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Modern Wall-Mounted Desk Designs With Flair And Personality

If you’ve seen a desk…well, you’ve only seen a desk because no two are the same. Every desk is different and every design and style brings to the table a bunch of elements that are unique to it. Obviously, there are both pros and cons to consider in each case but it seems that wall-mounted desks tip the scales in their favor with their wonderful versatility, simplicity and practicality.

Modern Wall-Mounted Desk

How to choose the right wall-mounted desk

Whether you’re working from an office or from home, having a proper desk is paramount. With the right desk you can be more productive, comfortable and better focused on your work.

How to choose the right wall-mounted desk

Making a choice is not always easy because different people have different needs and various types of jobs come with certain requirements. Let’s go over the basics for now.


One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to get a desk that’s too small. When calculating what the ideal size should be, take into consideration not just your screen or your monitor but also all the other accessories that go with it like the keyboard, mouse, various adapters and so on. Even if you’re using a laptop chances are you’re still using a few accessories with it. The opposite can also be possible. Getting a desk that’s too big for your needs would only be a waste of space.

Storage options

In a lot of cases a desk with lots of storage is not needed. These days people prefer simplicity and like to keep their workspace as clean and minimalistic as possible. There may however be spaces where some form of built-in desk storage is still needed, for things like chargers, cables, pens and so on. Sometimes a file cabinet is a must-have and some desks find ways to incorporate it into their design in a really nice way.

Style and design

Looks are just as important as functionality because that usually draws us to a particular product in the first place. Before you start focusing on the small details like the built-in accessories, the finish and so on, take a moment to figure out what the best style is for you. Make a decision based not only on your personal preferences but on the surrounding décor and environment as well.


There are many different types of desks and a lot of different ways to differentiate them. To name just a few, we have writing desks, computer desks, adjustable-height desks, wall-mounted desks and so on. There’s a variety of criteria to take into consideration so figure out what the best combination of features is for you.


Of course, there’s no use checking out a bunch of super-expensive desks if you can’t afford any of them so stay within your budget when doing your research and shopping. Keep in mind that the price is often closely linked to the quality of materials used, the techniques behind the design as well as the brand or designer. You need to find the right balance between price, quality, looks and extras.

Space-efficient wall-moaunted desk ideas

Versatile Zig Zag Shelf

Poro modern wall desk

The Zig Zag shelf by deFORM is not designed to be used as a shelf but its versatility makes it easy to do so. You can assemble the unit without tools thanks to the hidden folding hinges. You can also use it in a variety of ways, including as a desk.

Linette wall-mounted desk

Poro modern wall desk

A very small desk like this one is something to consider if you like in a tiny apartment and you don’t have room for anything bigger or if you’re a laptop owner who only occasionally needs to sit down and work from home or play a casual game.

The Linette desk is designed to be hanged on a wall and that allows you to position at the desired height and to be able to use the space underneath for something else if needed. It provides limited space for a small laptop and a couple of accessories and is made from a combination of solid and manufactured wood.

Hayward floating desk

Poro modern wall desk

The Hayward desk is also a space-efficient piece of furniture, with a floating design and limited workspace. It measures 9.05” H x 42.28” W x 11.81” D overall with two dropdown shelves arranged symmetrically.

These can hold laptops, files and various accessories and the desk as a whole is quite similar to a console and can potentially be used as such as well. Thanks to its simple and versatile design, you can add it to any room of the house.

Alimzhan drop-leaf desk

Poro modern wall desk

The Alimzhan desk has a drop-leaf design which makes it the most space-efficient one of all the different types. It’s very similar to a small table and can be used in two different ways.

Fold in half and use it as a shelf if you want to store or display various items like books for example or put it up and use it as a desk for your laptop among other things. It’s definitely a nice piece to have around even if you don’t really feel like you need a desk in your home.

Multifunctional Michel floating desk

Poro modern wall desk

In its most compact form, the Michel floating desk only measures 31.5’’ x 19.7’’ x 7’’. It’s small enough to fit even in the tiniest of apartments. It folds out easily, providing a flat surface that can be used as a desk or a table and revealing a series of tiny open shelves that can hold various accessories and items.

The front panel, the one visible when the desk is folded up, has a chalkboard that you can write on, great for little notes and reminders.

