40 Bathroom Color Schemes You Never Knew You Wanted

Bathrooms can pose a challenge to a lover of home design – to most of us on a budget, they’re an expensive proposition to overhaul, and it can be difficult to justify a remodel if everything’s functioning. But how to decorate the room?

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Choosing the right bathroom color scheme can make all the difference in how much you love your bathroom…and the good news is, you CAN learn to love your bathroom again (or for the first time?).

The Science of Bathroom Color Schemes

The colors available on the market are heavily trend-driven, which means that while your bathroom may look beautiful, it may occasionally lack your own personality. By considering color psychology, you may create the appropriate environment in your bathroom. 

Additionally, it will reduce your purchasing options and ensure that your space is ideally customized to your demands. Each color has its own implications, which correspond to distinct moods and emotions.


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Image from Alexander Julian Estate

When we think about blue, we quickly conjure up images of the sky and water. These photographs of natural components evoke feelings of tranquillity, nourishment, and solace. 

Perhaps this is why blue is more frequently associated with bathroom interiors than with any other room. You can use a variety of blue tints to give your space a navy vibe, or choose for darker tones for a more dramatic effect.


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Green is the color associated with nature and tranquility. According to legend, it is the most calming color for human eye exposure and can evoke sentiments of joy, warmth, and even hope. 

Include a green shower curtain, a potted plant, or even some window treatment in your bathroom to create a stress-free and relaxing bubble bath experience.

Orange & yellow 

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Image from alexanderjulian

Any of these two colors can add warmth to your space. Additionally, they are colors that convey vitality and confidence, making them ideal for viewing during your morning shower. Caution is advised, since prolonged exposure can elicit feelings of anger or irritability. 

A solution around this would be to choose to mix yellow and orange hues into little objects such as towels and storage containers. This manner, you may give your bathroom an interesting personality without spoiling your mood.

Are There Bathroom Colors to Avoid?

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Our restrooms are frequently smaller spaces with a focus on personal hygiene and grooming. Due to the small size of the majority of bathrooms, we want the space to be bright and inviting. Golden browns and olive greens are two hues that work against the grain in the bathroom.

Neither of these colors is bright and inviting, and more significantly, they both represent the colors of filth, mold, and germs, which we want to avoid when we enter the room in order to feel refreshed and clean.

Additionally, golden brown and olive would make your space feel smaller – and thus less cheerful – because of their association with uncleanliness.

These hues have a way of dampening the mood, darkening the corners, and leaving you feeling energized yet uninspired even before you begin running the water. They will shrink the space, creating a confined perspective that makes it difficult to appreciate the prospects and positive things that are just around the corner.

How to Decorate Your Bathroom with Color

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While neutral tones are a common choice for bathrooms, this does not mean that adding color is completely out of the question. Color may appear dangerous in such a little space, but the reverse is true. 

On a small scale, it’s rather simple to be audacious without going crazy. Here are a few simple methods to incorporate color into your bathroom design while yet maintaining a clean, put-together appearance:

  • Go for an accent wall.
  • Play around with colorful tiles.
  • Choose a colorful vanity.
  • Add some plants.
  • Choose vibrant wall art.
  • Add colorful rugs.
  • Go for colorful towels.

Bathroom Pattern Ideas 

Transitional Master Bathroom

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Sweetlake Interior Design LLC’s suggestion is basically eye candy when it comes to luxury bathrooms. Bringing forth quartzite countertops, a generous shower space, and even a TV set, this is definitely a bathroom where we’d love to bathe in at the end of the day.

Double-Sink Bathroom Setup

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If you want a bright bathroom with a double-sink setup, you have to check out this suggestion from Christen Ales Interior Design. Here you can see how the gray cabinets anchor the predominantly white bathroom, incorporating golden hardware and large mirrors to create the illusion of more space.

