60 Ways to Leave Your Old Home Decor Ideas Behind

The change of seasons often spurs a desire to freshen living spaces with new home decor ideas. If you’re not entirely pleased with your current arrangement, it’s high time to make some changes, be they big or small.

Home Decor Ideas

Maybe the prospect of a long season of chillier weather has you reconsidering areas of your home that aren’t as comfortable as you might like. Or, some of your home decor ideas may be outdated and you need to add a few trendier elements.

Whatever the reason, now’s the time to make changes. In case you need a little inspo, we’ve rounded up these great home decor ideas. But before we show you all the possibilities, designers have a few things that you must keep in mind because these apply no matter what your home décor looks like:

Home Decor Ideas To Spruce The Decor With

No Matchy-Matchy Sets for Home Decor

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Sure, buying a matched furniture set, rugs and décor all in one go might be no-brainer easy home décor idea, but it also looks artificial. Instead of setting up your room to look like the furniture store, steer clear of matched sets and instead choose a mix of pieces that complement one another and add personality. Even better, mix in some that you already have and maybe some other vintage elements too.

Home Decor Hang Art Properly

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Achieving the right proportions is all about scale and that applies to art as well. Not only should art displays be the right size for the space, art needs to be hung properly. This is more about the distance from the floor than the specific furnishings that might be positioned underneath the artworks. Gallery experts say that you generally want the center of the artwork at eye level so that viewers can appreciate it, and that is typically about 57 inches off the floor.

Stick to Timeless Colors for Permanent Fixtures

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In most cases, designers urge clients to choose large furnishings in neutral colors for their home décor and this definitely holds true for permanent fixtures. Trendy colored bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances or countertops can quickly become dated and even worse, can make resale difficult. Retro orange tiling around the fireplace may fit your midcentury modern style, but finding a buyer who loves it just as much might be a challenge. Worse, you might need to replace it, include a replacement allowance or lower the sale price.

Use Multiple Light Sources in a Room

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No matter how much natural light a space gets, as the sun goes down, your lighting becomes very important. This is not just for illumination, but also for creating a cozy, inviting atmoshpere. This is why layering your lighting is critical. Ceiling fixtures are great but it’s the floor and table lamps, along with sconces and other fixtures that add warmth and depth to a room. Also, make sure those light sources aren’t dating your home décor!

Don’t Buy if You Haven’t Measured

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This should be the cardinal home décor rule that no one breaks:  Don’t buy anything without measuring your space first. You can save a lot of headaches – and money – by noting the dimensions of the room you’re upgrading. It’s not just the size of the room you need to know either. Window and door placement, the space between built-ins or existing pieces, as well as the size of major furnishings are important to note as well. Also, measure entry doors and hallways to make sure that expensive sofa is going to fit up the stairs, down the hall or around the corner!

Right-Size Your Rugs Home Area

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A rug is an important element in a home decor because it serves to anchor the whole space. Ideally, a living room rug is large enough to extend under the front feet of all the furnishings that encircle it. Floating a smaller rug in front of the sofa can work best for smaller spaces while in the dining room, all the table and chair legs need to fit on the rug when people are seated. Bedrooms have a variety of options when it comes to making a rug work best, so check out various rug layout guides to find what works best for your particular space.

Mind Your Numbers

Mind Your NumbersView in gallery

When grouping anything, stick to odd numbers, especially when styling accessories. Trying to be symmetrical with accessories can feel very awkward, but odd numbers of items are always easier to arrange. The same goes for grouping furnishings in a corner, for example. A chair, a lamp and a table placed together feel comfortable, but add another table and the arrangement loses its ease.

Fresh Paint is Always the Right Choice

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Adding a fresh coat of paint to a room is the quickest and cheapest home décor idea. Even if the color is just a shade darker or lighter than the existing shade, it can make a huge difference in a room. This can also be an easy DIY and it lets you change the look as often as you like. If furnishings are generally neutral, painting the walls a trendy color is a super easy refresh. In fact, you could choose your own color of the year if you’re so inclined!

