Teen Girl Bedding That Will Totally Transform With The Bedroom!

Teenagers can be fickle, especially young ladies that want a bedroom that not only reflect their ever-changing personal style but also the moving trends and have the ability impress their guests. But have no fear, because we’ve compiled a quick list of gorgeous bedrooms that will not only inspire you and your daughter but also showcase some great ideas of teen girl bedding that will totally transform the space while keeping a foundation that can be changed with the seasons.

Charcoal Sheen

Charcoal Sheen

This simple, charcoal bedding can be used as a foundation to any style or interior design theme that your daughter wants to switch up her room with. This way it will blend, mix and match without having to change every sheet on the bed with the trend she decides to try.

Black, White & Gold

Modern Teen Girl Bedroom with Stripped Bedding

These black and white stripes are just another way to add fashion-forward energy and easy styling. We love the hint of gold on some of the pillow cases too, punching it up with some femininity.{found on twothirtyfivedesigns}.

60’s Colors

Bedding inspired by color

For girls who are inspired by color and have a livelier, peppier personality, take a peek at this tie-dye inspired bedding design. We’re loving the ombre, 60’s flair and how these colors can mesh with a variety of eclectic decor and accessories.

Monogrammed Initials

Glamorous Bedroom with Monogram bedding

For something chic, elegant and personalized why not have your teen’s bedspread and shams highlighted with her initials? Monogram them in a way that the bed can flow with the changing trends she decorates with and find comfort in the fact that the space will always have a hint of sophistication thrown in.

Preppy Pinks

Preppy Pinks Bedding

How can you not love this preppy pink and striped bedspread? Not only will this pink help to keep a bit of girlish innocence inside your teen’s bedroom but it also can soften the sharpest of prints, like polka-dots, stripes and even chevron.{found on rogeroates}.

Just Hearts

Pallet bed platform with heart bedding

Sometimes just a delicate detail is all you need to make the bedroom work. These sheets, filled with simple black hearts, could be the key to transforming the room into something with a bit of extra-special personality.{found on potterybarn}.


Tufted bedding

Don’t be afraid to add some tufted bedspreads to your darling’s bed either. Even if she doesn’t want a princess theme, the texture and “fluff” will help to create extra interest around the space – and just make it seem a bit cozier!

Geometric Dots

Geometric Dots bedding

For girls that are inspired by cleaner space, then this colorful geometric print may be right up their alley. Not everyone can flourish in a space that has a bit of chaos in terms of texture and focus – so this may be their kind of pick!

French Contemporary

French Contemporary Bedding

Black will always be the most classic of neutrals and this French-inspired design will have your daughter feeling like a young lady with elegance and sophistication. Change the colors of the walls and the bedding will still look as timeless as ever!{found on ninasobininadesign}.

Turquoise Fun

Turquouise fun bedding

If you love blue but want something a bit more girlish and fun, then opt for turquoise. It plays well with other feminine colors such as pinks, purples and even buttery yellows full of life!{found on biganeconstruction}.

Funky Florals

Colorful Teenager Girl Room

Check out this floral print that has a bit of hippie tendencies. It’s artistic, it’s cool and it’s pretty funky – yearning to be paired with a room of equal tenacity or chic enough to make it pop on its own.


Chevron bedding

Chevron is still one of the most trendy of prints and patterns. And when it’s bold, thick and dressed in black and white its versatility is at its all time high. We love how passionate and dramatic this bedding seems inside this space!


Polka-Dots Bedding

These dots are another classic, timeless design that will always work well inside of our homes. Whether you want something delicate, simple or girlish and beautiful, this print will do its job.

Whimsy Ruffles

Whimsy Ruffles Bedding

A simple ruffle detail could be exactly what you need to take your gal’s room from plain to pizzazz. It can help transform the space into something more adult, more feminine or even more vintage if that’s what she is inspired by.{found on blackbanddesign}.

Bits of Yellow

Bits of Yellow for Bedding

Yellow is another shade that can be mixed, matched and included in a variety of different themes. And here we see it easily used within a modern scheme or even one that’s a bit more bohemian.

Hot Pink Pinks

Teen Girl Pink Bedding

Pink always works for the ladies, especially those that are inspired by feminine touches. But when you have a fiery personality, a bubbly nature or just love to have fun – then hot pink should be your go-to!

Fur & Sequins

Fur & Sequins Bedding

How can you not be swooning over the bedding in this chic and trendy space? The spread is full of faux furred fringe and sequin detail and it works perfectly with the modern, black and white room. Of course, if she decides to change into something more romantic, eclectic or even French countryside – this bedding will still be there, blending and helping to transform.

Muted Blues

Muted Blues

Muted, powdery blues aren’t going out of style anytime soon. And you can easily find bedding with these tones that match what inspires the young lady in your life. From romantic and plush to sleek and neat this color works with any theme.{found on houseofturquoise}.

Girlish Eggplant

Purple Girlish Eggplant

Deep, rich purples will always hold a bit of luxury and regal quality. And what teen gal wouldn’t want a some of that air infused into her room. This bedding pops all on its own without the need for anything else to overwhelm the space.

White Fluff

Gray and coral bedroom featuring white fluf bedding

Sometimes a simple white bedspread is all you need to get started on the journey of creating a brand new bedroom with your teen. With a bit of fluff and maybe even some texture, you’ll have a beautiful natural foundation to build a personal spot out of.{found on martysmusings}.