Umbrella Stands That Make Rainy Days Feel Beautiful

The umbrella stand is one of those accessories that you think you don’t need but then end up using all the time. So spare yourself the drama and get one from the start. If you want, you can even make one yourself. I recently saw an umbrella stand that was actually a leather umbrella. You can use this idea as well as many others we’ll describe below.

Umbrella stands you can make

Feeling crafty? How about making an umbrella stand from scratch or giving one a makeover?

Sisal stand


Sisal rope is often used in projects that involve cats because they love scratching surfaces covered with it so be aware that if you want to have a sisal umbrella stand and you also have a cat this can end up being a tricky combination. But let’s get to the instructions. You need a tall glass container, a hot glue gun and some rope. Start to wrap the rope around the container, adding glue as you advance. {found on rustiqueartblog}

Bucket stand

Bucket stand

Perhaps you can find a sort of oversized vase of a container that looks like a tall bucket. You can use it as an umbrella stand after you give it a makeover. It’s really simple. Just get some paint in colors that you like. The dark blue and gold combination looks really elegant here. Use tape and a stencil to get the design just right. You can also add some decorative details to the bottom using wooden spheres painted gold. This was a project featured on iheartorganizing.

Pipe stand

PVC pipes umbrea stand

You know those pencil holders for the desk that you can make using pieces of PVC pipe? Well, think of a similar project but on a bigger scale. You’d get a quirky umbrella stand. Use powder coated aluminum tubes of different sizes. Tie them together with belts and cut out a bottom out of plywood or whatever you think would work. {found on lorisetlivia}

Sonotube stand

Sonotube stand

How perfect would it be to find a giant cardboard tube, like the ones you find inside your toilet paper rolls? It would make a really cool umbrella stand. Well, actually, there is such a thing and it’s called a sonotube. These are used for pouring concrete. To turn it into a stand, you also need some cork and contact paper. Find out more details on designsponge.

MDF stand

MDF umbrella stand

With some leftover MDF you can make a pretty great umbrella stand and then you can personalize it in a lot of interesting ways. For example, the project featured on Everythingleb shows an umbrella stand that was painted white and that has golden corners. You can use brass corners too or you can come up with some other way to decorate this accessory.

Concrete stand

Concrete umbrella stand

Considering how versatile concrete is, it’s no wonder we found a concrete umbrella stand on behance. It looks really simple and this allows it to fit well in a lot of different settings. If you want to make something like this for your entry hallway, you need a mold and something to make the holes with. Keep in mind that the umbrellas need to lean slightly.

Rustic wire mesh stand

Rustic wire mesh stand

If you want something simple and rustic, try the umbrella stand described on homeon129acres. It’s made using a wooden board, wire mesh, veneer, wire and wood strips. Start with a sturdy piece of wood for the base. Roll the wire mesh and staple it to the base. Add the wood strips to keep it stable and then attach veneer to the bottom of the stand.

Umbrella stands you can buy

There’s also a bunch of really chic and beautiful umbrella stands you can buy. They’re quite different from the DIY projects described above.

Oak stand by Method Studio

Oak stand by Method Studio

Simple and elegant, this umbrella stand by Method Studio is the type of accessory which can look awesome in a lot of different settings, adapting to its surroundings without actually doing anything or looking different.

Half umbrella stand

Modern half umbrella stand

When you look at it, this umbrella stand seems incomplete. That’s because it’s actually only half or a regular stand and has to be mounted on a wall or vertical surface. It keeps the umbrellas upright and takes little space. {found on theminimalist}

Umbrella stand and planter by Di-Classe

Eco Umbrella Stand

The I-Umbrella Stand by Di-Classe brings some of the fresh beauty from your garden inside the house. It has an extension in the form of a small container filled with artificial grass. The grass may not be real but the effect is very refreshing nonetheless.

Simple stand by Seletti

Umbrella stand by Seletti

The umbrella stand from Seletti is made of silk-screen printed metal with a simple shape and a chic contour. The contrast of colors makes it stand out and is neutral and simple enough to look beautiful in a lot of different settings.

The Elic stand

Elic Umbrella Stand

Elic is a modern umbrella stand with a sleek and elegant twist. By that we mean that it has a slightly twisted shape. The stand comes in several different colors and, except for the shape, has no other eye-catching characteristics.

The Plug umbrella stand/ candleholder

Marble plug umbrella stand

The interesting thing about Plug is that it has a double use. If placed on the floor, this marble block serves as an umbrella stand but if you place it on a table or some other surface, it can be used as a candleholder.

Geometric stand from Officina Art&Craft

Geometric umbrella stand

Made of varnished iron, the umbrella stand designed by Officina Art&Craft stands out thanks to its graphical shape. Geometrical shapes intersect, forming a 3D design that maintains its simplicity.

Blow Up from Alessi

Chrome plated steel umbrella stand

The steel rods that form the shape of the Blow Up umbrella stand designed by Estudio Campana and manufactured by Alessi appear to be placed almost at random. This gives the stand a unique and unusual look, making it memorable.

Wooden stand by Schönbuch

Wooden umbrella stand

Manufacturer Schönbuch offers a really beautiful umbrella stand which we found on archiproducts. The stand is made from strong curved wood veneer and has a water-resistant lacquered surface. Its design is very simple and the array of natural colors it comes in allows it to look natural in most environments.

The Circo stand by Chiaramonte Marin

Metal umbrella stand

Circo is a modern umbrella stand designed by Chiaramonte Marin and manufactured by Miniforms. It combines a series of circular rod holders with different diameters. The bottom stand is available in red and white.

Casual Drum stand from Darono

Technical fabric umbrella stand

If you’re looking for an umbrella stand that looks casual and has a relaxed and versatile design, you should take a look at Drum. It’s a stand manufactured by Darono and it’s made made of technical textile with resin coating.

The Family Tree umbrella stand

Tolix Steel Design umbrella

With a name as charming as “Family Tree” it’s impossible not to love this stylish umbrella stand. It was designed by Sebastian Bergne and is manufactured by Tolix Steel Design. Use it in combination with the other pieces from the Family Tree Collection for a cohesive look.

The timeless Cribbio umbrella stand

Cribbio Steel umbrella stand

The design for the Cribbio collection dates back to 1981 and this historic series never stopped being popular. It offers waste-paper baskets and umbrella stands with similar designs which have been gradually enriched and adapted to suit the modern times.

Steel umbrella stand by Loris Martinelli

Public Design steel umbrella stand

Loris Martinelli designed an umbrella stand that’s quite the good-looker. Make of steel, the stand has that charm that makes it suitable for industrial décors. At the same time, it also looks great in a lot of other settings.