Brylee wall-mounted desk

Poro modern wall desk

If you want something that looks a bit more like a desk, consider a desk such as this one. The Brylee desk is also a floating, wall-mounted type but unlike some of the other models it’s not just a simple shelf. It has three built-in storage compartments which can hold papers, tablets and laptops, cables and various other things as well as a surface to work on.

Compact Turntable desk

Poro modern wall desk

The Turntable floating desk is a very simple and basic type of desk, one meant to tape up as little space as possible while till being sufficiently practical if you need to use it for short periods of time or simple tasks. It’s made of metal and has a locking mechanism which allows you to keep your laptop secure. Its overall dimensions are 23.75” H x 30” W x 4” D.

Small desk hidden inside a cabinet

Poro modern wall desk

This piece of furniture gives the option to disguise a small desk as part of an armoire. It’s a cabinet that can be used in a variety of different ways and all sorts of different spaces and the built-in desk feature is just an accessory that can come in handy occasionally. Of course, this is not meant to be a classic desk and doesn’t need to function as one. The design is versatile enough to offer many possibilities.

Desk disguised as a hanging shelf

Poro modern wall desk

Of course, there’s also the option to use an actual shelf as a desk. This very basic and simple bracket shelf is a good example. It measures 16” H x 38” W x 14” D which could potentially be enough to hold a small laptop or a notebook. It’s inconspicuous and doesn’t look like a desk which is great if you don’t it to disrupt the design and décor of the room that it’s a part of.

Super simple shelf floating desk

Poro modern wall desk

One of the best things about a wall-mounted desk is the fact that its height is not fixed. The desk can be installed at any height and this allows it to be adjusted to suit every user’s needs, proportions and work style. Some models, like this rustic-industrial one from Amazon, are suited not only for the workspace but also for spaces like kitchens, bars, living and dining areas and even bedrooms.

Prepac wall-mounted desk with storage

Poro modern wall desk

The Prepac wall-mounted desk even includes some really practical storage space. It has side compartments with removable shelves which are great for speakers and other electronic devices and accessories as well as for books and other items. It can be mounted at any height as well as in a variety of spaces, settings and decors.

Versatile Haotian floating desk

Poro modern wall desk

Some designs, like that of the Haotian wall-mounted desk, can be really versatile and that allows them to serve as a variety of other furniture pieces such as a bedside table or a console for example. It’s easy to picture this simple and stylish piece in just about any room of the house. Its surface can be a workspace or a storage and display area and the three compartments underneath only make the design better.

Practical floating desk with hidden storage

Poro modern wall desk

It may seem small and simple but this is actually a really practical desk, whether you’re working on a computer, on your laptop or with papers. The hidden compartment at the back is practical for cable management purposes and the three open compartments at the front can be used in all sorts of practical ways. whether you need to store books, documents, electronic devices or personal items. Available on Amazon.

Dover floating desk for small spaces

Poro modern wall desk

Another really cool thing about wall-mounted desks is the fact that they can be very compact and that allows them to be integrated in all sorts of spaces. For instance, you could have one in the bedroom or even in the living room without interfering with the space’s main function and without taking up any floor space. In fact, designs like that of the Dover desk are perfect for tiny spaces and small apartments.

Fold-down desk with organizer shelves

Poro modern wall desk

And speaking of versatile and space-efficient designs, check out this cool fold-out desk which has a mirror as a front when in its compact form. When it opens up it reveals a small but practical desk and also a few storage compartments for things like books, pencils and other small items. Found on Amazon.

Drop-down secretary desk

Poro modern wall desk

Great for small apartments and small spaces in general, this drop-down secretary desk takes up very little space and can even be closed to become even more compact when the work surface is not needed. Like any other wall-mounted desk, it can be installed at any height and can be useful in a variety of spaces and for a variety of functions. It’s a cool desk with plenty of potential in a small shell.

Circular Pill desk with storage

Poro modern wall desk

If you’re looking for a stylish and space-efficient alternative to the usual chunky desk, have a look at the Pill. This is a sort of cabinet/ desk/ bar which can change function instantly based on how you wish to use it. Its rounded form gives it a chic and sophisticated appearance. Fold down the upper half to reveal a work surface and storage area for things like a laptop, files, books and other items. The desk comes equipped with sockets and can be customized with built-in LED lights if desired.

Fold-down FJU desk and storage rack

Poro modern wall desk

The problem with having a desk at home is that you only use it occasionally and you probably don’t need a separate room just for that. In such cases, a narrow desk or one which you can fold down or conceal somehow when you’re not using it can turn out to be very practical from several points of view. The FJU desk is a really great example.