Long Double Shower Bathroom

Long Double Shower BathroomView in gallery

John Kraemer & Sons has done an excellent job with this narrow bathroom, making perfect use of the space. This bathroom is designed with quartz countertops, a large shower opposite the long double sink vanity, while the marble floor just brings everything together perfectly.

Black and White Bathroom

Black and White BathroomView in gallery

We fell in love with this bathroom designed by Lee Edwards. It’s a shower setup designed with black and white porcelain tile in small hexagon shapes. The bathroom also integrates quartz countertops and flat-panel cabinets. 

What Color to Paint Bathroom

The bathroom is the most personal space in the house because it’s the one room where you never need excuses to visit all on your own. It is meant to give you privacy, soothe you, and offer all the relaxation you can possibly get. 

That being said, here are some on-point suggestions for bathroom color paint ideas to truly set the mood.

Soft grayView in gallery

In order to keep the palette neutral while adding some edge, choose a light gray. To keep it cool, the walls are covered in concrete and granite.

Dark wood accents will help to warm up the space in contrast to the cool colors throughout the rest of the decor. Keep your decor simple and neutral for a look that will last for years. Using patterned shower curtains and vibrant towels will give your bathroom a more vibrant appearance.

Choose simple neutral elements for a timeless aesthetic. For a more colorful look, add pops of color with patterned shower curtains and colorful towels. 

You can truly let your hair down with this one, as light gray goes with almost anything, from soft pink to vivid orange.


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Taupe is a great choice for individuals looking for a neutral color that can still manage to make the room feel warm. The combination between gray and brown will add a contemporary twist to an otherwise timeless choice.

Taupe comes in a variety of shades, each of which gives a somewhat different vibe to the area. Consider a brighter shade of taupe and pair it with a purple base if you want to add a drop of color to the bathroom. 

Light blue

Light blue bathroom colorView in gallery
Image from Christopher Rose Architects, PA

When we talk about this color, we’re referring to that stunning shade of blue that you can see when you look up into the sunny sky. It’s tough not to relax when surrounded by such a soothing tone.

A spa-like ambiance can be created by painting the walls a light blue, but the same effect can also be achieved by painting the accent walls a similar shade of blue. When combined with white elements like tiles and trim, the result is a color scheme that evokes a brilliant blue sky with white clouds.

For a somewhat more muted variation that genuinely evokes a sense of tranquility, opt for a version of this shade with a gray foundation.


Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery
Image from Susan Jay Design

This color injects a burst of vitality into your space without becoming overpowering. It complements bright white accessories wonderfully, resulting in a streamlined and sophisticated bathroom décor. 

Creamy white

Creamy whiteView in gallery

This timeless shade of white gives a touch of warmth to a cooler, darker area. This stunning neutral goes beautifully with softer accent hues such as light pink, gentle lavender, or vintage-patina metallics. It’s a choice that is unmistakably classic, yet far from boring.


Charcoal bathroom color schemeView in gallery

If you want a more dramatic bathroom appearance, use charcoal. It’s a darker, more elegant counterpart of gentle gray. While it is slightly deeper in tone, it contains warm tones, making it highly flexible. 

It creates a pleasant atmosphere in your bathroom while maintaining a contemporary edge. Charcoal works nicely with metallic accents and natural wood tones to create a sleek yet calm setting.

Light green

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Light green is a really soothing color that contributes to the cooling effect of an extremely bright room. This tint pairs well with other natural earth tones, such as sand and taupe.

Is There a Waterproof Paint for Bathrooms?

Oftentimes, when you hear about bathroom paint being waterproof, it allegedly provides the protective features of a high-gloss finish without the (sometimes unpleasant) high-gloss look. 

With the matte-finish style continuing to grow in popularity, bathroom paint may be the answer to the décor conundrum of which type of paint to put on your bathroom walls. 

Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and other major paint manufacturers have created bathroom-specific paints that contain antimicrobial ingredients that inhibit the growth of mildew and mold, bathroom paint is certainly waterproof in this regard.

