Modern Pendant Lighting Options That Celebrate Style

The search for a chandelier or pendant lamp that looks good and is also functional can often seem like a never ending process. But there’s always hope. Modern pendant lighting comes in many different forms and sizes and finding the right design is often a matter of patience. We managed to put together a few interesting designs so the next time you’re looking for a kitchen pendant light or a fixture for your living room or bedroom, maybe you can find some inspiration here.

Elara and Capella pendant lighting

There are two beautiful pendant lamps in this image. One of them is the Elara, an iconic piece with 40 thin arms attached to a central body and two light bulbs screwed into the top and bottom. The pendant looks like a golden star. The other one is called Capella and it looks like a blossoming flower. It’s made of 24 aluminum sections with trumpet-like shapes. Each one has an LED light bulb inside which highlights the geometry and sculptural lines of the pendant.


Industrial pendant lighting

There’s a whole array of interesting pendant lamps with modern designs here. They’re all offered by Andy Thornton and they each translate this style into a unique and elegant form while also adding a few industrial and retro touches to the mix. This eclectic look is what makes them highly versatile.

Bloom and Eclipse modern pendant lighting

This beautiful pendant is called Eclipse. It’s a handcrafted piece made of wood and with a swirling design that reflects the light in a really nice way. It was designed by Alex MacMaster and it comes in two colors: red and natural birch wood. The name is suiting, highlighting the fact that they light they give out is subtle and contained within a sculptural shell.

Lotus modern pendant light

The same designer is also responsible for the Lotus pendant light. This time the design is inspired by nature and the goal is to look lightweight and delicate, just like the lotus flower. The pendant lampshade is made of slices of very thin birch plywood shaped to look like delicate petals.

Modern cardboard pendant lights

Scraplight is not your everyday pendant light. The series is unique and unusual for several reasons. One of them is the fact all the pendant lights from this collection and handcrafted out of recycled cardboard.

Oversized Cardboard pendant lighting fixtures

They are all cut with a laser and assembled by hand using nontoxic adhesive. Then they’re treated with eco-friendly fire retardant. You can definitely make a statement with one of these things. After all, who could say they’ve seen a cardboard pendant lamp before, especially one that looks so awesome?

Lanterna modern pendant lighting in black and gold inside

Let’s now look at something a bit simpler and more common for a change. This is Lanterna, a modern pendant lamp with a very elegant and sleek design. Designed by Sam Baron, this thing is simple and yet very glamorous. Its black outer shell is complemented by a golden interior layer and the combination is just perfect.

Petite Friture Vertigo Pendant Lighting

On the other hand, if you really want to make an impression, perhaps an oversized pendant light would suit your purpose. Check out Vertigo, an eye-catching piece designed by Constance Guisset. It has a graphical and sculptural look, similar to that of a sun hat. It’s a lightweight fixture made of fiberglass and this detail definitely suits its delicate form.

Petite Friture Mediterranean Hanging Pendant

Isn’t the design of this light fixture just so very breezy? That’s because it’s inspired by laundry as seen from outside of the balcony. The metal cloth that forms the shade diffuses the light and features a beautiful geometric pattern. Mediterranea is the type of light fixture that would look perfect above the dining table.

Zero Plane pendant lighting

If minimalist is what you’re looking for, then check out the Plane pendant lamp. Its design is quite unusual. There’s no visible light bulb inside the graphical frame. Instead, the bottom of the lamp lights up giving out diffuse and pleasant light. You can also find it in a floor lamp version. They both have flat light sources that become completely transparent when turned off.

White like cloud pendant lighting

Lightweight and sculptural, the White pendant lamp has a shade made of a paper-like material which gives it the unique appearance. The fixture comes in three sizes. In case you’re worried it will catch all the dust, good news! The surface is anti-static.

Fog pendan globe lighting

The name of this minimalist pendant lamp pretty much describes the whole design. It’s called Fog and it has a shade made of glass blasted on the inside. It gradually becomes opaque and this way the light source is completely hidden, giving the lamp a mystical look.

