99 Dining Room Tables That Make You Want A Makeover

It would definitely be very easy to just go with the usual designs when choosing a dining table but that doesn’t really say a lot about your own style. It’s better to take your time and consider all the options. It would help to make a list of all the criteria and all the things you want to check on a table before you’re completely happy with it. It’s always good to measure furniture before you purchase it to make sure it fits and to take into consideration details such as the shape, color, material and style.

Dining setting
Both rectangular and round tables are considered classical and are quite versatile
Cherrywood ICFF table
A live-edge dining table, on the other hand, is a whole different story and is often considered modern
Oval tables are also modern and can look really beautiful in contemporary dining rooms
Ammann Dining
Another sign of a modern look is the choice of materials and finishes
White dining table design
Rectangular dining tables are best for large crowds because they can sit a lot of people comfortably
Black dining table with a unique lighting fixture above
After selecting the table, focus on the chandelier or pendant lamp you want to display above it
Blown glass lighting fixture above table
The size and shape of the dining table are dictated by the size of the room and the existing decor
Curved bench around dining table
An oval dining table would be perfect for a dining nook such as this one
Rectangular marble dining table for large families
Although often considered traditional or classical, rectangular tables can fit really well in modern spaces
Wood sticks art for a table base
Choose a glass-top dining table if you want to ensure an open look throughout the room
Felt dining chairs and marble on top
The shape and design of the table is often chosen in accordance with the characteristics of the decor
Luxury dining table with a round shape from marble
It’s important to measure the space before purchasing the table
Standing table with stools
Usually it’s OK to leave between 42” and 48” between the table and the walls
round dining table with colorful chairs
If there’s furniture in the room, then measure the space from the edge of the furniture instead of the wall
Marble table with diff chairs
If the table is simple, make the room stand out with some interesting chairs
Invisible table base through glass
A simple design can also look very interesting if the combination of materials is unusual or unexpected
Leather High back dining chairs
A narrow dining table is a good option for a dining room that’s also long and narrow
Chandelier over dining table
A design with rounded corners can turn out to be ideal for a small space
Scandinavian style dining table with bench
To save space, another option is to replace the usual chairs with benches which can be stored under the table when not used

There are many things to take into consideration before purchasing a table or even narrowing it down to a few designs that you feel particularly attached to. As always, measurements are important. Before anything else, measure the room you want to place the table in. This will help you decide how big or small the table needs to be. Make sure you take into consideration the doors and all the furniture present in the room.

Wood and marble dining table mix
Dining tables with live edge tops are particularly beautiful thanks to their sculptural and unique nature
Floating style dining table
There are more options than you think when it comes to the material a dining table is made of
Sleek wood finish for dining table
Wood is the most common. It’s also sometimes the sign of a traditional design
Meeting table or large for dining rooms
Complement a rectangular table with an area rug that shares the same size
Large dining table used for meeting rooms
Real wood has knots and other imperfections and these give the table a lot of character and authenticity
Pink chairs and round table
For a small dining room, choose a table with a round top
Black dining table from wood with a touch of gold
Pedestal bases are most common for table with round tops, although it’s not a general rule
Black steel base and unfinished wood top
The ideal dining table should have a design that balances looks and function
Polak mob dining table
Some dining tables form sets together with matching or complementary chairs
Stainless steel rectangular dining table base
In this case, the metal base of the table matches the frames of the chairs
Wood table with glass base
Instead of a glass top, a more interesting option is a table with a glass base
Tree finish dining table
Dining tables made of distressed or worn woods and with chunky constructions are usually country-chic
Country unfinished table design
To determine the right size for a dining table, measure the room, the doorway and the furniture present there
Black chairs for a narutal wood touch table
Before choosing a size, consider the number of persons that will use it most of the time
Rogue wood for table top
On average, a person needs around two feet of space to sit comfortably at a table
Tall and small dining table design
Make a small table stand out by complementing it with an eye-catching light fixture
Mirrored table base design
Pedestal tables are more practical because they offer more legroom
Large rectangular dining table with a metalic vibe
Rectangular tables are ideal and very practical in long and narrow rooms

After measuring the room and getting an idea of what type of dining tables to look for, it’s time to pick a style. It’s OK to like multiple styles. Eclectic decors can be really charming and beautiful. If you prefer simple things, consider a modern or a contemporary design. There are tons of exquisite dining room tables to choose from so get comfy and start browsing.