However, is anything truly waterproof? While your bathroom paint may be resistant to mildew and mold, it will not be completely impervious to the impacts of its moist environment.

Extend the life of your paint job by thoroughly cleaning and prepping the surfaces of your bathroom walls prior to painting, especially if painting over broken paint. Additionally, all bathroom walls benefit from periodic cleaning to remove drop stains generated by mineral deposits left behind as water begins to evaporate. 

While utilizing a specialized bathroom paint is beneficial, the most effective approach to “waterproof” your bathroom’s paint work is to forego the on-trend matte and start looking for glossy or semi-glossy finishes. 

Alternatively, preserve the matte finish and minimize moisture by ensuring that your bathroom has an exhaust fan for optimum ventilation.

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

Below are lots of ideas for bathroom color schemes for almost any shape, size, and style of bathroom. While it’s hard for anyone to go wrong in pairing a beautiful color with white as a bathroom color scheme (plenty of examples below), there are lots of other options out there, too. We hope you’re inspired enough that, perhaps with just a coat of paint and a few accessories, you can change the entire space into a space you love. Or, at least, don’t hate.

Bathroom Color Ideas With A Mix Of Paint Schemes

Cream and white bathroom color idea.

Cream and white bathroom color idea.View in gallery

Bathrooms weren’t traditionally very colorful spaces; historically, they didn’t tend to draw much attention in the décor/color scheming way. If your bathroom is a traditional style, you might enjoy keeping the color scheme pretty neutral – creams and whites. The look is not only fresh, but it’s light and bright as well.

Cherry red and white.

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Glossy red wall tiles and red bath mats are a cheerful and bright way to add spunk to an otherwise white bathroom. The color scheme is hospital-esque, likely because it emits a clean and germ-free aesthetic.

Amaranth and white.

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It’s a hot color right now, and for good reason. Amaranth is not pink, it’s not red, but it’s a beautiful, rich cross between the two that is neither too frilly nor too masculine. We love the unexpected coordinating shower curtain and cabinet doors here.

Mint and white.

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Fresh and unfailingly cheerful, mint and white make a lovely color scheme, particularly in tiny bathrooms where every square inch matters. An encompassing small-scale wallpaper print in the color scheme break up the solidarity of the walls and make the space feel larger. And flanking silver and white sconces add to the fresh appeal.

Pale blue and white.

Pale blue and white bathroom color schemeView in gallery

It’s warm, it’s traditional, and it’s utterly serene. Pale blue and white as a color combination, I mean. As a bathroom color scheme, it’s perfect, particularly when brightened up with some natural light. (And we can’t help but fall in love with a bathroom with that clawfoot tub!)

Coastal blue and white.

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There’s something historically fresh about the color combination of coastal blue and white (even the ocean itself has embraced the combo, so we have to know we’re onto something). This is evidenced perfectly in a bright, sparkling bathroom. Mosaic tiles around the bathtub are the clear highlight of this gorgeous spa-like space.

Midnight blue and white.

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You could substitute many dark, dark colors in for the midnight blue and still have a striking bathroom color scheme. We like this midnight blue, with all of its subtle tonal variations in different lighting – greens, blues, greys, and even blacks are all evidenced here, set off by the contrasting white tiles and fixtures.

Black and white.

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This classic color combination works well for a color scheme for any style of bathroom – from the very traditional to the very contemporary (and everywhere in between and aside). Let’s just take a minute to appreciate the lovely wiry chandelier in the background here, shall we?

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A more traditional black and white bathroom, with subway tile walls and black-and-white tiled floors.

Warmed up grey-blue and white.

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

One way to warm up your lighter bathroom color scheme is to incorporate warm contrasting shades into the space – blue and orange are complementary colors, so this antique brass or bronzed mirror frame and firey-hued flora really bring the bathroom to life.

Charcoal grey and white.

