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Enjoying Summer Days Outside Under The Best Patio Shade Sails

Sail away to sunny days that don’t melt you from head to toe. Enjoy your time in the garden under a beautiful patio shade sail. You don’t have to be a pirate to raise sails, but you can surely find comfort under their shade. A wide array of colors and shapes is available for any taste. Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), these covers look great and are also resistant.

Best Patio Shade Sails

If you are not sure what to choose, take a peek on our quick guide for patio shade sails. You will see it’s no rocket science to make you garden corner more comfortable and aesthetic.

How To Choose The Best Shade Sail For Your Space

For those days when sun is really burning and you want to enjoy some time in your patio, a shade sail is ideal. But how can you know which one is the best for you? There are some aspects you should keep in mind before jumping to the purchase decision.

  • Decide and measure the area where you plan to install the shade sail. You want to ensure you get plenty of shade, where you want it.
  • Choose the shape of your shade sail. Most of them are triangular, rectangular or square. Correlate the shape with the area you plan to cover. Triangle-shaped sails fit small areas better and are more flexible. Rectangle sails cover a larger space, but also need an extra fixing point. You can also opt for two triangular layers overlapped, for more protection and a stylish look.
  • Consider what are you going to use as anchors. You can install the shade sail on the trees around or a fascia. You need to make sure the anchor structures are strong enough and allow you to insert fixing posts. The fixing points could already exist or you need to build them. If you have doubts about the structure’s resistance, get some advice from an engineer. Also, make sure you won’t break any building regulations with your new shade sail.
  • The direction of the sun at sunrise and sunset also influence the best position for a shade sail. The angle you install it at should allow you to get the shade when you need it most. Also, be aware of rainwater pooling in the middle of your sail. Try to adjust the angle so the water slopes away, preferably towards your garden plants.

Besides shape, style, color or where you will place it, you also have some technical aspects to think of. If you need installation poles, how you plan to use the covered space (if you want to do barbecues under the sail) are a few. Also, think how you will secure the shade sail (and how many changes to the exterior of your house are necessary). Shade sails can stretch and become loose after a while. Using some turnbuckles can help you add that extra tension that will keep your sail firm and taut.

Our Most Recommended Patio Shade Sails

To make your search easier, we bring to you some of the best patio shade sails. If you are in a rush, check them out real quick from this comparison table to see what style and size match your space. Or take some time to read our detailed description for a more comprehensive angle.

ProductShapeSize - (feet)Colors
1. Steel Pergola Gazebo with Retractable Canopy Shadesrectangular12 x 10ivory
2. Square Canopy Sail Shade Cloth UV Block for Patio Gardenrectangular8 x 10 sand, terra, blue, green, brown
3. Reinforced Super Ring 16' x 20' Rectangle Shade Sailrectangular16 x 20 black, gray, beige
4. Right 24' Triangle Shade Sailtriangular24 x 24 x 33.9blue, brown, red, beige, black, gray, sand beige, turquoise, white
5. 28' Triangle Shade Sailtriangular28 x 28 x 28 black, blue, brown, gray, sand beige, turquoise, beige, white
6. 16' Square Shade Sailsquare16 x 16 red
7. Sun 20' Square Shade Sail (Set of 2)square20 x 20 light brown
8. Triangle Shade Sailtriangular16 x 16 x 16beige, blue, brown, sand beige, white, black, gray, turquoise
9. 20' x 16' Rectangle Shade Sail (Set of 3)rectangular20 x 16light brown
10. 20' Triangle Shade Sailtriangular20 x 20 x 20white, brown, blue, gray, sand beige, turquoise, beige

1. Steel Pergola Gazebo with Retractable Canopy Shades

Large triangle sun shade

The Steel Pergola Gazebo with Retractable Canopy Shades adds a touch of stylish shade to any patio. With a footprint of 10 x 8 feet, this gazebo has canopy easy to retract by sliding. The dark brown frame complements the ivory canopy, for an elegant look. Enjoy your time by the pool or secure the dining area. You can adjust the covered surface as you prefer. Pull both sides all the way down to get more shade and privacy or slide the canopy only on one side.

2. Square Canopy Sail Shade Cloth UV Block for Patio Garden

Large triangle sun shade

The Garden EXPERT 8’x10′ Sun Shade Sail is the kind of long-lasting cover you want to protect you from UV rays. This shade sail won’t keep you boiling under its cover, as it’s made from a breathable material. Stay cool and enjoy the shade for many seasons, as this 100% HDPE canopy will not fade or deteriorate as time passes. Its improved stitched seam and knitting technology makes it mildew/mold proof too. Efficient and easy to install, this shade sail comes with 5 color options. By the pool or in your garden dining area, this sail will look great wherever you install it. The manufacturer’s promise of long-lasting quality is also proven by the 5-year warranty.