Luxury dining table arrangement
Round tables, on the other hand, are better for small and cozy spaces, creating a more intimate ambiance
Cool dining table chairs base
Use red chairs to make a small dining table stand out. For a cohesive look, match the chairs to the area rug
Marble dining table with turquoise chairs
Complementing a simple dining table with colorful chairs is a very interesting and fresh idea
Recycled wood for dining table
If a simple, warm and inviting look is preferred, opt for a table with a wooden top and a natural finish
Style the dining table with some green apples
Pair a rectangular table with a round pendant lamp for a nice contrast
Lighting fixture over rectangular dining table
Sometimes the most interesting element about a dining table is the chandelier hanging above it
Round dining table and white lighting fixture
The simplicity of the table can be balanced out by a set of sculptural pendant lamps
Brown marble table with white chairs
Wood is not the only elegant and versatile material when it comes to dining tabless
Marble rectangular dining table with white chairs
Marble can also be an interesting option. Other similar materials are also appreciated for their elegance
Brown walnut oval dining table with chairs
The shape of the table can be based on the shape of the room
Oval dining table with marble on top
Oval or octagonal tables are not as common or versatile as round or rectangular tables
Marble dining table top with earth colors
A square dining room would actually look very beautiful if it had a square table at the center
Rectangular dining table with round corners and marble
Square tables or those with rectangular tops that be turned into squares are both interesting options
Chrome base dining table and boxed storage on wall
A room looks and feels more intimate and inviting if there’s an equal distance between the table and the walls
Lenzi marble dining table
Marble dining tables don’t really follow a particular style. They can look nice in just about any setting
Lenzi black marble dining table with led light
Some designs have interesting details or built-in features such as accent lighting
Wood top and glass legs for dining table
The glass panels that support this table make it look as if the top is floating
Unfinished table top and metalic black base
When selecting a table, think of its function to better decide on size and everything else
Luxury dining room with wood furniture
Large dining tables with round tops are not very user-friendly, making it difficult to reach the food at the center
Black rectangular dining table with gold accents
The accessories you choose for the table have a big impact on its final look
Small dining table with tall chairs
The right dining room centerpiece can completely transform the decot and the atmosphere
Round dining table with chairs
When measuring the space around the table, take into consideration the size and shape of the chairs
How to style a dining table for party
For large gatherings, long rectangular tables are the best, especially if they’re expandable
Chrome base for dining table and bench
An expandable dining table is a good option for situations when you need to accommodate more persons than usual
Large dining table with a metalic base
If the dining table is expandable and has leaves, include those in your measurements to make sure they fit
Calligaris dining room with chairs
For an intimate or romantic ambiance, opt for a table lamp instead of a large chandelier
Calligaris dining table from wood and glass base
Use chairs with different shapes and designs or different colors for a cheerful and playful look

The shape of the table is also very important. It has a lot to do with its function. Round dining tables are nice if you prefer an intimate ambiance or if you have a small dining room. They’re also nice because they allow the users to interact with each other more easily and because they create a warm and welcoming look in the room.

Rectangular marble on top dining table
There are several types of expandable tables, each with its own pros and cons
Luxury round dining tabe with marble on top
Round tables are not usually expandable although there are a few very interesting exceptions
Earth fall colors dining table
A dining table that’s eye-catching on its own does’t need any other embellishments or accessories
Marble oval dining table design
You can have a matching set of dining table and chairs even if the materials differ
Unfinished wood table
Drop-leaf tables are very popular and space-efficient and there are numerous variations of the style
Oval white dining table with dark legs
A casual dining room decor would need a laid-back dining table design
Round marble table with lazy susan on top
Tables with painted tops or simple and fresh designs are just right for casual spaces
Wood dining table top with metalic insertion
A contemporary dining table can take many unique and striking forms, although usually they’re all simple
Black dining table with a rectangular shape
Opt for an expandable dining table if you plan to use for both intimate occasions are large gatherings
Geometric base dining table and glass top
Glass tops are ideal for dining tables that have sculptural bases that deserve to stand out
Large dining table with an unusual shape
After you decide on the function preferred for the table, you can decide on a form and size
Brown walnul legs and white top for table
Take into consideration the decor, the furniture present in the room and the style
Geometric white base and wood top for dining table
Lots of interesting combinations of materials, finishes and colors are available, a lot of them in the case of contemporary designs
Wood dining table with chairs
To emphasize a certain style, don’t only focus on the table. The chairs, the lighting and the decorations have their own roles
Induction system for table
Some modern dining tables even have built-in induction system to keep the food warm and delicious
Ova marble dining table with induction system
Other smart features present in contemporary designs can include touch screens and sensors
Cool round dining table design
Pedestal bases are often considered a characteristic of casual designs
Metalic unfinished table base
Modern dining tables sometimes combine wood with metal
Glass top dining table
A dining table with a glass top is a good option for a small room that needs to stay airy

Before you purchase the table, try to visualize it in the room. It would help to use tape to outline its shape on the floor. Alternatively, you could fold a bed sheet and use it in a similar way. Then try to visualize all the other elements in the room such as the light fixture, the centerpieces, the decorations and the chairs organized around the table. All of these may seem like little things but they’re often what makes a decor stand out and what gives flavor to a space. They can often also change the ambiance in a room and that’s a great way of refreshing a space.

Glass legs and wood on top for a modern design
A rich wood finish and carved legs are both signs of a traditional dining table
Solid wood on a dining table top
Highlight a beautiful wooden top with the right lighting and contrasting decor elements
Glass rectangular dining table
To maintain a bright, open and airy look, opt for a table with a glass top or for acrylic chairs
Marble dining table with a lazy susan system
The elevated disc at the center of this round table is perfect for displaying a beautiful centerpiece
Industrial wire system for dining tabke
A sculptural design like this one deserves to be the center of attention in the dining room
Solid black dining table
Make a small dining room look bigger by decorating it with mirrors and making sure there’s plenty of light
Gold wire base for dining table
Metal and chrome finishes are often elements found in modern furniture designs
Large oval dining table with a thiny space on center
Metal dining chairs are quite uncommon but a really great option for industrial decors
Marble recangular table with green chairs
Add some color to the dining room with a set of chairs that contrast with the table and the rest of the decor
Marble table with green chairs
Green is a very fresh color that looks particularly good when combined with white
Black glass on top for dining table
Another nice way to add some color to the space is with a colorful or patterned area rug
Small round dining table with branch base
The table can coordinate with certain elements present in the room for a more cohesive look
Grey marble dining table top
The shape of the table can be reflected in the decorations used on the wall
Tesy table design
To soften the clean lines and straight angles of a rectangular dining table, use it in combination with rounded chairs
Milano table design and chairs
There are many different ways to match a set of chairs to a table and some are quite subtle
Induction marble top dining table
To better visualize the decor before purchasing the table, use tape or bed sheets to outline its form on the floor