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15 Cheap Nightstands That Don’t Skimp On Style

In the market for a new nightstand for your cozy bedroom? There are a lot of cool options to choose from and many are not just good-looking but also practical and functional. Of course, there’s also the price to consider.

 Cheap Nightstands

We’ve come to realize that a high price is not always related to quality or functionality and that there are plenty of cheap nightstands that are simply amazing.

Our top favorite nightstands give you looks and function without breaking the bank.

Multi-functional Hide Pedestal table

Multi-functional Hide Pedestal tableView in gallery

Thanks to its unique design, the Hide table by Karoline Fesser is very versatile. It can be used as an accent table as well as a nightstand. It can also be a companion piece for a modern desk. The table is made of metal and has caster wheels.

Sleek Zinus nightstand with shelf

Sleek Zinus nightstand with shelfView in gallery

The Zinus Modern Studio Collection is comprised of some really nice pieces including this simply but also chic nightstand. It has a slender frame and is small enough to fit in almost any bedroom as well as sturdy and durable enough to serve you for many years to come. The lower shelf adds extra storage in a clean and simple manner.

RHF rustic nightstand with metal frame

RHF rustic nightstand with metal frameView in gallery

The RHF Rustic Nightstand is quite similar in the sense that it too has a slender metal frame and a lower shelf. In addition, this design also includes a pull-out drawer under the wooden top which offers storage space for more items. The drawer is covered in fabric which adds a really nice texture to the design.

Hugo nightstand with leather hammock rack

Hugo nightstand with leather hammock rackView in gallery

The Hugo nightstand is a very versatile piece of furniture which can also serve as a side table in a variety of different settings. It has a wooden top with a small drawer underneath and a leather hammock at the bottom which is quite unconventional, giving the nightstand a quirky and playful look. You can use the hammock as a storage solution for books, magazines and a variety of other things.

Stackable Lasuavy nightstands

Hugo nightstand with leather hammock rack

This is the Lasuavy side table, a stylish and also eco-friendly piece made of bamboo. It’s durable, lightweight and easy to care for plus it has rounded corners and protective pads on the bottom of its legs which are nice little details. Another cool detail is the fact that you can get two tables and stack them to create a perfect nightstand with two storage compartments.

Compact Vecelo nightstand with drawer

Compact Vecelo nightstand with drawerView in gallery

Another nice example is the Vecelo nightstand which is compact, simple and versatile and includes not just a shelf but also a deep bottom drawer. Keep the usual things close at hand on the shelf and store everything else in the drawer, nice and hidden. the nightstand has a waterproof wood grain finish.

Nightstand with gold metal frame

Nightstand with gold metal frameView in gallery

A lot of nightstands can also function as side tables or accent tables and that means more options for you to choose from and more versatility in general. A good example in this sense is this sleek nightstand which features a metal frame and a drawer. The combination of white and gold is exquisite and surprisingly adaptable. Check out Amazon for more details.

Lifewit nightstand with tapered legs

Lifewit nightstand with tapered legsView in gallery

The Lifewit nightstand is sturdy and strong but also very elegant and slender-looking. It has an open shelf and a drawer and four tapered wooden legs which add a classic touch to the already attractive design. Also, the drawer is removable and has a really nice texture.

Lifewit nightstand with two-tone drawers

Lifewit nightstand with two-tone drawersView in gallery

This is another version of the Livewit nightstand, this time with four drawers in different proportions and colors. They offer storage in a very practical manner, allowing you to organize your items in four separate compartments. Also, the palette of colors and finishes is very pleasant and perfect for the bedroom.

Vasagle nightstand with tray top

Vasagle nightstand with tray topView in gallery

In a lot of cases, the vintage and rustic styles suit bedrooms very well thanks to their warm and cozy vibe. The Vasagle nightstand is the perfect choice for such setups. It has a classic appearance with rustic and industrial details and lots of character. The metal legs give it a very sturdy and durable structure and their rigid look is balanced out by the removable fabric drawer.

Versatile Acevedo tray table

Versatile Acevedo tray tableView in gallery

On the other hand, if you prefer a minimalist and contemporary decor you can consider options such as the Acevedo tray table which can also be used as a nightstand or end table. It has a circular tray top and four two-tone legs which give it a stylish and sleek silhouette. You can find this item in several different colors.

Elizabeth end table with three legs

Elizabeth end table with three legsView in gallery

The Elizabeth end table is also a great nightstand alternative. It has a very beautiful mid-century modern design and a very elegant appearance. It’s made of walnut and has three tapered legs and a rounded triangle-shaped top. It would fit nicely in the living room as well as in the bedroom and even in an office.

Folkson end table with hairpin legs

Folkson end table with hairpin legsView in gallery

Here’s yet another example of a stylish side table versatile enough to double as a cool-looking nightstand. It has four metal hairpin legs and a square wooden top. The design is minimalist with a bit of mid-century modern in it. Whether you choose the Folkston table for your living room or for the bedroom, it will look exquisite.

Simple Olney nightstand with open storage

Simple Olney nightstand with open storageView in gallery

Nightstands don’t need to stand out or to be very eye-catching. A simple design that lets them blend in is much more suitable, helping to create a harmonious ambiance and an inviting bedroom decor. The Olney nightstand reflects that in a very beautiful way. Thanks to the design it actually manages to have a strong presence in the room.

Modern nightstand with two oak drawers

Modern nightstand with two oak drawersView in gallery

This is another nice example which supports the less is more theory. This nightstand has a white-painted frame and a matching top complemented by two sonoma oak drawers. the contrast is subtle yet strong enough to give the nightstand lots of charm and character. Find out more about this product on Amazon.

Round end table with basket

Round end table with basketView in gallery

We saved this design for last because it’s quite unusual and intriguing. This is a very quirky piece which can be used as a side table but can also function as a nightstand. It has a very sleek metal frame, a round wooden top and a fabric basket. It’s modern, casual, and highly practical as well as very convenient.

The storage basket can hold all sorts of things and is in fact pretty roomy. Use it to keep your favorite books by your side, to have an extra pillow or a blanket next to the bed or just to throw in your belonging at the end of the day. Check out Amazon for additional details.