Bedroom Carpet Creates the Ultimate Private Retreat

Bedroom carpet is one of the elements that make your sleeping space feel quiet, soft and relaxing. If you’re weighing the choice of carpet or hardwood in bedroom spaces, there are many benefits to carpeting.

Bedroom carpet

Even many people who prefer hardwood in the rest of the house know that the right bedroom carpeting creates a personal sanctuary with plush, cushioned flooring for your bare feet.

Choosing Bedroom Carpeting

Choosing Bedroom Carpeting

Consider bedroom flooring choices carefully to avoid buyer’s remorse. While the decor is easily swapped out, the same is not true of carpeting.

Designers have some advice for picking the best bedroom carpet.

Opt for Plush Bedroom Carpet

First, go for something luxurious. This is a private space and not one of the high-traffic areas of the house. Unlike rooms that see heavy use, this flooring rarely gets much foot traffic, especially with shoes on. This is the place to install a warm, cozy carpet that spreads cushy warmth underfoot.

Choose Neutral Colored Carpet

Choose Neutral Colored Carpet

The carpet forms the base of the room, so a versatile, neutral shade is the best investment. When it comes to neutrals, you’re definitely not limited to beige and brown. Darker shades like gray or navy blue also work. In fact, they’re becoming more trendy bedroom carpet colors because they create a luxurious and sophisticated space. They also form a foundation for the bedroom that complements the other elements instead of competing with them.

Also, don’t confine yourself to light-colored neutrals. Households with pets and children are better off opting for medium-range tomes that help hide any dirt or stains. Last but not least, neutral colored carpet will match a wide range of wall color choices.

Look to the Style of the Bedroom

Look to the Style of the Bedroom

Consider the style of your bedroom — the furniture, window treatments and bedding. Pay particular attention to the bed, which is the focal point of the space. Even if you’re changing most of the space, let the vibe of the bed drive the rest of the room’s appearance.

Consider the Feeling You Want to Achieve

Besides the look of the carpet for your bedroom, the feel is an equally important consideration. Do you want warmth and a very cushy feel that’s thick and sumptuous between your toes when you step out of bed in the morning? Or, do you want something warm and soft that’s not too thick and has texture? Making these decisions before you go shopping can help narrow down the choices.

Pros and Cons of Carpet as Bedroom Flooring

Pros and Cons of Carpet as Bedroom Flooring


  • Softness. There’s nothing more jolting than slipping out of bed and putting your feet on the cold hard floor. Bedroom carpeting creates a floor that is soft underfoot in a place where you’re going without shoes.
  • Quiet environment. The bottom line is that carpet for bedrooms absorbs a lot of sound, creating the quiet sanctuary-like room you crave.
  • Coziness. Carpet for bedroom areas also makes a cozy environment by keeping the space warm. Even though you might put rugs on hardwood floors, it’s not as cozy as the best wall-to-wall carpet for bedroom spaces.


  • Allergies. People who have allergies may not want fluffy carpet for bedroom areas. Even with regular maintenance, carpeting fibers can harbor dust and allergens.
  • Dirt and stains. Even if you’re always barefoot in the bedroom, accidents happen. If you have pets and children, the likelihood of the carpet getting dirty is greater. Cleaning a carpet stain is usually more difficult than just wiping it up off a wood floor.
  • Longevity. No matter how careful you are, at some point, bedroom carpet will have to be replaced, which is an added cost over time.
  • Environmental cost. Some homeowners shun synthetic carpeting because it is fossil fuel-based. Regarding volatile organic compounds (VOCs), new carpeting does give off some VOCs in the room. However, they dissipate in a couple of days and are not significant after that.

Bedroom Carpet Materials

When shopping for carpet for your bedroom, you’ll find a range of fiber choices, each with different textures and qualities.

