A Mesmerizing World Of Hand-Blown Glass Lamps

Light fixtures are the accessories that complete every space we see and use and this applies to offices, malls, restaurants, private homes and lots of others. They evolved to be more than just functional objects that become our sources of light at night and that illuminate key areas when needed. They’ve become decorative elements able to completely change the ambiance in a room and to add character and style to a space. Glass lamps and lampshades in general do all that in a very specific way, by being transparent and graceful.

Melt Tom Dixon Glass Pendant

You can only fully appreciate the design of the Melt lamps when the light is turned on and the previously mirrored finish and metallic surface that you were drawn to at first becomes translucent. This transformation is spectacular and made that much more interesting by the unique organic form of the lampshades which have a distorted look resembling melting hot blown glass effect.

Glass Globe Floor Lamp

The LEM 200 glass table lamps are available in two sizes: large and small. They share an elegant and chic design composed of a painted metal frame that supports an opaque glass globe. Either one of them can double as a stylish trophy for a desk, console table or a nightstand. The light they offer is diffuse and pleasant.


With an established reputation in the field of decorative lighting, Curiosa & Curiosa mesmerizes us with bespoke fixtures that celebrate form, color and the beauty of glass. Their glass pendant lights are characterized by simple and elegant forms and stunning combinations of colors which create exquisite focal points.

Bolle Lamp from Giopato Coombes

The inspiration for the Bolle lamp came from something unexpected. Its delicate and gentle form resembles soap bubbles and that’s in fact the effect that the designers at Giopato & Coombes were aiming for. This series of mini pendant lamps is made from hand blown glass and captures that magical moment when soap bubbles touch each other, just before they burst and disappear.

Handblown Murano glass LED lamps I Flauti

The same manufacturers (Giopato & Coombes) also designed the I Flauti series, a collection of colorful pendant lamps with simple and delicate forms that contrast with the custom-designed light sources and brass details. The entire design is meant to highlight the minimalism of the forms and to hide all the unaesthetic details.

RVAStley Glass Lamp Shade

A contrast of form and texture is also displayed by these elegant table lamps from Riva Astley. They feature an interesting juxtaposition of glass and fabric. The lampshade is simple and optimized to direct the light downward and to offer a warm and pleasant glow whereas the base emphasizes the unique characteristics of glass itself.

Glass Ebb and Flow Pendant

Ebb & Flow also offers a series of chic and stylish glass pendant lamps. Both the Crystal and the Lustra pendants displayed here feature elegant shapes and simple lines with complex beauty. They have the ability to stand out if the decor allows it but also to blend in thanks to their understated glamour.

Shadow Glass Pendant Lights from Brokis

Shadows XL is an exclusive line of pendant lamps with designs inspired by the timeless fixtures found in France. The shades are made of handblown glass but have a solid almost metallic appearance. The glass is used in combination with wood to create a soft and inviting appearance. The lamps can be used both individually and in sets.

Say my name Glass purple table and pendant lamps

The Say My Name lamp brings us something unusual: flexibility and multifunctionality. This is a fixture that can be displayed in two different ways, either on a table as a lamp or hung from the ceiling as a pendant. Every one of them is made of mouth-blown Venetian glass using a technique mastered by the glassblowers in Venice. The design itself, on the other hand, is distinctively Nordic.

Malfatto and inner Glass lamps

We’ll never cease to be mesmerized by glass lamps and the infinite number of designs and unique combinations that can be created using this extremely versatile material. The Inner pendant lamp is simple at its core, featuring a combination of two blown glass spheres one inside the other. Individually the spheres would look quite dull but together they are exceptional. The Malfatto series, on the other hand, is unique through the organic shaped it displays and the way in which each of them has a character of its own.


Tim Bomma Glass Pendant

No molds were used when creating the pure and gentle lampshades in the Tim series. Each of them was hand-blown so no two are identical. The largest one reaches 75 cm and weights 30 kg. Such a light fixture always makes a statement. The smaller ones are equally beautiful but on a different scale.

Brokis The Lightline collection

The Muffins series with its playful and simplistic designs has become a symbol of the manufacturers at Brokis. The lamps put together glass and wood and the two contrasting materials are delicately and masterfully combined, the result being a very natural and organic look. The lamps are metaphors of nature’s exquisite and timeless charm.

Pulpo Floor Glass Oda Lighting

The Oda lamps are unlike any other light fixture we’re presented so far. They were designed by Sebastian Herkner and they are defined by a sleek and graphical base made of powder-coated slim tubes that hold a large hand-blown glass shade available in a variety of subtle colors such as amber, smoky gray and opal white. Each one is unique with small bubbles and streaks visible in their design.

Montrose pendant glass lamp

The Montrose pendant brings back the charm of a past era, featuring a vintage-inspired design which has been updated to suit a more environment. The frame is made of weathered brass with a beautiful patina, complemented by clear glass. The pendant is water-resistant and thus suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Cintola Pendant Glass Blow

The best way to showcase the beauty of the Cintola pendants is by displaying them in pairs. You can find them in seven different colors, each as beautiful and elegant as the others. They’re shaped like cute water droplets and they have handblown glass diffusers and anodized aluminum bodies which look exquisite in combination with all seven colors available. When displayed in groups they complement each other is a mesmerizing way.