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

Modern and sexy, this color combination adds an almost romantic vibe to the bathroom. Letting your fixtures (sink, tub, shower, and toilet) serve as the white component of the color scheme enhances the minimalism of a contemporary space and contrasts beautifully against a moody hue.

Lavender and white.

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

The sleek, contemporary lines of a modern bathroom (love the floating-shelf vanity!) are a lovely juxtaposition to the sweeter bathroom color scheme shown here. A retro feel comes through in the large-scale wallpaper, adding plenty of visual interest while not taking away from the important architectural details.

Rose pink and white.

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If you’ve got yourself a house with a circa 1950 bathroom, you might be quite familiar with the rose pink tile conundrum. The good news? You don’t have to rip it all out to have a chic, contemporary bathroom. Simplify your storage and wall art and update your porcelain fixtures, and maybe you’ll learn to love the blush hue like your grandmother did.

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

White…and more white. Bathrooms are notoriously white, at least to a degree. Rather than fighting against this fact, maybe a good idea is to make it the entire crux of your bathroom color scheme. White everything – fixtures, tiles, towels, even porcelain and ceramic décor! Of course, a showing of great art is never out of line.

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

A geometric tile floor adds warmth and personality without taking away from a white bathroom color scheme.{found on simonkennedy}.

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

It should come as no surprise to anybody that this gorgeous doorless shower comes in its white-and-white color scheme. Love a wooden accent or two.

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

Creamy whites are the foundation in this traditional bathroom, warmed up with some tasteful antique accessories and simple but sophisticated window treatments.

Chocolate and cream.

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No, we’re not just talking about components of an ice cream sandwich. The rich tones of a chocolate brown bathroom make even a smaller space feel simultaneously cozy and luxurious. Breaking up the expanse of brown with a geometrically patterned bath rug is a good idea, as is using colored cream tiles between the mirrors.

Turquoise, pink, and gold.

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Using a specific bathroom color scheme doesn’t mean that all parts are displayed equally; quite the opposite, in fact. Sometimes it’s useful to determine one dominant color (in this case, turquoise) that can be enhanced by a small but significant dose of another color or two (here, pink table and gold accents).

The result is balanced and striking.

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Green, white, and wood…with a touch of red. Found paired in nature constantly, kelly green and wood tones are a match made, well, on earth. Plenty of white space in this bathroom makes the colors themselves pop, and some well-edited splashes of red bring the bathroom alive.{found on smithandvansant}.

Brick red and forest green.

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

This rustic, traditional farmhouse-bathroom style looks immediately friendly and inviting, thanks to the generous use of warm, earthy tones. We appreciate the fact that variations of brick tiles are used so as to not overwhelm, and things are broken up with occasional doses of piney woods.

Red, white, and black.

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

Undeniably sleek and urban, this color combination works in the contemporary bathroom as well as in other spaces. White grout defines the black tiles, and red plumbing casings set off the unique black fixtures. Very cool-chic.{found on a3design}.

Pink, white, and black.

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

Dressing up a color that can often read as juvenile or girly (like pink) isn’t hard to do with some black accents. A black framed mirror that mimics the pink damask wallpaper, for example, does wonders in transforming the space into one for grownups.

Cream and golden metallics.

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

The epitome of luxury, golden decorating touches add a gorgeous element to a soft cream bathroom. Metallics used in this way work best when kept to individually slim profiles, so as not to overwhelm the space or appear gaudy.{found on architecturaldigest}.

Black and light.

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

While “light” isn’t necessarily a color, it’s used fantastically here as a component of the overall bathroom color scheme. Black walls, floor, and ceiling create a cozy surround of a bathroom space, but exposed hanging light bulbs and undermount lighting keep the potential dark-space-discomfort far, far at bay.

Warm grey neutrals.

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

Varying shades of the same color, such as this bathroom’s warm grey color scheme, provides depth and visual interest while keeping the room cohesive and soothing. Importantly, plenty of reflective surfaces keep the organic color scheme from feeling somber.{found on garyleepartners}.