Briccola-ge floating corner desk

Poro modern wall desk

Briccola-ge is a wall-mounted desk which makes great use of corner spaces. These are usually dead spaces, often ignored and left empty and with no purpose. This desk fits perfectly in the corner and can be used as a work surface but also as a console or a makeup vanity.

Adjustable and versatile Clever desk

Poro modern wall desk

There are a lot of situations when a wall-mounted desk can turn out to be the best option, not just when you’re trying to save space in a small apartment but also when you’re looking for a practical  design, whether it’s for kids or adults. Speaking of kids and desks, check out the Clever console and its friendly and adjustable nature, always ready to please.

Small and floating standing desk

Poro modern wall desk

Another cool thing about a desk which you can mount to a wall is the fact that it can be used as a standing desk. This is definitely an option to consider, especially if you’re only using the desk occasionally and for relatively short periods of time. Obviously you can also sit whenever you feel the need to so keep a stool nearby.

Kaari desk and shelving unit

Poro modern wall desk

Usually when you have a desk you also need some sort of storage, whether it’s for your devices, documents, books or just your everyday personal items. Some wall-mounted desks have shelves or storage compartments underneath the work surface and that’s not always the most comfortable placement. Others, like the Kaari desk, are designed more like shelving units.

Modern Segreto secretary desk

Poro modern wall desk

Meet Segreto, a compact and stylish wall-mounted desk that reinvents the classic secretary desk. It’s a much smaller and more flexible version of the original concept, adapted to a modern world where information is stored on tiny devices and where intricate locks are no longer required.

This triangular unit can be suspended at any height and as its bottom section opens up a series of shelves and drawers is revealed, exposing all its secrets.

Nubo floating desk with rounded edges

Poro modern wall desk

For some desks, minimalism is key. One such example is Nubo. It’s small and very simple, free of any unnecessary desk accessories and very versatile and suitable for pretty much any kind of space. It has a lovely design with rounded corners and a cloud-like shape. Use it as a secondary desk or as a functional accessory for any space that you have in mind.

Slim and simple Brenta desk

Poro modern wall desk

Brenta is yet another space-saving desk which you can install on walls in pretty much any type of room. Its design is quirky and cute, featuring an outer frame made of solid oak and a fold-down door made of painted MFC board which opens up to reveal a back panel made of bent steel.

Modular Cube desk and storage unit

Poro modern wall desk

Modularity is important in many types of situations, being a characteristic of most modern and contemporary interior designs. That makes units like the Cube highly desirable. There are two main versions of this unit, each available in several different modules. The most appealing element in all versions remains the foldable worktop that disappears into the cupboard without a trace.

Minimalist and organic Mamba desk

Poro modern wall desk

Meet the Mamba…not the snake but the desk inspired by its undulating and flexible form. This minimalist piece of furniture perfectly combined form and function into a design that seems to perfectly blend with the wall, as if it’s a part of it. Whether you use it as a desk, as a console table or as a shelf, the Mamba will always look exquisite thanks to its organic and continuous form.

Flatbox floating desk

Poro modern wall desk

Because of its small size and compact design, the Flatbox can be installed just about anywhere there’s a bit of room on a wall. This means you don’t have to plan a room’s layout around this feature and you can just treat as an accessory. It’s great as a standing desk or as a workstation in the children’s room and it comes in two versions.

Simple Float desk with pull-out shelf

Poro modern wall desk

Given how simple and small the Float desk is you could easily think of it as being nothing more than a shelf, great for displaying things on, or as a console able to complete a hallway or entryway without taking up any floor space. Of course, if you want to take full advantage of it you can use it as a laptop station or as a writing desk.

Helix ladder-inspired desk

Poro modern wall desk

You wouldn’t tell it’s a desk just by looking at it. After all, the desk is only a part of this cool shelving unit. The Helix is a ladder-inspired unit, a sort of bookcase where the lower shelf is in fact a desk. It has to be mounted onto the wall and its design is versatile and suitable for a variety of spaces and decors. It’s even possible to have several of these modules placed side by side to create a larger installation.

Lightweight and solid floating desk

Poro modern wall desk

A cool detail about wall-mounted desks is the fact that they don’t have legs and that allows them to appear lightweight and to keep the room looking open and airy. Add to that the freedom of choosing the perfect height at which to install the desk as well as a stylish design like this one and you get a product that’s pretty close to perfect.