3. Reinforced Super Ring 16′ x 20′ Rectangle Shade Sail

Large triangle sun shade

The Reinforced Super Ring 16′ x 20′ Rectangle Shade Sail will protect you from the scorching heat. Resistant to wind, sun and rain, this shade sail also comes with the promise of a lower temperature. It blocks up to 95% of the UV rays and lowers the temperature by 15 degrees. Easy to install, with a 5-year warranty, this shade sail makes your lawn, garden or any outdoor space cooler. Get cozy and sail away from the heat.

4. Right 24′ Triangle Shade Sail

Large triangle sun shade

The Right 24′ Triangle Shade Sail will add a splash of cool and elegancy to your patio. Use one or two overlapped shade sails to make your outdoor time cozier. By the pool or over your lawn, this sail let’s you have a cool time and protects you from UV rays. This item comes with a 3-year warranty. Choose from a wide array of colors the one that matches your preferences best.

5. 28′ Triangle Shade Sail

Large triangle sun shade

The 28′ Triangle Shade Sail will protect from too much sun while beautifying your patio or pool area. Made 100% from high-density polyethylene, it will pass the test of time, wind, rain and sun. The fabric will lower the ambient temperature by 15 degrees, so you stay cool even on the hottest days. Equally practical and stylish, this shade sail has a 3-year warranty.

6. 16′ Square Shade Sail

Large triangle sun shade

The 16′ Square Shade Sail is a versatile canopy that will provide shade and shelter in any outdoor space. Use it as a sun shade sail, an awning or a carport. Suitable for various purposes, this red sail will block the UV rays, so you can enjoy your summers days more. Mount it in your patio, by the pool or wherever you need some shade.

7. Sun 20′ Square Shade Sail (Set of 2)

Large triangle sun shade

The Sun 20′ Square Shade Sail (Set of 2) is a distinctive element that can complete your patio design. With various installation options, this sail is 100% made of new high-density polyethylene. Finished with strong stitched seams, it also features stainless steel fastening rings. Enjoy high quality shade and comfort for many seasons, with the 5-year warranty. Easy to clean and fade-resistant, this patio shade sail is a great addition to any outdoor space.

8. Triangle Shade Sail

Large triangle sun shade

The 16′ Triangle Shade Sail is part of the Colour Tree family of shade sails. With a wide array of colors and designs, you know you will find one to match your taste. This triangular sail features stainless steel grade 314 D-rings for maximum resistance. Keep the 95% of the UV away and enjoy a cool temperature under a beautiful, colored shade sail. Cover up your swimming pool or backyard and make your sunny summer days cooler.

9. 20′ x 16′ Rectangle Shade Sail (Set of 3)

Large triangle sun shade

If you were wondering what is better than a shade sail, the answer is…three shade sails. The 20′ x 16′ Rectangle Shade Sail (Set of 3) brings extra shade and comfort to your patio or garden. Be creative and experiment with various ways of installing your shade sails. The 100% new HDPE fabric comes in a warm shade of light brown, that will look great in any outdoor space. Enjoy 5 years of warranty and plenty of shade with the 3-unit package of shade sails provided by e-Joy.

10. 20′ Triangle Shade Sail

Large triangle sun shade

The 20′ Triangle Shade Sail saves you from burning up on hot summer days. Built with care and designed to last, the Colour Tree sun shade sails block up to 95% of the UV rays. Get comfy and cool under a colorful shade sail. They match the design of any patio and come with several colour options. Choose your favorite and add some style and shade to your lawn, garden or driveway.

How To Make The Most Of Your Patio Shade Sail

To prolong the life of your shade sail, follow these maintenance tips. Keep the material clean, by applying a mild solution of water and soap or detergent. Use a sponge or a soft brush to apply the solution on the whole surface. Allow it to soak for 10 minutes, then rinse it very well. You can even use your garden hose for that. The sail fabric is rather sensitive to rough treatments. So avoid putting it in the washing machine or dryer. Abrasive cleaners or stiff brushes can also produce damage to the material.

Wrap Up

Ready for the coolest summer? Our selection of shade sails will ensure you enjoy the sun from under a colorful cover. Hanging your sail up is a breeze when using the adequate hardware installation kit. Remember to make sure to tighten your shade well. Enough tension is necessary for the angle of covering wanted. It also prevents rain water from pooling in your sail. Use only one sail or combine three, four or more overlapped or next to each other. Have fun being creative and building the best shade shelter  in your garden or backyard. Let us know in the comments which design fits your patio design best.