Step Away From the Walls

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Most everyone is guilty of this home décor no-no: Pushing all the furniture to edges of the room to make it feel bigger. This might make for more open space in the middle but it’s also not very cozy or inviting. Instead, pick a central point and arrange the furniture around it. This can be your entertainment area, a fireplace or wall of windows. Positioning some furniture away from the walls makes a space more intimate and visually pleasing.

Don’t Skimp on Texture

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Rooms that don’t have much texture can feel flat from a visual perspective. This is especially true with home décor that follows a neutral palette. In any space, it’s important to incorporate textures that balance an excess of any one type of surface. For example. Natural, rugged elements can tame too much metal or shine, while smoother textures can even out a very rugged look. Stand back and assess why a space really needs to have visual interest.

Add Some Plants…Creatively

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You might be thinking “I’ve heard this one a million times” but adding live plants to your home decor isn’t limited to the traditional route of plants in pots seat on the floor or a table. The key to creating a more interesting arrangement is to think outside the box when it comes to plants. There are so many options: Wall plant holders, hanging plant holders, green walls, framed planters, and more. This bedroom lighting arrangement shows just one unique home decor idea for incorporating plants.

Use Lighting as a Decor Accent

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It can be easy to forget that accent lighting is a marvelous way to add drama to a room. Moody lighting that comes from a backlit element, like the round fixture on the wall is a great home decor idea for setting a relaxed tone in a space. For a pop of light as well as art, you might want to consider a neon sculpture.  The bedroom uses a piece of word art, but if you’ve had enough of that particular trend, lots of neon art is geometric or abstract, which gives you a wider range of options.

Add Large Scale Graphic Wallpaper

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Wallpaper earned a well-deserved bad rap a few decades ago because of all the cutesy borders and terrible prints that were trending at the time. Since then, it has evolved into a decorating medium that comes in range of styles that are thoroughly modern and transformational for any space. With the continuing popularity of neutral styles, a large scale geometric wallpaper like this enlivens a contemporary room done int a neutral palette. It’s shifting squares of complementary colors create drama and interest without adding any busy patterns or distracting colors.

Install Dramatic Shelving

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One of the most dramatic home decor ideas is to add shelving that looks nothing like the traditional bookcase. This example showcases a unique minimalist shelving construction that is backlit in a way that makes it the focus of the entire room. Besides becoming a focal point, this type of installation adds ambient light to the space.

Rethink Your Dining Table

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There’s more to a stylish dining table than a sassy top; sometimes the base is the most attractive part. A great home decor idea is to make the visual space across the floor a little lighter by opting for a pedestal table and some chairs that have slim legs. This large, round table has a sturdy, modern base with an interesting design that anchors the dining set. Go Beyond Function into Art

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The best designs are as much art as they are functional elements in a room, so next time you need a new piece, consider something that goes beyond the basic. This modern living space features a pair of wall units that are like geometric art, yet they contain display space and a dash of earthy color. While your first instinct might be to add a simple minimalist display shelf, this example shows how it’s possible to add a dose of drama as well.

Use Strategic Lighting with Shelves

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This is one of those home decor ideas that would be easy to do with some shelving you already have. Underlighting and backlighting can create lots of interest with all kinds of decor elements, but shelving is one of the simplest to modify. If you have floating shelves or a unit that doesn’t include lighting, you can add some, especially with all the LED strip lighting that is available in both plug-in and battery-operated types.

Swap in Some Stick Lighting

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Minimalist stick lighting has been hot home decor idea for several years now, probably because it works with so many different styles of decor. Whether you use one or a group of them, stick lights are ideal for many spots in the house, with the most obvious being over the dining table. LED technology has let designers make more artistic and compact lighting fixtures and these are one of the more versatile ones.