Solid spin lamps from ceramic and porcelain

The Solid Spin Lamps are in a category of their own. Their shades are made from a mix of ceramic and porcelain with a glazed finish and they feature various sculptural and playful forms. You can find them in various different colors. The metallic ones are particularly interesting, featuring an industrial look.

TomDixon Melt Gold Pendant Lamps

Put together as many of these Melt pendant lamps as you want to create an interesting display for your living room or dining area. These distorter glass globes can be combined in various different ways. They come in several sizes and they have a lovely mirror finish. The nice thing about them is the irregular design that embraces imperfect form and celebrates uniqueness.

Plane Triangle TomDixon Lighting

There’s something quite odd about the Plane Triangle pendant lamp. Its bold geometry and minimalist appearance make it stand out in a daring and playful way. The brass plated steel frame is molded around a spherical light source and the combination is very simple and yet very unusual.

Etch shade TomDixon Modern Pendant Lights

Don’t let the simplicity of the Etch Shade steal your attention from the intricacy of its design. The shade is made from sections of 0.4 mm etched metal sheets  and the detailed pattern that results filters the light in a very beautiful and pleasant way.

Curve pendant light from Tom Dixon - create a modern chandelier

What you see here is not a massive chandelier but in fact a collection of multiple Curve pendant balls. These satellites can be used in groups or as standalone pieces. The shades are not made of glass but etched metal. The soft nickel silver coating gives a very glamorous and stylish look.

bomma modern pendant light collection

You can also find a bunch of simple, elegant and good-looking pendant lamps in the collections offered by Bomma. The Ignis lights are especially elegant, being perfect for dining rooms or bedrooms. Another interesting product is the Soap lamp designed by Ota Svoboda which features a bunch of interesting finishes.

Capsula and Night Birds pendan lighting

Available in two versions, as a single pendant lamp and a set of three attached to a triangle base, the Capsula series features transparent or smoke gray shades available in a variety of colors including yellow, dark green, amber or violet. The design is quirky and playful but also stylish and elegant. A perfect combo.

White night birds pendant lighting

The Birds pendants are a combination of glass and aluminum and they look like birds. You can find them in three versions, the difference between them being the angle at which the wings are set. The adjustable cord makes them perfect for both spaces with high ceilings as well as regular rooms.


Ambit Pendant lamps over kitchen bar from Muto a scandinavian company

The design of the Ambit pendant is so simple and so delicate and yet with such a strong character. This is a timeless light fixture that would look wonderful in a lot of different settings. The bedroom seems to be a particularly nice option although it’s easy to also imagine it in a modern kitchen or a chic dining space.

Unfold and fluid pendant lamps

Both designs featured here are very stylish and perfect for a modern space each in their own way. The Unfold has a bit more industrial character. You can find it in five different color options, each with a soft silicone rubber shade that makes it perfect for the kids’ room. A different story is told by the Fluid pendant. This one is inspired by drops of water. It has a soft rounded shape and a matte surface that gives out cozy light.


E27 Muuto lighting iconic pendant lamp

What could be simpler than a pendant light that looks like a light bulb? Actually, it’s not all that simple. E27 by Mattias Stahlbom offers that look in a refined and stylish form. This iconic fixture stands out through its extreme simplicity and versatility. You can find in 11 different color variations and you can mix and match these however you want.

Bubble pendant lighting

Meet Bubble, a pendant lamp designed by Steve Jones. The inspiration for its design comes from jewelry. The result is a playful and sophisticated design that can adapt to a lot of different designs, settings and interior decors. It’s made of stainless steel and available in white, chrome, black, copper or a black and copper combination.

Cloud softlight pendant lighting from Molo

Soft and delicate like a cloud, this pendant lamp actually mimics one. It’s suggestively named Cloud and its soft undulating canopy filters the light and gives out a warm and cozy glow ideal for the bedroom. The interior is lid by LED bulbs and the light radiates inside the three-dimensional form. These cloud mobiles come in three different sizes but you can also purchase them as individual pendants, in which case four sizes are available.