Cozy Floor Seating Options For Every Type Of Space

There’s something really cozy about sitting in a pouf or on a floor pillow. Something about being close to the ground makes things like pouf ottomans and even some types of sofas and chairs feel comfier than anything else. We were a bit surprised to find out just how many different types of floor poufs and other cozy things there really are. There are plenty of options to choose from, whether you want the decor to look casual, modern, colorful or elegant.


The Buckle-Up chair shows us that things aren’t always what they look like. While this is in fact a very comfortable chair, it can also serve as a guest bed. All you have to do is unfold the seat cushion and unbuckle the rolled back support. stack the futons to make a soft and comfortable bed that’s wider and thicker than the traditional, old-fashioned futon.

Nest futon floor chair

Doesn’t this thing look cute? It comes in three sizes: the Nest, Nido and Baby Nest, each more lovable than the other. But there’s more to this chair than just that. Look closer and you’ll notice four velcro straps at the back. undo them and the chair becomes a futon shaped like a half-moon. If you put two of them side by side you can make a circular bed.

Large bean bags and floor chairs

A common problem with poufs and other floor seating options is that they lack a certain defined shape. That’s both great and annoying at the same time. Some designers (a lot of them actually) found ways to deal with this issue without taking away the coziness.

Floor pillow with ottoman

There’s a lot to appreciate about poufs, floor ottomans and other similar things. It’s not just their shapeless bodies that give them a cozy and cuddly look but also the fact that they usually look very casual and that they’re very versatile and able to suit a variety of spaces, from living rooms to bedrooms and even offices.

colorful beanbags -red green black

Poufs are in fact very often used in modern offices. These colorful things can cheer up a boring workspace and make it feel more pleasant, more like home. It’s a strategy that a lot of big companies rely on.

freistil 173 chair

Meet freistil 173, a very cute armchair with a soft and baggy form meant to emphasize its comfortable and friendly appearance. Use it as a standalone accent piece, in combination with a matching pouf or ottoman or have several of these cuddly chairs put together and mix and match different colors. They come in fabric and leather.

Spin floor pouf

The Spin ottomans are somewhere between classic and modern. They come in different sizes and colors but always with concentric circle patterns on them which emphasize their roundness. Actually, the looks suits the name in a very clever way.

Fabric pouf with fire retardant padding

The Windmill series is inspired by…windmills, obviously. The multicolored models are a lot more suggestive regarding this characteristic. This is the small version, a cute ottoman with a sturdy base, a piece which can be used in clusters or as an accessory to a lounge chair or sofa.


Clove bean bag

Up next, another cute and cuddly floor seating option: the Clove bean bag. It’s covered in fabric made up of slices (or cloves, hence the name) of different colors and with different patterns. You can find this pouf in a bunch of colors, each with its own charm and personality.

FINFERLO Pouf with removable lining

Finferlo is a pouf that comes with a jacket. It’s all part of its design. The idea is that the cover/ jacket is removable and washed or replaced with another of a different colors, offering the option to create all sorts of fun combinations. The other cool thing about this design is that you can use the space between the pouf and the cover as a storage compartment for magazines and other small items.


If you’re thinking that chair looks a lot like a folded mattress you’re absolutely right. This is Chama, an ingenious and very clever floor seating option which can transform into a sofa, an armchair, a single bed and even a double bed or a chaise lounge. It sits directly on the floor and it’s made up of a futon and pillows.


Meet Bubble, the iconic floor sofa that’s dense and yet incredibly soft and very comfortable. You can find it in lots of bold and fun colors and even some interesting color combinations. There are matching ottomans and poufs to pair it with. The entire manufacturing process is done by hand. the fabric used is very stretchable and maintains its shape well.


You’re probably all too familiar with this type of bean bag chair. This is Sacco, probably the most common and popular type of floor seating. It comes in a lot of colors, some bold and vibrant and some neutral or toned down. It’s pair-shaped and it can be modeled around one’s body. Add a few of these to the living room to provide some cozy seating for friendly social gatherings or put some in the office.


It looks a bit odd but at the same time it looks very comfortable. We’re talking about Grapy, an easy chair that sits directly on the floor, designed by Kensaku Oshiro who came up with the idea for it after observing a farmer sitting on a jute sack. The idea was refined and the result was this quirky, relaxing chair made up of three modules that interact and adapt to perfectly mold around the user’s body while providing a nice stability.


Can you believe this floor lounger was created in 1970? It looks so modern and so well-adapted to our current lifestyle and yet it was created a long time ago. It was all done by Verner Panton who called this piece Amoebe. This version has a high back which is flexible and curves over the user’s head. Several brightly-colored fabric covers are available.


Speaking of classic furniture pieces which have proven to be timeless, there’s another beautiful piece that was also designed in 1970, this time by Mario Marenco. It’s actually a whole series and this is the armchair version. There’s also a very similar sofa that also sits on the floor. The base is made of plywood and the backrest and armrests have tubular steel structures. Each element is padded and covered in polyurethane foam and fabric or leather. The Marenco chairs and sofas actually have feet but they’re very small and can barely be seen.


It can be classy but it can also be really casual all while maintaining its Nordic simplicity and charm. We didn’t expect any less from the Nordic bean bag lounge chair. It comes in pastel tones as well as in vivid colors and several interesting combinations. Get one for your reading corner, put one or two in the living room or bring some in the office to create a cozy and inviting meeting space/ relaxation area.


X-long-pool is a new piece designed by Alessandro Comerlati in 2017. It’s a chaise longue that floats on water which makes it ideal for swimming pools and poolside areas. It takes comfort and convenience to a whole new level and it has a really cozy look as well. Of course, you can also use it as a regular lounge chair for the patio or the garden if you’d like.



We’ll end our list of inspiring floor seating innovations with the Sail Pouf, a piece designed by Héctor Serrano and meant initially for indoor use only and then redesigned for outdoor use. The latter features a nautical fabric cover made up of three triangular sections. The pouf is very comfortable and molds easily, allowing a variety of different seating positions. You can use it in combination with an ottoman or footstool for increased comfort. No more heavy patio furniture and high-maintenance materials. This new solution simplifies everything.