list some tools like a saw and a drill as well as some screws. We really like the robust look of this desk. It has a strong presence and it’s a perfect fit for traditional decors although it wouldn’t look bad in a modern setting either.

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Since we mentioned how beautiful a desk with a heavy and robust design can be, we should also have a look at this concrete and wood desk. We found the plans for this project on Homedepot. In order to build something like this you first need to make a mold for the concrete top. Follow the instructions in the tutorial and feel free to adjust the measurements as you see fit. When the mold is done, pour the concrete mix in and let it harden and dry. In the meantime, build the wooden legs. As you can see in the picture, the base has two shelves, one on each side, which is really practical in a workspace.

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Is a sawhorse desk something that you’d like to have in your home? If the answer to that is yes, check out these desk plans which we found on Ana-white. The design is simple and we love the sawhorse base and the fact that it offers two sets of shelves which are great for storage. The design is pretty practical for a computer desk given everything we mentioned so far.

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Over the years we realized that working with pipes is very satisfying. They’re incredibly versatile and easy to integrate in a lot of different DIY projects, a lot of which have to do with furniture. That being said, here we are with a wonderful tutorial that was shared on Housebyhoff. It’s the perfect DIY challenge for beginners. As you’ll see when you check out the tutorial, the desk plans are simple and the supplies needed are actually not that many. You only need a wooden top, some pipes and fittings, screws, casters (optional) and some basic tools.

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If you’re looking for something a little bit more complex but still simple, check out the desk plans from Shadesofblueinteriors. They teach you how to build a desk with built-in storage compartments. The top is made of three panels which can be lifted separately. They each reveal an interior storage compartment and a mirror attached to the back of the panel. You can skip the mirror if you don’t plan on using this as a makeup vanity.

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Planning on building a corner desk? An L-shaped desktop would be a nice option for such a configuration. Actually, this is also a practical design for a shared desk. It can be divided into two sections and used comfortably by two persons. You can find the plans for this project on Handmade-haven. They’ll guide you through all the steps and they’ll show you how to build this desk from scratch. There are plenty of ways in which you can personalize the desk. For instance, you can paint the base in any color you prefer or use wood stain instead.

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We also found some great desk plans on Pneumaticaddict. This is actually a combination between some of the ideas we presented separately. It’s a desk with hairpin legs and with a three-section top with panels which reveal storage compartments. You can use it as a makeup vanity or as a work desk. Either way, it’s really practical and the hairpin legs give it a feminine and delicate appearance which contrasts with the design of the wooden top section. Moreover, you should consider using reclaimed wood to give the desk a unique character. Perhaps you could repurpose a wooden pallet for this specific project.