Designs That Bring New Aesthetic Standards For Bathroom Faucets

Each type of space has its own set of design challenges but also its own series of elements which can add character to the decor and make it stand out and be unique. In the case of the bathroom, one of these elements is the faucet. Bathroom faucets come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles and although the vast majority follows pretty much the same classical design template, there are also plenty of interesting and less common designs to choose from.

Watermark faucet collection Brooklyn 31 - industrial

These are single hole bathroom faucets from the Brooklyn 31 collection. They come in two versions, one for sinks and one for washbasins. They’re available in a variety of finishes as well as in several colors and color combinations. Their defining detail is the valve at the top.

Gem Faucet Collection
Gem watermark faucet collection

The Jem 97 collection adds a touch of glamour to any bathroom. the faucets and handles are decorated with gems which completely change the design that would otherwise be very simple. This design detail also influences the rest of the decor, giving the bathroom a sophisticated and elegant look.

Edge watermark faucet

However, if you’d rather not draw too much attention to the bathroom faucet, you could opt for something simpler such as the Edge 35 model. It has clean and simple lines defined by a waterfall system. It’s only a simple modification brought to a modern design but it makes all the difference.

Tod chromed watermark faucet
Chrome bathroom Faucet

The TOD 2 bathroom faucets are ideal for washbasins although they can work just as great when used in combination with sinks and also in kitchens. They have an elongated and linear deign with smooth curves and angles and easy to operate handles.

Unique faucet design
Faucet handle with a cool design

There are many different details that can make a bathroom faucet stand out. For instance, this model has really interesting handles that resemble bike handlebars. They have irregular surfaces that offer a unique tactile experience and they also look sculptural and really interesting, featuring a collection of metal rings threaded on a rod.

Gold watermark faucet design

Even though the design of this faucet is a very simple and classical one, with no distinguishing features in terms of structure or for, the element that makes it special is the finish and the golden color.

Industrial Brase watermark faucet

There’s definitely a strong industrial influence here. This series of faucets have designs that highlight the raw beauty of the pipes and fittings used in their construction. At the same time, they come in a series of finishes which emphasize this industrial charm even more.

Modern brass painted watermark faucet

This is also a design with a little bit of industrial flair, although not as prominent as in the case of the previous models. The golden color suits the design well, offering it a glamorous look while highlighting its simple lines and all the little details such as the texture on the handles and faucet nozzle.

Industrial design watermark faucet

The elegance of this bathroom faucet lies in its simple forms and delicate lines as well as in the wonderful attention to details which makes the valves very comfortable to use, offering a nice feedback every time they’re used. It’s a great balance between a solid construction and a refined look.

Traditional watermakr faucet
Black watermark faucet

This Watermark exclusive introduces a design that’s simple and extravagant but not trough form. The design impresses through its simplicity and elegance as well as beautiful finishes and material combinations. The designs brings us closer to nature in a really subtle way.

I Balocchi fantini Rubiniti - D. Mercatali - P. Pedrizzetti

The I Balocchi faucet revives a classic design. It looks simple and playful and it comes in a wide variety of colors. Pick your favorite tone and match it to the color of your sink, the walls, furniture or anything else in the room. You could also pick a unique color that doesn’t match anything around it just to make the faucet stand out by contrast.

Fontane bianche faucet design
fontane bianche faucet

Playfulness, on the other hand, is not a defining characteristic of the Fontane Bianche faucet. Its design is crisp and sober and meant to look imposing and elegant. At the same time, the forms are graceful and not at all uncommon or unconventional.

Faucet from Naoto Fukasawa

The Fantini and Steel series brings beautiful and elegant designs in a stainless steel version. The material highlight the precision of the design and its clean and pure forms while also making this series eco-friendly and highly durable and low-maintenance.

Modern gold fantini rubinetti

Here’s a bathroom faucet that’s in tone with most modern interior designs, featuring the popular and widely used geometric approach. The design is simple and was designed by Franz Viegener, the Lollipop collection, with clean lines and a combination of sharp and rounded forms that together complement each other nicely.

Industrial fantini rubinetti
Design by Franz Viegener

If one of the details you’re looking for on a bathroom faucet is its ability to stand out through strong contrasts of color or form, this design could be a pretty great option. First there’s the interesting combination of black and then and then there’s the eclectic way in which the valves complement the rest of the design.

Brase fantini rubinetti faucet
Franz Viegener “Edge” faucet

This is quite the playful bathroom faucet even though this may not be immediately apparent. We find the design quirky and fun by association with a 2D model. Look at the faucet from the side and it will have a surprising form. Look at it from the front and there’s no clue related to that.

Chrome slim fantini rubinetti
Franz Viegener “Shoreline” faucet
Gold plate fantini rubinetti
Franz Viegener “Skyline” faucet

These two bathroom faucets are similar in the sense that they have pretty much the same form, displayed in two different manners. The same thing goes for the handles.

Colorful fantini rubinetti
Franz Viegener Industrial Chic handles

It’s important to consider all the details and features before choosing a bathroom faucet. For example, the valves or handles have a really big impact on its overall design and look. Let’s say you want something classic, with a little bit of vintage flair and also some industrial charm. This series could be just what you’re looking for.

Plate crystals fantini rubinetti

A lot of attention was also given to the handles of this glamorous Fantini faucet. They have a textured design which is reflected into the faucet itself which, by comparison, is as minimalist as it can be, featuring an L shape and no decorative details.

american standard 3d printed spiral faucet
american stadard 3d printed faucet

What you see here is a 3D printed faucet created by American Standard. It’s part of the DVX line, a series of innovative bathroom and kitchen faucets which reinvent the way in which water flows and offer a completely unique used experience. The designs were created using computational fluid dynamic technology in order to ensure efficient water flow through the uniquely shaped faucet.

Tapologie blown glass faucet

Defined by the same unique fusion of utility and aesthetics that characterizes all of Tapologie‘s creations, this faucet is made of blown glass and has a distinctive organic form. The designers use a process which allows them to fuse glass and metal at a molecular level, making their products durable and delicate at the same time.