Black and White Bathroom Design for Everyday Beauty

It is hard to go wrong with a classic combination like a black and white bathroom, and this is true for interior design too. Black and white bathrooms have endless variety and can look simple or elaborate, boho or elegant and everything in between.

Black and White Bathroom

In addition, you can use this color palette to create visual interest as a foundation for other colors or as the primary color idea for the whole bathroom.

The Black And White Bathroom

Elegant bathroom with black chevron tiles and white cabinets

The bathroom is an intimate space and we want it to be functional and elegant. As simple as this color scheme is, it is a popular choice with interior designers and homeowners alike.

Black and White Bathroom Ideas

We have rounded up some of our favorite designs so that you can see for yourself that this color scheme has so much versatility. Further, these colors together create a neutral backdrop for magic to happen.

A mix of black and white tile

A mix of black and white tile

The designer in this bathroom chose an interesting mix of tiles with strong contrast. The beautiful black hexagonal tiles cover the floor and the wall behind the freestanding tub, and white subway tile lines the wall behind the sink. This bathroom is not large. However, the horizontal window and the glass shower stall are the perfect way to create a design that feels open. The Design Chaser fashioned this bathroom.

Black and white hexagonal tile bathroom

Black and white hexagonal tile bathroom

Alison Kist designed this white and black bathroom with wood accents to bring texture to the space. The elegant clawfoot tub has a black exterior and echoes the black grout in the white tiles. Further, the cowhide rug breaks the straight lines of the room to add more visual interest and give the design a more rustic flair.

Modern black and white bathrooms

Modern Industrial Freestanding Tub

Black and white is a common combination in modern bathroom design. If you love modern design, find pieces that are sleek and stylish like the ones featured here. The Stella Collective designed the oval freestanding tub and the complementing sink.

Black and white floor tiles

Mixing Up the Black and White Tiles

Jean Stoffer Design created this striking bathroom of black and white. The herringbone black tiles line the back wall to frame the white bathroom cabinets. The mosaic floor of black and white tile brings the two colors together. Brass fixtures brighten the dark walls while greige paint on the adjoining walls softens the look of the contrasting colors.

Small black and white bathroom

Black and White Bathroom Tub

Here’s another example of a well-balanced bathroom design with white and black tones. The bottom section of the space is black and the upper section is white, creating a clear visual distinction. While the bathroom is small, the large window and frameless glass shower door keep the area open. Minosa designed this unique bathroom.

Black and white wallpaper

Black and white wallpaper
Midwest Home

This bathroom with black and white floral wallpaper has an inspired elegance. While this room has strong contrasting tones, they are softened by the gradients of gray within the floral wallpaper design. It is hard to overstate how striking the gold accents look with the mix of black and white tones in this bathroom.

Gold fixtures in a black and white bathroom

Adding Gold to a Black and White Bathroom 

This beautiful bathroom is simple in design and color scheme. However, the gold touches on the drawer pulls, faucet, and shelf provide bright splashes of color that pop against the black cabinet and mirrored surface.

Black and white tile bathroom

Windowed Ceiling in Black and White Bathroom 

This black and white bathroom from Briliant is unique. The glass ceiling gives the bathroom distinction, and the black and white mosaic floor tile provides a custom look. The black painted walls add contrast above the white tiles on the wall and keep the design balanced. The silver accessories give the overall design a more monochromatic look than a choice of gold accessories.

Classic black and white bathroom

Classic Black and White Bathroom Idea

In this black and white bathroom from Thomas Alexander, the bright white tiles are accented with black grout in order to create an obvious grid pattern on the walls. This pattern gives the bathroom a modern style that is complemented by the strong black accents throughout the room.

Black and white bathroom with a glass divider

Black and White Bathroom with Glass Divider 

This metal and glass divider between the walk-in shower and the rest of this bathroom is the focal point of the design created by Roost Interiors. The overall color tone of the bathroom is white with relief provided by the black grid pattern of the shower wall and the gray marbling in the floor.

Moroccan-inspired black and white bathroom

Moroccan-Inspired Black and White Bathroom

Betsy Burnham designed this Moroccan-inspired master bathroom. The painted black cabinet with the raised detailing on the doors add textural interest to the space and the wall-mounted mirror with the patinaed edges gives the bathroom a curated and historic look.

Mixing and matching tones

Mixing and Matching Tones

Interior designer Shalini Misra designed this black and white bathroom with luxurious marble flooring and walls. The different shaped mirrors and the raised gold sinks are an unexpected and quirky touch that keeps the bathroom from feeling too formal.

Black and white bathroom art

Boho Chic Black and White Bathroom

We love the simplicity of this boho chic bathroom.  The design is simple and the wall art coupled with the plants and natural textured containers gives the room an artful but unplanned look. Moreover, the black wall and ceiling are the perfect way to make the wall art stand out from the walls. Swoonworthy created this design.

Playing with textures

Black and white marble

The bathroom relies on multiple textures to achieve its laid-back sophistication. The black shiplap walls and the blond wood vanity features a white marble vanity top with soft gray veins. The black and white floor tiles counterbalance the dark shiplap walls.  Studio Mcgee designed this bathroom for Modern Mountain Homes.