Use Shelving as a Room Divider

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With working from home having been the new norm — and likely more prevalent for at least the medium-term — you want some kind of barrier for your home office. Even if the division is purely visual, it will help separate work life from home life. Using an open shelving unit as a room divider is a great way to separate the space and add some display and storage space at the same time.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Seating

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When the weather improves, you want to spend as much time outdoors for your enjoyment as well as your mindset. The more you sit outside, the less likely it is that the old hand-me-down lawn chairs will prove as comfortable as they once might have been. Instead, choose some seating that’s comfortable and functional for your specific outdoor living space to add fresh style that lures out into the fresh air. It’s one of the home decor ideas that will make you happy you invested in an upgrade.

Switch to Convertible Furniture

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Working from home means being creative in carving out a dedicated workspace for yourself. While that can be difficult in a small space, convertible furniture can come to the rescue. Instead of having a bed eating up most of the space in a room, a convertible style lets you free up enough square footage that you’ll find that you can add at least a small desk for yourself.

Ditch the Chunky Nightstands

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In recent years, large and heavy matching nightstands have been replaced with more eclectic side tables that serve the same purpose with more flair. This is one home decor idea that’s fast and easy to do, maybe even with some side tables that you already own. Trade your traditional nightstands for bedside tables that have an interesting base or a really special top. If you absolutely need to have a little storage next to the bed, try adding a minimalist table with one drawer only on a single side of the bed.

Shun Symmetry

Shun SymmetryView in gallery

Forget the traditional square and rectangular shelving and opt for a unit that’s asymmetrical in some way. Here, the individual shelving units vary in height, size and angular design, but they all fit into one cohesive wall unit. Despite all the angled lines and differing dimensions, the wall unit is very eye-catching and artistic, and still has loads of room for all your books and accessories.

Skip the Square Coffee Table

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It used to be that all coffee tables were square or rectangular but thank goodness that’s no longer a thing. Designers have created a huge assortment of asymmetrical or multipiece styles that give your living room way more interest. This large coffee table transforms the living space with its organic shape, which is somewhat reminiscent of a grand piano silhouette. this one is big, but you can get a uniquely shaped coffee table in smaller sizes too.

Add Light and Style With a Floor Lamp

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We’re not talking about a basic, boring floor lamp, but something jazzier and more artistic instead. Every home has a dark corner or a seat grouping that could use some better lighting. Maybe you discovered this in your own place during your time at home when you were trying to read. Whatever the case, there are large, arched and modern floor lamps like this one, along with slimline styles that you can tuck into a corner for more ambient light.

Lighten up the Lines

Lighten up the LinesView in gallery

It’s not hard to end up with a room full of heavy pieces. Maybe your overstuffed armchairs are paired with a floor lamp that has a heavy base and a sold, hefty side table. On their own, they can be very attractive but all together, too many substantial pieces can make a space feel clunky and maybe even depressing.  If you can’t totally redecorate, try substituting one or two elements that have a lighter appearance. Here, larger armchairs are paired with a slim and stylish metal floor lamp and a metal wire table with a class top.

Get a Modern Canopy Bed

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If the term “canopy bed” has you thinking of granny’s brass bed with a frilly canopy or some old-English style, think again. Today’s canopy beds have largely abandoned the fabric canopy, instead focusing on the minimalist yet defining frame element. This gorgeous bed is made from beautiful handcrafted solid wood that’s destined to be a family heirloom.

Try a Slouchy Sectional

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Moving on from the overstuffed sectionals of the 1990’s and early 2000’s today’s sectional sofas are now for more relaxed. Opting for one of these is a home decor idea that’s perfect for current design preferences that are less formal than they were in the past. The large-scale seats and unstructured cushions beckon you to come sprawl and relax, whether watching television or reading. Moreover, when guests come over, there’s plenty of room for seating.

Put Pendants in the Living Room

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Pendant lights have escaped from the kitchen and designers are using them, everywhere, including in the living room. If you think about it, they are ideal over the coffee table area because they not only illuminate the space but put the spotlight on the table.  Often, the center of the room is darker because most people tend to use table and floor lamps for the living space rather than lots of overhead lights.