Prepac floating desk for corner spaces

Poro modern wall desk

With the Prepac Floating Desk you can easily turn any unused corner of your home into a practical workspace which can be your own mini office. The desk is optimized to fit perfectly in corners and installation is easy. Once it’s in place, all. that’s left to do is customize it with your choice of accessories and then enjoy it.

Simple and functional Spacebox desk

Poro modern wall desk

Although it’s true that wall-mounted desks as a category are very practical and often compact, not all are equally functional or user-friendly. Spacebox, for example, stands out from other wall-mounted desks through the fact that its six storage compartments remain visible at all times and are not obstructed or hidden not even when the desk is closed (in this case when it drops down)

Chic Norberg fold-down desk

Poro modern wall desk

This is Norberg, a really chic and simple drop-leaf table which can function as a desk in certain settings but which is equally practical as a breakfast table, bar or just an extra storage surface in the dining room or living area. When it folds down you still have a shelf which is quite nice.

Studio floating desk with storage

Poro modern wall desk

With so many different options and designs to choose from, there’s a desk for everyone and you simply have to take your time so you can find the right one for you and for your needs. The Studio Floating Desk’s design might appeal to those searching for a desk that’s compact, wall-mounted and with a decent amount of storage shelves and compartments.

Floating oak desk with drawers

Poro modern wall desk

The simple, clean but also soft and elegant lines of this Floating Oak Desk allow it to blend looks with function in the most harmonious way. Like most similar products, it gets to complement and complete a space without making it seem smaller or cluttered. It’s all in the details.

Movable Deskview floating desk

Poro modern wall desk

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t stand too much in one place you might find it impractical to have a desk that’s fixed to a wall, one which you can’t move around. Don’t be too quick to give up on the idea of wall-mounted desk. Check out Deskview. It’s designed to mount on any flat and non-porous surface which meant you can install it on a window, a wall or even a piece of furniture.

Industrial floating desk with pipe supports

Poro modern wall desk

It may not look like much but this floating desk is pretty quirky. It has this cool industrial-style support frame made of pipes and fittings and the surface is made of solid walnut with a stylish live edge design. It’s so simple and yet it’s so full of character. {found on etsy}.

Multifunctional Lampe Gras desk and shelf

Poro modern wall desk

It’s a lamp….no, it’s a nightstand….or is it a desk? Actually, it’s all of these things. Lampe Gras is a multifunctional accessory with wonderful potential. Put it in the bedroom, the living room, the hallway and basically any other space you think could use it.

Small and simple floatin#g desk

Poro modern wall desk

It’s clever, it’s simple and it’s small enough to fit in even the tiniest home. This wall-mounted desk opens up and turns into a work surface and once you’re done using it you can just close it and it takes up even less space. Moreover, when closed the desk has an artistic appearance and can act as a wall decoration. {found on tuttobene}.

Mamba Light minimalist floating desk

Poro modern wall desk

Mamba Light designed by Victor Vasilev is one of the most delicate and sleek desks ever. In fact, it’s not even a desk per se but a simple shelf which can act as a desk but which can also remain a simple display surface for books, decorations and all sorts of other things.

Classic Royal System desk

Poro modern wall desk

Just look at this elegant little desk…isn’t it graceful? Its design is based on a classic created back in 1948 which was one of the world’s first wall-mounted systems that impressed with its light structure and great modularity. The Royal System is still as impressive as ever and you can see why.

Tiny floating and freestanding desk

Poro modern wall desk

The casual manner in which this desk leans against the wall is quite remarkable. The coolest thing about it, however, is its ability to be independent and to become a freestanding furniture piece which can be placed anywhere in the room. To do that you just need to attach a third supporting leg.

Versatile 36e8 desk for children

Poro modern wall desk

The 36e8 Desk by Lago was designed for children’s rooms but is also suitable for offices and studies thanks to its versatility and simplicity. The desk is also lightweight and slender and it easily mounts on walls and can be paired with all sorts of other modules, shelves and units.

Minimalist Modern Scrittoio floating desk

Poro modern wall desk

The Modern Scrittoio by Porro was conceived for contemporary living spaces and you can definitely tell that by its minimalist appearance. It’s basically a writing surface with a drawer. It’s wall-mounted on a panel and it’s a functional and aesthetic solution for anyone who needs an occasional work area but doesn’t want the desk to steal the attention from other furniture pieces.