Room Design Ideas for Your Home’s Most-Used Spaces

As the summer comes to a close and with fall just around the corner, many of us feel the need to change something up in our homes. A fresh change for a new season. If you’re itching to update your home’s design but aren’t sure where to start or what to do, here are some beautiful room design ideas for the typical five main rooms (kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, and bathroom) to inspire your creative flow.

Bedroom bedding decor



Smart Functionality.

Kitchen blanco sink accessories

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. That is certainly the case when it comes to functionality of kitchen components. This utensil draining piece resting perfectly in the sink is a prime example of space-, time-, and effort-saving kitchen functionality.

Cookplate Covers

Cook plate covers

This kitchen addition adds to both the cleanliness and design of the kitchen. Sparkling chrome cookplate covers on the stove provide a solid shiny surface to reflect light and protect the stovetop elements. Paired with almond-colored cabinetry, this design choice feels a bit retro in the most fantastic of ways.

Softness with an Edge

Softness with an Edge

Fleur stenciling, or even soft curves on backsplash tile, on the kitchen walls adds a lovely soft element to a room that generally has plenty of hard angles and lines. Paired with a commercial stainless countertop and appliances, a “soft” designed kitchen wall or backsplash is a unique design complement.

Contrasting Island

Contrasting kitchen island

Not your nature to play it safe? Try contrasting your island with the rest of your kitchen cabinetry. If your cupboards are darker, try a lighter island, or vice versa. Or paint it out an entirely different color to really increase the energy and creativity of your kitchen.



Color Blast for dining room

Spice up your dining space with some vibrant jewel tones. Dining chairs are a perfect way to add a pop (or six) of color, and there are so many options available (e.g., upholstery, plastic, vinyl, leather, wood), you’re sure to find your match.

Two-Tone Bench Seat.

Two tone bench side

While wood tones are beautiful, they can sometimes overwhelm a space and make it feel a bit heavy. The dining room that houses a wood table, wood seating, wood floors, and even wood credenzas are likely to fall into this category. Liven and lighten things up with a bit of two-tone on one or both sides of your wooden bench.

Let Light Shine.

Let Light Shine above the table

An awesome dining light is one thing, but you can get a design two-fer by throwing in a mirror in the dining room. It’s a win-win because the reflection bounces light back into the room, and it also increases the aesthetic presence of your fixture.

Horizontal Table Runners.

Horizontal Table Runners

This is a unique spin on the traditional table runner length, and it certainly sets up a long table for some cozy conversation. While not necessarily part of the dining room’s everyday design, any option that breaks a long piece down visually to make it feel more approachable is always in good taste.


Built-Ins With a Twist

Built-Ins With a Twist

Everyone loves a built-in. But, perhaps because of this fact, they can become pretty ordinary pretty quickly. So change up yours for some grown-up funky fun in the living room. We love the mod, quirky vertical lines of this one.

Accessible Furniture.

Accessible Furniture

Particularly for the living room that’s short on space (or for the large living room that requires designed intuitive “zones” to feel right), low-profile furnishings with multi-sided accessibility are a fantastic option. Hop onto this stylish lounge from any of the four sides, and you’ll be sitting pretty…as well as comfortably.

Color Block With Confidence.

Color Block With Confidence

In a room that rests in palette peace (e.g., monochromatic, muted and/or earth tones), colorblocking is an excellent way to provide visual interest without deviating from the overall vibe. Pair colorblocking with a fresh pop of color, as the carpet and yellow chairs appear here, and you’ve got an absolute recipe for success.

Warm Woods &Metallics.

Warm wood and gold legs

Few combinations work as well, aesthetically speaking, as cool greys with warm woods. When you incorporate a golden metallic with the wood, the undertones are similar while the different sheens enhance each other…and all provide beautiful juxtaposition with the grey sectional. Such a lovely, classically modern grouping.


End-of-Bed Surfaces.

End of bed chairs

Whether we’re looking for a place to sit while we tie our shoes, to toss our clothes at the end of the day, or to throw pillows onto before climbing into bed, the convenience of some sort of surface at the end of the bed can’t be overstated. Plus, it just looks tidy and kempt and balances out everything happening at the bed’s head (e.g., headboard, nightstands, lighting, pillows, etc.).

Geometric Punch.

Geometric wallpaper behind the bed

There’s so much to be said about incorporating geometric pattern in large doses, especially in a monochromatic space. This wall alone provides all the visual “extra” this room would want or need. (We also love the low-profile headboard and extended built-in nightstand, neither of which compete for attention against such a visual background.)

Floating Platform Bed.

Platform bed from wood

In a contemporary bedroom, this is a fun way to make your low-profile bed appear greater than it actually is. We love this look with a huge window and plant life as well, making the bedroom overall appear organic and restful.

To Twin or Not to Twin.

Twin bed or normal platform

In this fantastic throwback to a bygone era of twin beds in the master bedroom, the illusion of twin beds is created with a divided headboard. It’s a subtle and, frankly, quite charming aesthetic and probably one that would make you smile every time you walked in.


Custom Concrete Shower.

Zitta neon shower design

For great bathroom design starting from the ground up, consider a custom concrete (or concrete-like) shower. The industrial look exudes rawness and luxury simultaneously and is definitely a unique aesthetic.

Freestanding Bathtub.

american standard tub

If you have the space, consider installing a freestanding tub for maximum style. These classic fixtures have made a major comeback in design in recent years, and it’s no wonder! They add a tangible element of historic charm with just the right blend of contemporary appeal. That’s a magical combination for the bathroom of today.

Non-Traditional Sink.

vanico slate basin

Just because your toilet and bathtub are standard white porcelain doesn’t mean your sink has to follow suit. Opt for a dark sink, a continuous countertop-cutout-sink unit, or any other non-traditional sink settings to really put your bathroom fixtures on top.

Extra-Special Fixtures.

neo metro bejeweled faucet

So many different bathroom faucets and fixtures are available these days; this might be one of the simplest ways to create a fresh new look for the bathroom. It doesn’t require a major overhaul, and chances are, you can do it yourself in an evening. (Check out this tutorial for installing a bathroom faucet yourself; it’s not as daunting as it might seem!)