Add the All-Important Pop of Color

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With such a strong focus on neutral palettes in recent years, it can be easy to overlook the importance of a little color in a room. It doesn’t have to be a lot and the colors don’t have to be very bold; just a few pieces will do the trick, even if they are a more muted color like yellow of these cushions and ottoman. The end result is that the accent enlivens the pieces that you already have and gives the space a fresher look. Try a Staggered Linear Arrangement

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By default, our homes generally feature decor that is aligned and even, but taking a staggered approach can really shake up the feel of a room. These wall shelves accommodate everything the homeowner needed, from a little desk space to a television stand and cabinets for storage and display. The big difference is that they are installed at different levels, giving it an edgier, more modern appeal.

Mix and Match a Kitchen Tile Backsplash

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Remodeling any part of a kitchen can be a big and costly undertaking, but refreshing your backsplash is usually less involved and can change the look of the whole space. Rather than tiling the wall in a single style and color tile, try mixing and matching prints for a livelier, more up-to-date vibe. You don’t even need to do the entire backsplash as this kitchen demonstrates.

Design a Multi-Station Kitchen

Design a Multi-Station KitchenView in gallery

If you happen to be undertaking a full kitchen remodel, this kitchen is full of great home decor ideas because it features a variety of stations. Segmented by function, this kitchen packs a lot of utility into the space. From the television stand and open shelving area to eat-in counter and the various cooking elements, it’s a tidy way to arrange all the functions your kitchen needs, rather than creating a larger expanse of just counters and cupboards.

Create an Unusual Vanity

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Who says the bathroom vanity needs to be a shelf of cupboard?  This one is based on a vintage bicycle and shows how creative you can be with home decor elements that are very unexpected. Because this sink and small countertop are attached to the wall, the item underneath doesn’t have to bear the weight of the fixture. Maybe this type of vanity will spur your imagination for a unique arrangement in a powder room or guest bath.

Go for an Extraordinary Bathroom Basin

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Take a look around and bathroom basins and you’ll find that they go far beyond the generic porcelain styles and feature materials as varied as stone and wood or blown glass or concrete. Installing a basin that is made from an unusual material immediately makes the bathroom feel special, and that’s even more so if it’s in a non-standard shape. This double vanity features two glass basins that are not only clear but also spectacular, featuring sharp angles that aren’t usually found in bathroom basins.

Make the Bathtub a Centerpiece

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If you’ve got the space, adding a free-standing bathtub with a built-in ledge and storage area is a great bathroom upgrade. While many people love a great soaking tub, sometimes a small side table isn’t enough but this tub with a wide ledge takes care of that problem. The open storage on the side is not only convenient but very stylish as well. This might be a bigger investment than some of these other home decor ideas, but it sure is worth it for luxurious bathing.

Go Full-on Industrial

Go Full-on IndustrialView in gallery

While the industrial home decor trend might seem to be waning, there are still plenty of fans out there. Everyone will like it, especially when the space looks this good. A powder room is a great place to use industrial elements, such as this pedestal sink that’s actually an upcycled metal storage drum. Matching sink hardware and a tall mirror with a riveted frame complete the look. Adding some softer elements like the small wood-topped stool and the warm brown finish on the wall make it feel cozy despite the industrial vibe.

Add Upholstered Elements in the Bathroom

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Bathroom surfaces are most all on the hard and shiny end of the materials spectrum because you need to keep them clean and sanitary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some softer elements. While high contact surfaces are not for this home decor idea, places like the front of the vanity and the mirror frame are two places you can add some upholstery.

Age-Proof Your Child’s Room

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Keeping the decor in your child’s room might seem like it’s a constant update as they outgrow childish furniture or other home decor elements. Instead, design a room for you child that will grow with them and the only things you’ll need to change is the style of the bedding. This room has loads of built-ins with an ageless style that will see them through until they’re ready to move out for college!

