Cool Desks That Make You Love Your Job

Did you know that changing your desk also changes the way you work? Or that if you spend a day at someone else’s desk changes your workflow? The environment you work in affects you in ways you don’t even realize.

Cool Desks

In other words, if you have a really cool desk with cool features then the task you’re working on and your job, in general, will become a lot more pleasant and enjoyable. But let’s exemplify this concept and take a look at some really cool desks.

Cool Desk Design Ideas

Standing desk with adjustable height

Standing desk with adjustable height

Sitting in a chair 8 hours a day is bad for your health so the Alle desk is here to help. The desk is designed by Staffan Holm and has a sort of modern-industrial look. It’s made of solid wood and you can adjust its height for both sitting and standing.

A desk in a sandbox

Mamba wall shelf desk

Ready to see something really cool? This is a desk that’s basically placed in a sandbox. It lets you work barefooted and feel the sand between your toes. It’s like being at the beach without even leaving your home office. Of course, there’s the little problem of dragging sand all over the place when you leave the sandbox but we’ll let you deal with that on your own.

Minimalist desk with hidden storage

Mamba wall shelf desk
Mamba wall shelf desk
Mamba wall shelf desk

The reason why this sliding desktop table by Manuel Saez is so interesting is because it’s so sleek, simple and practical and it has that cool hidden compartment where you can store and hide your laptop, phone and other valuables.

Old-school desk with secret features

Mamba wall shelf desk

This looks like an old table with a metal base and a wooden top but that little handle at the center looks a little out of place. Actually, if you use it to lift up the back half of the table top you’ll understand why it’s there in the first place. This is actually a desk with hidden storage compartments and a lamp hidden underneath.{found on manoteca}.

A coffee table that turns into a desk

Mamba wall shelf desk

The Yoyo folding table has a double function. It can serve both as a coffee table and as a desk. It has an easy lifting section and it can convert from a table into a desk in a matter of seconds. It provides the ideal working height and it’s perfect for those who use laptops.

A sofa that, a bed and a desk in one

Mamba wall shelf desk

The Warhol Sofa is an innovative system composed of several individual elements including a desk, a bed, a seat and cushions. Ideal for multifunctional and small spaces, the system allows the user to compose and create the desired environment.

Small wall-mounted desk

Mamba wall shelf desk

If you’re looking for a small work surface then take a look at this thing called The Ledge. Designed by Urbancase, this piece is a wall-mounted desk with a pull-out surface for your laptop and it has a super simple design. It can also be used as a media cabinet.

Treadmill desk for workout addicts

Mamba wall shelf desk

How would you like to work and work out at the same time? It’s what TrekDesk is for. Although the concept is interesting, I’m not sure this is such a practical idea. Good luck typing on that thing, not to mention that you’d get tired pretty fast and then you’ll want to sit down and take your laptop with you.

Another standing desk and treadmill combo

Mamba wall shelf desk

This is a somewhat similar design. It’s the Sit-to-Walkstation Desk Treadmill and it allows you to burn some calories while working. Some might actually find it useful.

Desk made from stacked shelves

Mamba wall shelf desk

The Strates Desk has an innovative design with the base made of neatly stacked shelves. There’s not much room for private items with this design but it definitely looks awesome and lets you keep all your things within reach.

A desk that’s part of the staircase

Mamba wall shelf desk

Don’t have room for a home office or a desk in your home? Make it part of the staircase. This innovative design by Mieke Meijer contains a desk, storage and a staircase combined in two sections. It’s definitely unusual but it’s also super creative and fun.

A floating shelf that unfolds into a desk


Mamba wall shelf desk

The idea desk would be space saving and would also look really cool. This desk does both those things. It has a super sleek and unique design and it occupies very little floor space. Consider such a unique design if you have a small home or if you’re a fan of minimalism.{found on mymodernmet}.

Han Solo desk for Star Wars fans

Mamba wall shelf desk

Designed by artists Tom Spina and Richard Riley of Tom Spina Designs, this desk is made of 4 main components: the glass top, the frozen block and two light-up side supports. The frozen block is custom made of steel and this is more than just a desk. It’s also a highly unique piece of furniture and an art piece.

Steampunk desk with an organ

Mamba wall shelf desk

For a little bit of steampunk style, try this desk. This is the Victorian Organ command Desk made from bits and pieces of Victorian detritus including the carcass of a 19th century pump organ. It’s definitely unique and eye-catching and definitely not for everyone.

Adjustable-height desk with a modern design

Mamba wall shelf desk

With this desk, you can either sit down and stand up and it would be equally comfortable. The desk has adjustable height and a very simple and solid design. It would fit nicely in a modern home.

A desk with multiple hidden storage compartments

Mamba wall shelf desk

The Hollow Core Connect IT desk has a hidden storage compartment for everything. Lift up the different portions to reveal the areas where you can store your magazines, documents, laptop, tablet, phone and everything else.

Desk with a fold-up top

Mamba wall shelf desk

The Customize-It Project Trestle Desk also comes with lots of storage. A compartment right in front of you lets you store your laptop while the fold-up portions on the sides reveal additional storage for documents, tablets, etc.

Desk with a small hammock for your feet

Mamba wall shelf desk

If you have the habit of placing a stool or a small chair under your desk to rest your feet on while working, we have a batter idea: a desk that comes with a tiny hammock for your feet. It looks really comfortable and super fun too. You can actually add this tiny hammock to any desk.

Minimalist desk made of glass

Mamba wall shelf desk

If minimalism is your style, then you’ll love the/order writing desk. It’s super sleek, super simple and made of clear glass. It’s produced from a single glass sheet through a glass bending process.

Meeting table with a light-up top

Mamba wall shelf desk

The info table is not exactly a desk. It’s actually a meeting table with an oval top and an overall simple and minimalist design. The top lights up for a cool display and the piece combines style, technology and elegance in a really nice way.

Desk with rotating drawers

Mamba wall shelf desk
Mamba wall shelf desk

Another modern design can be seen on the Torque desk. The flat top is folded to support itself at one end and rests on a stack of drawers on the other. The rotating drawers are cantilevered around the spine which has multiple functions including that of support, a pivot and a cable management system.{found on architonic}.

A minimalist desk that disappears into the wall

Mamba wall shelf desk

The Mamba desk was designed by Victor Vasilev and looks very simple and almost disappears into the wall. Look closer and you’ll get to see how refined and elegant the desk really is. It can be installed on any wall and combines all the basic functions in one stunning design.


How to build a desk?

There’s multiple ways to build a desk at home. You can craft it from scratch, combine a top with a frame or repurpose a table. Pick a material, a style, a size and look for plans and designs online.

How tall is a desk?

The height of a desk depends on the type. Some desks have a standard height and some are height-adjustable. Standing desks are a special case.

What is the standard desk height?

The standard height for a desk is between 28 and 30 inches.

How to hide cords on a desk?

To hide the cables on your desk you can use wall mount power bars, USB outlets and cable organizers. Clear zip ties, cable clips and velcro rolls are also useful for organizing the cables.

How to organize the desk?

To keep a desk clean and organizer get rid of anything you don’t need, reduce visual clutter, transition to digital documents and hide and organize the cables.

Can you use a wall shelf as a desk?

Yes, you can but you need to make sure you position the shelf at the right height.

Are floating desks good?

A floating desk is one that takes up little or no floor space. It’s very space-efficient and practical but also smaller than a traditional desk. It’s a good option if you’re short on space or don’t use your desk a lot.