Simple and Versatile DIY Desks From Pipes And Wood

Every person’s home office is different, based on the type of work they do, their particular storage needs and also the overall style of the home but one thing is always present: the desk. Finding the right one can be tricky and the fact that there’s an endless array of options out there doesn’t really help. Some take things into their own hands and opt for a DIY desk strategy. It’s a practical solution from many different points of view plus the project can actually be super simple, especially if you choose to build a desk from pipes and to embrace the industrial-chic trend.

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Building a desk frame out of pipes is sort of like completing a puzzle. You get to use a bunch of fittings which allow you customize all sorts of aspects of the desk’s design. Also, you can use pipes and fittings to add shelves to your desk and to increase storage. Take for example this DIY desk project featured on simplifiedbuilding. Here’s the list of materials used from start to finish: 20 single socket tee fittings, 8 flange fittings, 4 side outlet elbow fittings and pipe (cut to match the desired length, height and depth of the desk).

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If you’re not really interested in storage and you’d rather keep things simple, building a pipe frame for your desk should be a piece of cake. Add a solid wood top to create an elegant contrast and customize the desk with the ideal height and width. Consider the area where you want to place it as well the type of chair you prefer and other accessories or design details. Have a look at this project featured on craftthyme for inspiration.

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How about an L-shaped desk? That can be done too and while you’re at it consider using copper pipes just to add a more modern and chic look to your project. You can use light wood for a sort of Scandinavian-inspired look or dark-stained wood for a more traditional and formal look. Either way, keep in mind that built-in storage can be seamlessly added to the design, as proven by project from amandamayphotosblog.

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Simple pipe desks with no extra storage or any other specific features are basically just tables with pipe legs. That makes building and designing such a desk super easy. As usual, you can choose a specific height for your DIY pipe desks and that’s one of the best things about such projects. You can check out instructables to find out more details and tips if you’d like to.

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Since you’re basically constructing your own desk from scratch, perhaps this would be a good opportunity for you to join the standing desk trend. Of course, ideally you’d have an adjustable-height desk and that can be done too but is a bit more complicated. For now, check this simple standing desk version from instructables.

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One of the things that makes DIY pipe desks so great is the low budget required for the project. You can use reclaimed wood for the top to save even more money on the materials. The reclaimed wood combined with the pipes will also give the desk a lovely worn look and lots of character. You can find out more about that on simplifiedbuilding.

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Metal pipe legs and lacquered live edge wood top, now that’s an interesting combo. There’s definitely a strong contrast between these two elements and you can emphasize that even more by spray-painting the pipes matte black. The desk has an elegant and sophisticated appearance while preserving its simple and casual character. Check it out on imgur.

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There are various types of desks and styles, each with its own set of unique advantages. The wall-mounted type featured on simplifiedbuilding is space-efficient and practical and can even be considered a multipurpose piece of furniture. The pipe leg and frame are minimal and the wooden top is the perfect choice for the design.

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As far as customization goes, a DIY pipe desk is quite the flexible project. A little detail which can have a big impact on the whole design of the desk and the way in which it’s used can be the presence of casters. Installing them is easy and this can be a very useful detail especially if you’re also using the desk as a sort of worktable or for other types of activities. Check out the project details on housebyhoff.

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If you’re the type that doesn’t really need a separate home office and would do just fine with an occasional sort of desk, consider building a console table out of galvanized pipes and wood. It’s like a mini standing desk, useful for those moments when you have to do some work on your laptop and great as an accent table the rest of the time.

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Here’s another modern standing desk which harmoniously combines a base made of metal pipes and a simple wooden top. The design is simple and versatile, great for homes and workspaces. If you’d like, you can spray paint the pipes and either stain or paint the top to customize the desk and match it to your home’s overall style and decor.