Black and grey.

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This traditional bathroom gets a contemporary twist with a counter sink and classic details. Pale grey marble countertops and tile add a seamless cohesion to the entire space, while black cabinetry grounds it all.

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

Rough grays

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

Neutral colors and gray especially are perfect for contemporary bathroom interiors where they’re sometimes paired with materials such as concrete to create a simple yet striking and long-lasting impression. Additional accent colors, materials and textures can be used to soften the design.

Strong contrasts

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Eclectic interiors have lots of character and feature ways to pair materials, finishes, shapes and colors which would otherwise clash and look less great together. Strong rustic accents can be complemented by clean and minimalist contemporary elements to create a unique design. For example, this bathroom has an elegant oval tub and a sophisticated chandelier but the walls, ceiling, doors and surroundings in general have a weathered appearance.

Vibrant greens

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

We love how fresh and unconventional this bathroom designed by Cobalto Studio is. It’s a green oasis with unexpected features and a beautiful and interesting layout. The glossy mossy green tiles on the walls are complemented by matte white and light gray surfaces and dark wooden accents which ultimately gives this area a lush, refreshing and unexpectedly welcoming feel.

White marble and black accents

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Marble is the ideal material for any bathroom thanks to its amazing versatility and timelessness. It’s elegant, sophisticated and always unique. In this bathroom by studio SJB white marble is a primary materials used for the flooring, walk-in shower, countertop and sections of the walls. To add more visual interest to the space without overdecorating, the designers chose black as the secondary color.

Light greens and browns

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

The same palette of materials, colors, finishes and textures featured in the beautiful master bedroom were also used for the en-suite bathroom, transforming these two spaces into a harmonious volume. The transition is seamless and the attention to detail shown by designers Chan and Eayrs adds a unique layer of beauty and elegance to the spaces.

Soft ivory and whites

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White bathrooms are always very refreshing and look especially elegant and sophisticated when they follow a minimalist, contemporary style. Studio Gorman designed a wonderful interior here where they made use of lots of white surfaces and soft ivory tones as well as light earthy brown accents to create a refreshing oasis.

Multicolored splashes

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Incorporating multiple colors into a room’s décor is a lot of fun and a great way to give it a unique vibe. This is especially true for bathrooms which don’t offer as many customization options as other spaces. Interior design studio Resident Avenue gave this bathroom an accent wall covered in multicolored tiles which turn the vanity corner into a beautiful focal point.

Patterned wallpaper

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

Although it’s very small, this powder room has a lot of character and stands out thanks to the elegant wallpaper and the wood which complement each other beautifully. This combination of colors also allows the otherwise very simple pedestal sink to stand out and to become the centerpiece of the room. This interior was created by studio Meredith Kleinman Design.

Warm wooden accents

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

The ruggedness of the unfinished walls in this bathroom is complemented by the soft lines of the clawfoot tub and the warmth of the solid wood vanity. Additional accent pieces such as the corner pendant lamp add a lovely boho chic vibe to the space. The same type of simplicity is also expressed in all the other spaces in various different forms.

Dark blue and gray

Bathroom Color SchemesView in gallery

Dark colors are often avoided in interior design and bright nuances are preferred instead for their ability to make small spaces appear large and airy. However, sometimes it’s good to embrace the darkness, as demonstrated by this sumptuous bathroom created by Doherty Design Studio. Its walls are lines with blue tiles and they’re complemented by glossy and matte gray accents and of course exquisite accent lighting.

What’s your favorite (or least favorite) bathroom color scheme?


What are the best colors for a small bathroom?

There are plenty of different colors that work well in a small bathroom, such as soft pink, mellow purple, or dark eggplant.

What colors are popular for bathrooms now?

For a modern and soothing bathroom, you can choose colors such as charcoal, pistachio, or taupe.

What colors go together in the bathroom?

Neutral hues can successfully be paired in a bathroom, just like more vivid tones of yellow and orange.