DIY Wall Clock – From Cork Trivet And Clock Kit

You have probably noticed the copper trend is still going strong, but some other metallic tones are joining the game! Mixed metallics work well with a neutral colour palette and compliment grey and monochrome living spaces. This mixed metallics geometric clock project can be made in an afternoon and will make a great feature for any space.

DIY Wall Clock

Materials you’ll need for this wall clock:

  • Corkboard Trivet
  • Metallic Spray paint in gold and copper
  • Primer (not pictured)
  • Painters Tape
  • Power Drill (not pictured)
  • Clock kit

How to assemble DIY wall clock

Mixed Metallics Geometric Clock Supplies

Using a cork trivet as the base of your clock will give this project some texture. Using the painters tape, mark off the areas you do not wish to spray with your first colour. I went for a geometric pattern – another big interiors trend for 2016.

If you prefer, you can also paint your clock hands to compliment the color scheme of your room. Nail Polish is a really good supply to do this optional step.

Mixed Metallics Geometric Clock Step 1

When spray painting, always make sure to do so in a well ventilated area (outside is best) and use dust sheets and boxes to contain any mess. Repeated light coats of spray paint are best rather than layering lots on in one go.

Mixed Metallics Geometric Clock Spray Paint

An optional step would be to use a primer on the corkboard first, to allow the true color of the metallic to come through. Make sure to spray the side edges of the cork too.

Mixed Metallics Geometric Clock Gold

Once the first color is dry, remove your tape and mark off the areas you want to spray next. Be sure to leave each coat to dry in between. If you are changing colors, it is recommended to leave at least an hour between spraying.

Mixed Metallics Geometric Clock Step 4

Once your trivet is dry and all tape has been removed, use a power drill to make the hole for your clock mechanism. This clock has an off center pattern and the hole was made where the two colors join. Be sure to drill on a fairly slow speed to avoid cracking the cork.

Mixed Metallics Geometric Clock Drill

As all clock mechanisms are slightly different, follow the manufacturers instructions for installing. This one is a simple screw-in battery pack, with a washer, a nut and the hands for the front. It is up to you whether you add a seconds hand to your clock.

Mixed Metallics Geometric Clock Coats

You can try experimenting with varying the number of coats of spray paint, to get a different effect for each section of your pattern. The flecks in the cork will catch the light, so it is best to hang your clock close to a natural light source to get the best look.

Mixed Metallics Geometric Clock Laying
Mixed Metallics Geometric Clock Potted
Mixed Metallics Geometric Clock Wall