A DIY Mid-Century Modern Lamp

Why mid-century modern design is considered to be timeless, you wonder? I believe it’s because of its simple elegance. The design pieces are characterized by clean lines and less-is-more approach, which seems to fall within recent trends. The thing is – no matter what style you chose for your home, it’s always easy to introduce a mid-century piece or reproduction which blends in perfectly, adding character. I particularly like the use of wood and whites – hence I have designed this simple lamp – combining the cool look and functionality. You might have seen similar structures used for plant stands – I figured it can look also very interesting as a lamp. So here it is, I’m really curious to hear what you think about it, but first let me show you the project details!

Mid-Century Modern Lamp
Mid-Century Modern Lamp Supplies

You will need:

  • a plain round lampshade
  • 2 equal piece of square wood
  • 4 equal pieces of round wood
  • a hammer and nails
  • a saw
  • sandpaper
  • wood finish (optional)


Before starting the project and after each woodwork, sandpaper the wooden elements to ensure smooth surface.

Mid-Century Modern Lamp Wood

1. Using a saw (hand saw or electric one) carefully cut a notch in the center of the two pieces of square wood to make them fit together like an “X”.

Mid-Century Modern Lamp Cut
Mid-Century Modern Lamp X shape

2. Hammer the nails to the four round wooden pieces, where you want the bottom of the lampshade to sit.

Tip: I have used nails because of the rather small size of the wooden ‘legs’ – if you are planning to make it bigger – wooden dowels wood be a better choice)

Mid-Century Modern Lamp Nail

3. Make holes at the end of  the notched pieces, and connect them making sure that one of the notches faces up and the other one faces down. (You should have two pieces that look like an “H” now).

Mid-Century Modern Lamp Craft

4. The nail will combine the notched pieces with the round pieces forming a stand for the lampshade.

Mid-Century Modern Lamp Project

5. Place the lampshade in, and hook up the lamp cable to the metal part. I have simple wrapped the cable around the grid so that I can regulate the height of the light bulb, but you can also pass the cable through the hole, it’s up to you!

Mid-Century Modern Lamp DIY
Mid-Century Modern Lamp Up
Modern Mid-Century Modern Lamp
Nordic Mid-Century Modern Lamp

That’s how it looks on and off – pretty nice result right? I have to say, I love how simple yet stylish this midcentury modern lamp looks and the warm light it gives. What do you think?

Mid-Century Modern Lamp on Table
Mid-Century Modern Lamp Desk