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Modern Outdoor Fireplaces And Fire Pits That You’d Be Proud To Have In Your Backyard

Fire gives us a sense of warmth and comfort which can’t really explain. It’s in our nature to enjoy sitting around a fire pit even if it’s a tiny one and its effect is mostly decorative. It creates a wonderfully pleasant ambiance around it and the same thing goes for an outdoor fireplace. It’s in our nature to feel drawn to these features which is why they’ve been around for ages and have survived the transition from one style to another and another. Today we have a wide array of modern fireplaces and fire pits to choose from and we’re going to have a look at a few right now. 

Cool Outdoor Fireplaces And Fire Pits


FUEGO CUBBI By LauboView in gallery

The Fuego Cubbi fireplace by Laubo has a really beautiful design. It features a circular shape with a small space for a bonfire at the center and, as you can tell, this is a wood-burning fireplace. The open cubby spaces around the outside of the frame can be used as storage spaces for firewood which makes this design both very beautiful and very practical and function-oriented at the same time. 

SCALE By Laubo

SCALE By LauboView in gallery

The design of the Scale fireplace is quite similar to the one we just mentioned. It’s manufactured by the same company and its distinctive characteristic is the rectangular shape. It has a square-shaped space at the center for actual bonfire and all the firewood can be stored on the sides. The concrete tiles around the top allow this surface to be used as a small table or even as a seat. 

Aly Fiber Reinforced Concrete Propane/Natural Gas Fire pit table

Aly Fiber Reinforced Concrete Propane/Natural Gas Fire pit tableView in gallery


Minimalism is a defining characteristic for a lot of modern products, including the Aly fire pit. It has a very clean and simple aesthetic with smooth and flat surfaces and a neutral dark grey color. It’s fueled by propane and natural gas and it’s covered in a layer of fiber-reinforced concrete which suits its modern aesthetic. You can use this in exposed outdoor areas including on wooden decks as long as they have a heat=resistant barrier. 

Anson Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

Anson Steel Wood Burning Fire PitView in gallery

The Anson fire pit is quite different from what we looked at so far. It still has a very clean and simple design but it also has a more casual aesthetic. Its circular wide bowl shape softens the cold nature of the heavy-gauge steel which was used for its construction. At the same time, the slender supports give the fire pit a lightweight appearance while the handles attached to the sides of the bowl make it really easy to move and to transport it. 

Bastoam Outdoor Backyard Steel Wood Burning Chiminea

Bastoam Outdoor Backyard Steel Wood Burning ChimineaView in gallery

From a safety standpoint, a chiminea is superior to a fire pit or even to an outdoor fireplace. However, it’s not as popular so you might have a hard time finding a suitable design. We recommend checking out the Bastoam chiminea by Coastal Farmhouse which stands out thanks to its weathered aesthetic. It uses wood as a fuel source but unlike fire pits it doesn’t five off smoke but rather directs it away from those gathered around it. It also has a spark screen. 


Zero fire pit with wood storageView in gallery

The Zero fire pit features a wonderful blend between looks and function. It has a beautiful and contemporary aesthetic with a strong character and it also acts as a wood storage solution. You can store the wood conveniently underneath the circular top without needing to dedicate more space to this. Moreover, the top surface is flat and wide enough to be used as a table or as a seating area


Planika - GALIO FIRE PIT CORTENView in gallery

As you may have noticed already, Corten steel is a popular material in modern and contemporary design and it can be used in a variety of different ways, including as a primary material for a beautiful fire pit. The Galio fire pit by Planika is a perfect example. Its minimalist design takes full advantage of the uniqueness of this material, exposing its color and texture as best as possible. 

AWEN by Arpe studio

AWEN by Arpe studioView in gallery

Contemporary design also has a predilection towards industrial elements and especially towards materials such as stainless steel. With that in mind, it’s easy to imagine the Awen fire pit in such a setting. It was designed by Audrius Pernavas for Arpe studio and it has a shallow and circular bowl on top of an eye-catching base with an interesting geometric design. 

SOMMA By Arpe studio

SOMMA By Arpe studioView in gallery

Somma is one of the most unique-looking fire pits we’re yet to take a look at. It was designed by Kestutis Arbaciauskas for Arpe studio and it features a vintage and delicate aesthetic which comes in contrast with the main material used in its production, namely solid steel. Its retro design gives it a lightweight appearance and makes it absolutely perfect for a backyard or a garden with organic-looking landscape. 

The smell of burning wood.

The smell of burning wood.View in gallery

If you prefer an outdoor fireplace instead of an open fire pit, take a look at the Garden Fire K60. It blends a modern and blocky aesthetic with a very practical and user-centered design. The integrated firewood storage space at the bottom is very conveniently placed and has a perfect size for the fireplace. Also, the weathered metal finish gives it lots of character and a timeless look. 

Kodo fireplace

Kodo fireplaceView in gallery

The Kodo outdoor fireplace is quite dramatic. It measures 72”x72”x18”d so it’s pretty big even for an outdoor feature. It has a square-shaped Corten steel surround which gives it this very imposing and sturdy look but also references a classic and timeless geometric shape which allows it to contrast with its surroundings. The fireplace works with a natural gas or propane burner and gives of a wide strip of flame across the center. 

HOOGA Outdoor Fires

Outdoor fireplaces is called FaroView in gallery

Meet the Hooga Grasshopper, a rather small outdoor fireplace which was purposefully build for small outdoor spaces. It’s great for open terraces and decks, patios and gardens and it generates a surprising amount of heat considering its size. What also makes it stand out is the design which includes caster wheels that allow it to be easily moved and manipulated. Like many other outdoor fireplaces, it’s made of Corten steel which weathers over time and develops a beautiful patina with increased resistance to corrosion. 

Faro Outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces is called FaroView in gallery

Another one of our favorite outdoor fireplaces is called Faro. It stands out from other pieces through its very slender and stylish design. It’s a fireplace that focuses a lot on versatility and which can be used both in indoor and in outdoor places as well with different fuel types (ethanol and firewood). It has this beautiful clay shell set on top of a metal bowl suspended on a tripod metal base. This combination of materials combined with the fireplace’s delicate lines and overall design gives it a very beautiful and alluring look.