Covered Deck Ideas For A Perfect Indoor-Outdoor Experience

There are plenty of covered deck ideas that are practical and attractive. Even if you have limited space or a small budget, plenty of deck options remain that will complement and improve your outdoor space.

covered deck

Compared to other outdoor amenities, when a roof is installed over your deck, it automatically increases your home’s value.

A covered deck protects you natural elements that keep you inside. You could install a gas BBQ or mini-bar, for example.

Check out the following covered deck ideas so you can learn how to transform your lawn space into a comfortable outdoor environment.

18 Beautiful Covered Deck Ideas 

Extend The Indoors Outside

Covered Deck Ideas

A covered deck that sits adjacent to a house is an extension of an indoor living area. Why not make the transition smoother with a sliding glass door? The patio or deck’s roof can match the house’s roof for a cohesive aesthetic. This design by architect Darrell C Kauric shows you how to do it

Pergola Roof

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

If you want something a casual, look at some pergola designs for inspiration. The type of roof used here by studio Earthtone Construction is functional and decorative. The deck features wood and metal material that will make it long-lasting and it will protect your furniture.

Shade Sail

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

If you haven’t decided on a cover for your deck, then go with a patio shade sail. You can stretch it across a section of your deck to a designated shady area. This would leave the edge of your outdoor area exposed so you could enjoy the sun. This design is from New Eco Landscapes

Fabric Canopy

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

The fabric canopy and wood plank flooring is courtesy of Tollo&C. The cover provides shade during the day without blocking the sunlight and protects your furniture. A small foot pool offers added comfort. Due to its location, the deck functions as a lounge area.

Modern Roof Extension

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

Often, a deck is designed to wrap around a house. It serves as a transitional feature between the indoor and outdoor space. Adding a roof extension is a clean and modern idea.

As far as deck ideas go, a roof extension is one of the more practical options available. It’s easier to open up and gives your interior space more room. This design is courtesy of architect Lorin Hill and shows you how this you can turn your backyard into a relaxing destination with a modern twist.

Mini Roof

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

One of the things you’ll notice about a deck is how it’s a natural extension of a home. If the goal is for the deck to look like it’s part of the house, then mimic the home’s roof. The strategy here is courtesy of Urban Oasis Design & Construction and features low pitched roof but to make it different from the home.

Open Shape

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

As we said at the beginning, there isn’t a shortage of small deck ideas. This example is meant to be an outdoor space, but keeping the patio open is one way of enhancing the space. You can still add a pergola roof for an enclosed look. With wood, the deck feels relaxing and would be a good fit for a fire pit or fireplace

Raised Deck Patio

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

A deck that’s level with the ground is great if you want to create a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. If you’re going for a sheltered design, a raised structure would be better. This way the deck would stand out and have a solid and structured look. You could take inspiration from this backyard layout courtesy of WillowRidge Construction

Skylights And Sunlight

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

Something else to consider when building a roof over your deck is that it would be fairly easy to make room for a few skylights. These could let the sunlight in and that would make this area look bright and warm and inviting while still keeping it sheltered and protected from the elements. We really like the design created by studio Urban Oasis. It’s really well-balanced. 

Partial Deck Cover

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

It’s nice to have a spot with shade that’s protected from rain, an area where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors at any time. It’s also nice to be out in the open and enjoy the sunlight. So why not combine these two concepts and have an outdoor deck that’s only partially covered? That’s exactly the strategy used here by studio MB Design & Build.

Outdoor Space

Create a layered design

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

You can also make a sheltered deck by using a variety of techniques and supplies. For instance, here’s a laid-back design by Danny Deck Construction. It makes use of two shade sails and there’s also an umbrella that can be used to make separate shaded spots whenever needed. The sails create this really nice layered look that suits this sort of relaxed decor. 

Outdoor Scenery

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

It’s not just the design of the deck that matters but also it’s positioning. It would be cool to build the deck in such a way that it gets to enjoy a nice view. A corner deck design could actually work really well.

This one was designed by studio Three Sixty and it may not be very big but it feels quite expansive. It has a nice pergola roof on one side and an open section around the corner. 

Deck Sunroom

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

You can also take the idea of a covered deck one step further and create a sunroom. You could give it big full-height windows and glass doors that can be opened up when it’s warm and sunny outside. Users can enjoy the space all yea, especially if you include a fireplace. This design is courtesy of studio Blue Ridge

Beach House

Make it feel like part of your home

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

An enclosed deck is an extension of an indoor living space. You can furnish and decorate them according to your standards. Add some comfortable seating, a fireplace, accent lighting, and an outdoor TV. 

Small Deck Ideas

If you build a small deck and you want to enliven it, add different colors to give it some character

Natural Materials

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

Natural materials like wood, rattan, or stone allows for outdoor areas to blend with their surroundings. This example of a small enclosed deck offers a relaxed, beach-inspired vibe with weathered wood, outdoor seats, and hanging lamps. It was designed by Maison Particulière.

Deck Lighting

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

Adding light sources gives an outdoor deck a nice and cozy vibe after the sun goes down. You can use built-in ceiling lights, hanging lamps, sconces, and even table lamps. Solar lamps are another cool option. We like how the lights bring out the textures and finishes seen in this example from Franklin Landscape & Design.

Contrasting Colors

Porch with white pergola and brown deck

There’s two fairly different design strategies to follow when it comes to covered decks. One is to make it blend with the house and the other is to make it stand out and have its own character. This design by shared followtheyellowbrickhome actually combines the two. By using contrasting colors for the pergola roof and the deck itself this combo makes the most of both strategies. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Does It Cost To Cover A Deck?

Adding any deck covering or enclosure will typically cost between $1,000 – $10,000. Adding a covered roof to your deck will typically cost between $3,000 – $10,000

Does A Front Porch Add Value To A House?

Adding a porch to your home will increase its value by almost 85 percent. The cost varies according to outdoor weather climates.

Can I Install A BBQ Grill On A Covered Deck?

If you have a gas or electric grill, then you could install it on your covered deck. However, as a general rule, you should never put a charcoal grill in an enclosed area. Also, a charcoal grill on a wood deck, for example, would be considered a fire hazard.

What Are Some Natural Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From A Covered Deck?

There are a few smells that can repel mosquitoes. For example, lavender, peppermint oil, geranium oil, cinnamon bark oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, catnip, rosemary, and pine oil will keep mosquitoes away from your covered deck.

Can I Put A Hot Tub On A Covered Deck?

Before you install a hot tub on your covered deck, make sure the structure can handle the weight. If your deck can hold 100 pounds per square foot, then you shouldn’t have any problems. The problem is that many decks are designed to hold 50 pounds per square foot, which isn’t strong enough to support most hot tubs.

Covered Deck Conclusion

If you have a surrounding landscape or spacious backyard, then it’s time you turned your outdoor space into something useful. You can find plenty of deck ideas online, and even better, design something that would complement your outdoor area even more.

When you install a deck, it doesn’t mean you’re obligated to get a pool. Deck’s are low maintenance, and backyard pools aren’t. You want a stress free home life, and that’s what a deck is all about.