Sequin Crafts – DIY XOXO Letters

Add some bling to your decor this Valentine’s Day with these fun and flashy sequin letters. An easy project that can be easily done in under an hour, this DIY uses a few simple craft store supplies and with a little elbow grease you can create your own crafty letters in no time!

Sequin Crafts
Supplies for DIY Sequin XOXO Letters

Supplies you’ll need for XOXO Letters:

  • Medium sized paper mache letters (2 X’s and 2 O’s)
  • Gold sequin trim
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks (at least 12)
  • Sewing scissors

Instructions of how to craft the XOXO Letters:

Step 1: Gold trim

Use your gold trim to completely cover your letters. Do this by starting with a part of the letter that has a large surface area and is straight. Hot glue the sequin trim to the top of the letter and pull taught (to spread out the sequins and maximize utilization).

DIY Sequin XOXO Letters Instructions

Step 2: Hot glue process

Hot glue the trim to the opposite side of the X and trim off the excess. Try to make your trim last so continue to pull as you are gluing to help cover as much of the letter as possible while using as little as possible

Step 3: Next cutting

Cut pieces to fit the other portion of the X on the front and hot glue in place. Cut at angles if needed to maximize coverage.

DIY Sequin XOXO Letters Instructions Part 2

Step 4: Front cover

When the front of the X is covered, cut sequin trim for the side and hot glue in place. Manipulate to maintain full coverage as needed. Continue to cover the sides until the whole X is covered in sequin trim.

Step 5: Glue the end

Since the O is a little more curvy than the X, hot glue one end of the sequin trim to a portion of the O and wrap around while simultaneously gluing. Continue until your entire O is covered in sequin trim.

Step 6: Pull excess

Lastly, pull off any excess hot glue strings and trim off any excess trim as needed.

DIY Sequin XOXO Letters Project

Display your letters on a shelf propped up against the wall or free standing on a table. If you’re feeling up to it you could also put nails into the wall to hang the letters long term.

DIY Sequin XOXO Letters Angle
DIY Sequin XOXO Letters for Valentines Day
DIY Sequin XOXO Letters Glamorous

Replicate this project with other letters or words in the future to create a glam statement for any room!