Pair a Sofa With Your Dining Table

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Who doesn’t love a banquette for a comfortable and leisurely meal, but it’s not always practical — or possible — to build one in your dining room or kitchen, even if you do have wall space. Instead, how about using a sofa on one side of the table for seating?  Long benches have been used at the dining table for ages, so why not a sofa?

Make a Bistro Corner

Make a Bistro CornerView in gallery

Whether you do this in the dining area, family room or in a game room, a high-top bistro set up is great for enjoying a little alone time with your honey or chatting with a friend. A tall bistro table and two chairs can turn any little spot into a wine tasting area or your own coffee shop corner, which is especially great when you spend more time at home.

Try a Sofa With Wrap-Around Shelves

Try a Sofa With Wrap-Around ShelvesView in gallery

If space is at a premium, a sofa with wrap around shelving can be the answer to more storage without taking up much more space. Typically, the sides and the back of the sofa are surrounded by shelving that is made to frame the seating.. This is a wonderful option if the back of the sofa is open to the room, but not really workable if it has to be against a wall. This type of home decor idea adds more storage and display space than a console and side tables would.

Go Bold With Stripes

Go Bold With StripesView in gallery

Rather than trying to coordinate your drapes and wallpaper, try going with the same bold stripe pattern for both. The wide linear pattern makes the room feel taller and using the drapes to cover parts of the wall as well as the windows gives the illusion that the windows are larger than they are.

Pair Two Identical Coffee Tables as One

Pair Two Identical Coffee Tables as OneView in gallery

If your living room is large, you don’t have to search for a huge coffee table to fin the space. Instead, try using two identical rectangular tables. Placed up against each other and styled together, they work as one visual unit in the room. This can be more versatile — and cheaper — than an oversized coffee table because those tend to be more expensive..

Lean Large Pieces of Art Against the Wall

Lean Large Pieces of Art Against the WallView in gallery

This is one of the best and easiest home decor ideas around. Instead of hanging a piece of art, or a set of canvases, try leaning them against the wall. This can be done on the floor, on a mantel or one piece of furniture. It’s also a breeze to try out. Simply lean the art where you want it and leave it there for a week or two to see if you like it. If you change your mind, you can always hang it on the wall.

Add Trendy Wicker Pieces

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Wicker furniture and home decor elements are all the rage, so adding some to your home will immediately freshen the look. Wicker refers to the woven nature of the material, which can be rattan, bamboo and other natural materials. Incorporating wicker will lend a casual, almost tropical feeling to a room, making it even more relaxing. If a sofa or chair is too much wicker for your taste, try adding a bar cart, serving pieces or other accessories to your decor mix.

Get a Statement Sofa

Get a Statement SofaView in gallery

If your living room is a formal one, give it some real design flair with a sofa that has a statement silhouette. This sweeping design is very chic and really brings a glamorous feel to the space.  Depending on the color you choose, it could be even bolder. Something like this is ideal for a formal entertaining space because not only is it visually attractive but it’s very comfortable too.

…Or A Casual Version of the Same Silhouette

...Or A Casual Version of the Same SilhouetteView in gallery

If you like the idea of a statement sofa that sweeps from one end to the other in a chic taper but your style is not so formal, there’s always a more casual version. This one has a similar profile but is a bit wider and slouchier — generally more suited to great room or family room with a relaxed vibe. This is one you’d feel comfortable cozying up in for a night of binge-watching.

Fill a Wall With Minimalist Shelving

Fill a Wall With Minimalist ShelvingView in gallery

Sometimes the best home decor strategy is to cover an entire wall with shelving. Rather than the typical library-style bookcases, this is best done with a more distinctive design like this minimalist version. The shelves as well as the dividers are thin and create an attractive grid from one side of the room to the other.

Choose a Unique Console

Choose a Unique ConsoleView in gallery

No matter what else is in the room, a console like this one will be the attention-getter. The slim top and unique style of the base mean that it’s equally wonderful in an entryway as it is in a living room. This is also a good example of creative thinking when it comes to furniture placement. Just because a console is traditionally used behind a sofa or in an entryway doesn’t mean you can’t break the rules and put it somewhere else.

