Make Your Entryway More Functional and Super Stylish

Not everyone is blessed with the ideal entryway set up but never fear, there’s always a way to make even the smallest one more functional. Whether the concern is corralling the clutter, adding storage or simply making it more stylish, there are lot of options for making the most of your entryway — or even creating the function when it doesn’t even exist! take a look at these 10 solutions for making or creating an entryway that meets your needs and does so with style.

Keep it on the Wall

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One of the most common issues with an entryway is a lack of space or closets. One of the most basic functions this area has to perform is to provide a place to hang coats and jackets. If there’s no closet, Kayne Designs offers up this easy solution. Make the wall behind the door a feature wall with a covering or coat of paint and then use different sizes of a unique hanger style so that coats, hats and bags can be hung there. Another great solution in the entryway is the cupboard that has been sawed off and mounted to the wall, using only the front legs. There’s no way you could fit a full-size cabinet in such a modest entryway but this novel option provides some hidden storage space without taking up much of the footprint or interfering with the opening of the front door.  It even leaves room for a small stool!

Extend the Entry Area

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If your home or apartment doesn’t; even have an entryway at all, get creative and extend your drop zone area. Can you install some coat hooks around the corner from the door, or is there room for a piece that combines seating, hooks and storage?  Thinking outside the immediate box of the front door can open up some new possibilities for stylish ways to add function to the space where your front door is located.

Rethink the Closet

Most people use the front closet as a traditional coat closet, but reimagining the storage space inside can really make it more functional for specific family needs. Adding stacked shoe racks or storage for sports equipment can help manage kid-clutter. Also, if most family members wear jackets and not long coats on a regular basis, then doubling up hanging space on one side of the closet and using the other for shelving or other storage can really amp up the usefulness of a closet. With lots of room to hang coats and varied shelf storage up top, this one by California Closets leaves plenty of space for shoe storage or other containers.

Use Bins for Storage

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This lovely entryway by Neiman Taber Architects is spacious and makes use of a modern unit with bins to store on-the-go necessities with style.  Storage bins are one of the most versatile things for stashing things away in the family drop zone. Of course, most of the samples you see are rather rustic or traditional, but this shows that there are definitely modern styles available. Because there’s a large closet near the door, hooks or other coat storage is not needed right by the door, so these bins are the most streamlined option.

Seating and Storage in One

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Whether or not space is tight, combining seating and storage is always a good idea for a one-two punch of efficiency in the entryway.  This traditional bench has two shelves for shoes underneath, but it could also be used with shallow bins on the upper shelf. If you prefer bin storage, there are lots of storage benches with built-in cubbies that come with bins.  Or, for an even cleaner look, opt for a bench that opens up so you can stash coats, hats or other items and just close the lid. If there’s not enough room for a long bench like this one, opt for an ottoman with concealed storage for a little extra hiding space.

Highlight a Vintage Piece

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A great way to highlight a vintage piece of furniture is to use it in the entryway for storage and to hold keys, mail or anything else that comes through the front door. The piece you use here can be a cupboard, small bookcase, credenza or cabinet — quite literally anything that allows you to store your necessities with style. It can easily be used in conjunction with a coat rack or coat tree and tray for boots, as is shown in this entryway by Jennifer Gray Interiors.

Conquer Clutter With Cubbies

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Cubbies are the go-to storage option for busy families because they can be organized in so many ways, including assigning a basket to each family member. Different types of units — horizontal or vertical — can be purchased to fit the space that you have. They can easily be combined, as in this entryway by Gambrick Fine Home Building. In fact, if space is really tight, some adhesive hooks can add versatility to the tall unit.

Opt for Built-Ins

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The Cadillac version of entryway storage is a built-in unit. If it’s time for a remodel or major upgrade, built-ins are money well spent because they are sturdy, stylish and versatile. This entryway by Crisp Architects is a marvelous example because it has all the elements. The bench has lots of room and is long enough for plenty of coat hooks on the beadboard backing. High above is storage for lesser-used items and to the left is a generous cupboard for coats and all sorts of belongings. The built-in bench also leaves ample room for shoes and boots underneath.

Add Some Color

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Adding some drama to an entryway will welcome visitors with flair and it doesn’t have to mean buying new furniture or undertaking a major overhaul. This entryway by Sherwin Williams uses bold paint instead. Painting the inside of the door and the ceiling might seem a bit unorthodox, but the walls from the entryway usually continue on into the living space and that can make it hard to stop a paint color mid-wall. On the ceiling, however, a piece of molding can be a suitable joint between the two colors.  The pop of color enlivens the area and helps define the space.

Make it Multipurpose

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In some cases, there is absolutely no entryway or usable wall space by the door for setting up a drop zone, so a multipurpose option is the way to go. Consequently, creativity is a must because everyone needs an area to shed shoes and drop a bag or briefcase. Here, Havenly shows an option for moving the spot directly into the living room. Instead of using a console behind the sofa, a bench with a few accessories is perfect for this function. You can sit down to put on shoes — which can be left underneath the bench — and a bag for work or the gym can be dropped there too. If it’s time to entertain, stash the bags and shoes and you instantly have some extra seating.

Whether it’s large or small, the entryway has a lot of potential for organization and better function, all with a dose of style. If the area is challenging for some reason, out-of-the-box thinking can help come up with solutions to make the most of what you’ve got.