Victorian-inspired black and white bathroom

Black and white marble

Contrary to popular belief, dark colors can work well in a small space making them feel cozy and intimate. Houseofbrinson reimagined this bathroom and created a design that is bespoke and inspired. The black walls are moody but serene which can give a space a sophisticated look. When paired with interesting accent features and decorations bathrooms with dark walls look stunning.

Black and white bathroom decor

Black and white bathroom decor
Rue Magazine

The decor in this bathroom is designed to soften the look of the contrasting black and white color tones. The plants in the room extend their natural texture and bring vibrancy to the design. A black and white bathroom rug looks soft and inviting on the dark tile surface.

Playing with patterns and tiles


Playing with Patterns and Tiles

If you’re not relying on bold colors to make your bathroom stand out, pattern is a wonderful alternative. You can mix and match different patterns like Luxe Design did in this bathroom. Notice the pattern on the floor tiles is complemented by a classic subway tile and the simple sink and bathtub.

Glamorous black and white bathroom

Black and white marble

We like the idea of adding bold green wallpaper to otherwise simple interior design. CM Natural Designs used that strategy in this bathroom. Also, this bathroom has gold accents that accent the room like jewelry. Further, the white marble sink and basketweave tiles on the floor add depth and luxurious texture without more color that would overwhelm the small room.

Symmetric bathroom with clawfoot tub

Symmetric Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub

Symmetry seems to be a key feature in the design of this luxury master bathroom. The freestanding clawfoot tub sits at the center of the room on a raised platform, with two vanity sinks spaced apart and matching wall-mounted mirrors and light fixtures. A large chandelier hangs at the center just above the tub.

Black and white bathroom floor

Bold Floor Pattern in Black and White Bathroom

Most floors are not the focal point of the room which is what makes this bathroom designed by Style Haus Interiors interesting. The ceiling is white and the walls are a light shade of gray, giving the bathroom a less austere appearance than one that has bright white walls.

Black and white marble

Black and white marble
Martyn White London

Oliver Burns designed this bathroom and pairs black and white marble in a way that is edited but not stark. Instead, the marble offers a look of luxury that is hard to match with any other surface. The bathroom is crisp and clean thanks to the absence of competing textures. Rather, the contrasting marble surfaces speak for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is black and white bathroom a good idea?

Black and white bathrooms are always a classic look. You don’t have to go for high contrast. Rather, you can create a white bathroom with some black accents for interest or vice-versa. Also, you can add in elements with natural textures like seagrass and leather to soften the look of black and white.

What colors go well with a black and white bathroom?

Many colors work well with black and white bathrooms. Pale pink looks great with black and white as does botanical green. Further, pops of metal tones like gold and chrome add extra luxury to the colors of black and white.

How do you soften the look of a black and white bathroom?

Bright white and dark black create a strong contrast. However, you can soften the look of black and white bathrooms by painting the walls with a coat of other color tones in the same palette including colors like gray and even greige (gray/beige).

How can I make my bathroom look bigger?

First, add a large mirror into the bathroom and increase any natural light by removing blinds in favor of lighter window treatments. Next, try to minimize contrasting colors as this will break up the space. Don’t over decorate as this feels cluttered and might overwhelm the small space. Last, if your budget allows, add a frameless glass shower enclosure to keep the space as open as possible.

Should I put wallpaper in my bathroom?

The bathroom is the perfect place to try new and interesting wallpaper as most bathrooms are smaller and not connected with other areas by adjoining walls. If you don’t want to wallpaper the whole area, put up tiles or molding on the bottom part of the wall and just wallpaper the top, or choose one wall in the bathroom that can serve as an accent wall and just put wallpaper on this.

How can I make my bathroom look expensive?

First, replace towels and bath mats and replace them with designer options that are soft and luxurious. Next, use wallpaper to distract from outdated fixtures. Add a tray with jars for fancy soaps, candles, and a vase of greenery. Also, if you have the budget, replace fixtures with brushed brass or gold and add a new light fixture that has a chic shape and style.

How should I accessorize my bathroom?

When you accessorize a bathroom, you need to think of fundamentals not just niceties. First, make sure that you have the proper lighting necessary for all of the tasks that you do in the bathroom. In order to not encourage the growth of mold and mildew, look at installing a fan of some kind to pull out the moisture in the bathroom. Next, consider your storage and add shelves, containers, and baskets as needed to hold all of the items you use. You also need to look at adding any hooks and holders that you need for towels, paper, toothbrushes, and soap.

Is it better to have a shower or bathtub?

This answer depends on how many bathrooms you have and the size of the bathroom you are considering. If the bathroom is small and you have another bathroom with a bathtub, a shower will save space. However, you do need to keep a bathtub in at least one bathroom. For most people, a combination of shower/bathtub is the best option.

What's the smallest that a bathroom can be?

A bathroom can be as small as 15 square feet if you just need the space for a toilet and a sink. However, if you want a bathtub, a bathroom should be at least 40 square feet.


Bathroom ideas are always evolving, but one thing is sure, black and white bathrooms will remain a classic look as they have been popular throughout history and are still popular today. Further, it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing color scheme. This look can be varied with the addition of natural textures and other colors to keep it interesting. In the end, it is the perfect color palette for traditional and modern bathroom design.