Bedroom Carpet Materials

These are some of the best choices for this room:

  • Wool is a super popular choice because it is perfectly soft, luxurious and highly durable. People also like to because it is a natural, sustainable material that is low in allergens. Moreover, it’s not difficult to maintain.
  • Nylon is a synthetic fiber, but don’t let that turn you off. New technologies create nylon carpets that are much softer than they used to be. Aside from being more luxurious, these carpets are durable and are stain-resistant.
  • Wool-nylon blend styles combine the best features from both types of carpets. These hybrids give you the luxury of wool with the hard-wearing durability of nylon synthetic fibers.
  • Polyester is great for bedroom carpets because it is very soft. While it is a common choice for other rooms, their durable nature and resistance to stains are benefits anywhere in the home. This is also the least expensive option, ideal for a large bedroom. Of course, it is not a natural option.

Consider the Carpet Pile

Consider the Carpet Pile

Trying to choose the optimal carpet for bedroom spaces involves picking a type of carpet pile. Generally, most people think they want a high pile carpet, but modern carpets have more options. Consider the way you live in the room and the look you want. If you like texture, even berber carpets are good and still provide a soft feel underfoot.

Uncut pile

Uncut pile
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Carpeting is made up of fiber loops attached to a backing. Some types of carpeting leave the loop intact and uncut. This type of carpeting is called loop pile and is the kind of pile in Berber carpet.

These bedroom carpets have a flat, modern look with lots of visual interest. They create a casual, relaxed look and lots of texture.

Some people hesitate to carpet bedroom areas in uncut pile because it typically is not as soft as cut pile. That said, it is highly durable and will not show wear.

Cut Pile

Cut Pile bedroom carpet
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Cut pile tops the popularity list, especially for bedroom carpet ideas. These take loop pile a step further by cutting the loops. This yields a cut loop with exposed end fibers.

You can get these in different lengths as well as thicknesses. The length and density of the pile also determine the look and feel of your carpeting. Generally, a short pile makes a sturdier carpet.

This type of pile also has a twist in the fibers, which helps it stay vertical and not become matted over time. This type of pile makes great bedroom carpeting because it’s softer and has a plush feel.

Saxony is the most common cut-pile carpet style and the most traditional option. Another cut pile is Frieze, which is actually a new carpeting style that is a modern version of shag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What type of carpet is best for bedrooms?

Plush style bedroom carpet is the best for a soft and sumptuous feel. If your budget allows, wool is the best pic when it comes to materials, mainly because it is a natural material. After that, consider a wool blend or a straight polyester fiber.

What carpet to buy for bedroom?

If you’re looking for a durable bedroom carpet, opt for a loop pile with texture like a Berber. If you’re looking for a thick, soft carpet for bedroom spaces, choose a cut pile that is ultra plush. Depending on your budget, wool or a wool blend is the top choice, followed by polyester carpeting.

How to clean bedroom carpet?

Prevention is key, so it’s smart to spot clean whenever there’s a spill or stain. After that, regular vacuuming is critical maintenance. Finally, if you want to do it yourself, you can use a carpet cleaning machine with a commercial cleaner or a vinegar and water solution. Or, just call in a professional service.

How to install carpet in a bedroom?

It is possible to install carpet as a DIY project. To do so, you’ll need to read up on how to do it or watch videos. You’ll also need some specialized tools and equipment, including carpet tack strips, heat-activated seaming tape, and a carpet stretcher.

Is it better to have carpet or laminate in bedrooms?

Choosing flooring materials is a personal preference. For the quietest and softest surface, choose carpeting. Otherwise, laminate is a great choice because while it costs a little more up front, it lasts far longer than carpet. That said, you will need to invest in area rugs for targeted cushioning.

What is the best carpet color for a bedroom?

Neutral carpet is the best choice for bedrooms. It is an elegant color option that is a complement to everything else in the room. Beige, brown or gray carpet bedroom spaces are most versatile. That said, choose mid-range hues that will help hide dirt and wear, which light colors have difficulty hiding.

Bedroom Carpet: Conclusions

Obviously, your choice of bedroom flooring is very personal. That said, if any room in the house is right for carpeting, it is this one. The range of options is wide and has something to suit every taste and preference so you can find a bedroom carpet that is perfect for your home.