Make a Modular Arrangement.

Make a Modular Arrangement.View in gallery

Using modular elements to create wall unit is a very versatile home decor idea because you can always swap out one or more of the units. This type of arrangement also has a more current vibe than basic cabinetry that’s all the same size. Having some elements in color, some open, and some closed creates an interesting collection.

Bring on the Modern Minimalist Sofa

Bring on the Modern Minimalist SofaView in gallery

Clean lines, luxurious upholstery and no frills — it’s the perfect look for a minimalist space. If you’re trying to clean the clutter out of your living space and give it a spare aesthetic, a minimalist sofa is the best place to start. It sets the mood for the whole room and will help you pare down the decor around it. Pick one in a neutral gray like this and it will likely work with lots of pieces that you already have.

Create a Reading Space

Create a Reading SpaceView in gallery

Readers will appreciate a space they can escape to with their favorite volume. Creating a seating area that is comfortable and set up for hours of reading is a home decor idea that will appeal to many. All you need is a comfortable chair like this modern recliner, a side table within reach, and good lighting. Here, several side table hold accessories, plants as well as books.

Make Your Closet Luxe

Make Your Closet LuxeView in gallery

Creating the closet of your dreams can be life-changing, and we don’t mean just getting some upgraded shelving from the hardware store. Installing high-end shelving with lighting as well as plenty of functional drawers will make it easy to organize clothing and accessories. Adding some seating in the closet makes it convenient for putting on tights, shoes, socks, or just having a seat to plan the day’s outfit.

Make the Kitchen an Entertaining Hub

Make the Kitchen an Entertaining HubView in gallery

Guests always gravitate to the kitchen so why not make it a great place to gather? This one is just made for entertaining with the backlit storage nook, a wine area and countertop accessories for wine glasses. The sleek design is really modern, clean and clutter-free.

Make the Bedroom a Luxury Getaway

Make the Bedroom a Luxury GetawayView in gallery

The bedroom is your sanctuary so why not make it a super luxe and restful retreat? This bedroom has all the elements, from the super stylish dresser to the mood lighting along the floor. The arrangement includes a comfortable chair and side table for relaxing or reading and the bed is accented by a sumptuous throw and a tray with a tea service. Don’t be afraid to add any elements to the bedroom that make it more restful for you.

Add Cut Greenery Everywhere

Add Cut Greenery EverywhereView in gallery

If you don’t have a green thumb, you can still add greenery to your space by using vases full of fresh-cut plants. Having fresh flowers all the time can be an expensive proposition, but going out to the backyard and snipping off a variety of green branches and grasses can be just as beautiful and cost virtually nothing.

Try a Dark and Dramatic Decor Scheme

Try a Dark and Dramatic Decor SchemeView in gallery

Especially if you have a room that’s low on light, taking it to the dark and dramatic side can make the most of the space. Sticking with an overall palette that’s darker and at the minimalist end of the spectrum can be the best route for home decor to be attractive and functional. Adding some softer elements like a natural leather sofa and a few other pieces in the same color keep it from feeling too gloomy.

Take a Risk on Colored Furniture

Take a Risk on Colored FurnitureView in gallery

If you need an element that provides storage, why not make it one that’s colorful?  This cabinet features closed storage as well as a section of open shelving. It has a geometric design on the front and is super versatile. If you have a room with a neutral palette, it’s a prime candidate for this kind of home decor idea.

Pick Chairs With Flair

Pick Chairs With FlairView in gallery

A really quick idea for changing up your home decor is to get new chairs for your dining set. Keep in mind that it’s more interesting to have chairs that coordinate instead of match exactly. Swapping out chairs changes the whole look of a dining space, so why not choose some that have interesting details? These chairs have a sophisticated profile and feature metal accents and bars that not only look good but stabilize them.

Are you feeling inspired to change up your space?  Why not go for it and make some changes to create a space that’s not only more stylish, but extra comfortable for you and your family.