Furniture Design Details That Make Products Stand Out In Unique Ways

We believe that everyone should embrace their uniqueness and shouldn’t settle for universal designs or products. We’re all different and that’s something to be proud of. This needs to be reflected in everything we do and everything we surround ourselves with such as furniture or everyday accessories. Unique furniture is hard to come by and that’s why custom-made designs are very appreciated. Every once in a while something stands out. We come across a really interesting concept, design and we think we should definitely remember that for our next home remodel. Ideas like those were put together here. We hope you’ll enjoy our selection of unusual furniture design details.

Social sofa concrete sofa with mosaic tiles

Our selection starts with something called a SocialSofa. At the base it’s a simple concrete bench designed for outdoor use. However, the really interesting details is its custom design.

Fish themed mosaic sofa
SocialSofa is a custom-made concrete outdoor bench

The bench is covered with mosaic tiles that depict interesting images and quirky and fun patterns. Tiles were chosen because of their ability to withstand the sun and UV rays without losing their color. The mosaic glass tiles used are also weather-resistant so they can withstand winter while looking gorgeous.

social Sofa mosaic design detail
Mosaic tiles sofa design

The concept behind this unique project was to offer people beautiful and quirky meeting places on the streets of the Netherlands.

Colorful mosaic tiles design detail
Mosaic sofa SocialSofa is a custom-made concrete outdoor bench

The designers created multiple looks for these outdoor sofas, each depicting a cheerful and colorful image.

Cadorin Book Chair

The idea of a reading chair takes a whole new meaning in the case of the Tomi de Legn armchair. The inspiration comes from large books also referred to as tomes.

Boock Chair Design Detail

The armchair has an interesting design with two side modules that resemble books. One of them even has a slightly curved shape with carved out details that depict book pages. Apart from these elements, the armchair also impresses with its really comfortable construction that features stressed faux leather upholstery.

Unique Crushed stone leg

Nature is a great source of inspiration for interesting and unique pieces of furniture. A beautiful example is this modern coffee table which features thick cylindrical legs that support a solid round top.

Crushed stone cocktail design
Crushed stone coffee table

But the really interesting detail here is the fact that the legs are made of crushed stone tightly pressed together. Small piles of crushed rocks as used as ornaments for the top, making it seem as if the legs penetrate the top.

Evan Crane sofa
Evan crane sofa design detail

The best way to describe this sofa is with a single word, eclectic. Designed by Evan Z. Crane using CNC (computer numerically controlled) technology, the sofa combines elements specific for traditional furniture and details defining for modern creations.

evan crane i detail
evan crane i beam

The I-Beam sofa also has a hint of industrial charm given by the aluminum support. But the most eye-catching part would have to be the design and shape of the legs. They extend out of the frame to the sides, becoming eye-catching details with sculptural appeal.

Large dining table with leather detail
Leather legs dining table detail

The legs are also the most interesting part of this beautiful and versatile dining table. They have a solid construction and they have an elegant leather-covered design with cross stitches on the edges. The legs actually cut into the top, extending inwards.

Covering walls with cork
Gencork wall covering

What you see here is a cork wall. It’s something that Gencork have come up with with the help of Digitalab. . This geometric design is called Corkmetamorph, a name suggestive of the visual metamorphosis of lines and hexagons that form this dynamic pattern. The wall was digitally designed and it can adapt to any wall.

Cork covering walls
Maison and objet Paris Cork covering walls
Design detail cork wall

The cork panels used for these interesting and unique designs are meant to have both aesthetic and acoustic qualities. Corkbiomorph is a beautiful representation of organic natural lines with modular structures which can be custom-made to fit any wall. In addition to the aesthetic and acoustic properties of such an installation another advantage is the fact that such a design can add drama to a space while also giving it a zen and tranquil feel.


Featuring an interesting combination of stainless steel and driftwood, the 95” Atlantic dining table is definitely meant to impress. It has a clear glass top which provides a smooth and straight surface without concealing in any way the stunning and unique beauty of the wood sliced top. Each table is different and this offers a really nice opportunity to explore one’s personality.


A similar design strategy was employed when creating this amazing Serengeti coffee table. It has a stainless steel base and a thick and solid top made of round blocks of wood of different dimensions. They cover the top and sides giving the table a unique and really charming look


As with all similar products or anything made of wood, each product is unique and different with slight variations in color, texture and patina. Once again, designs like this one allow us to embrace our uniqueness and to make our homes stand out in extraordinary ways without being opulent or dramatic about it.


There’s nothing unusual about the Equilibriste sofa until you notice the curved base which actually makes it more similar to a rocking chair than a typical living room couch. But that’s actually not the only detail designed to make this sofa extra comfortable and enjoyable. The design is meant to be casual and to inspire the users to interact and enjoy each other’s company. Featuring cozy fabric upholstery, the sofa is perfect whether it’s being used by three or four people or by a single person that prefers to relax and cuddle with the pillows.