Check Out These 40 Ways To Fill Your Apothercary Jars

Apothecary jars can be used for a variety of reasons. Whether it be for entertaining or home decor, they can be quite the versatile piece to have around the house. And today, we’re sharing 40 ways to fill those apothecary jars and see where they may be the most useful at in your neck of the woods. Check it out!

1. Jewelry

jewelry Apothercary

Organizing and display your jewelry in a way that’s both functional and stylish. They’ll look beautiful on a dresser or vanity.

2. Candy

Candy Apothecary Jars

Candy works great for adding pops of color to the kitchen, dining room or even inside a play room. Of course, it can be a great entertainment piece as well.

3. Fall Pumpkins

How to fill the apothecary jar

When autumn rolls around, you’ll want to add some festivity to the home. Fill up those jars with some small pumpkins of the season!{found on settingforfour}.

4. Florals

Florals apothecary jars

Whether fresh or faux, you can fill those apothecary jars up with petals too. It can be seasonal and they can easily become beautiful centerpieces for the dining room.

5. Beachy Accents

Beachy Accents

Sand, seashells and even starfish can be a way to fill up and jazz up your jars. Set them in bathrooms or even on covered porches for an extra beachy vibe.

6. Pine Cones

pinecone apothecary jar filler

Pine cones work for traditional spaces and add seasonal value as well. They’re great for adding texture and fill up empty corners and nooks around the house.{found on madiganmade}.

7. Ornaments

Ornaments Apothecary Jar

When the holidays rolls around, you may want to grab some extra ornaments for an extra bit of festivity. It’s a great and easy way to add some extra spirit around the house.

8. Confetti


Whether you’ve made a confetti bar for a party or want to add some fun to the craft room, we love this unique idea. And make sure you add some that sparkles, of course.

9. Christmas Towns

Christmas Towns jars

Create some Christmas towns inside those jars. These are such fun DIY projects and will act as great holiday decor too.{found on retroplanet}.

10. Bathroom Essentials

Bathroom Essentials in Apothecary jars

Cotton balls, sponges and Q-tips, these jars are really great for organizing your bathroom essentials. You get to keep your everyday items stylish and at an arm’s reach.

11. Fruit

keep the fruits inside apothecary jars

In the kitchen or on the table, this is another fun and seasonal way to dress your jars. Lemons for the summer and apples for the fall, they’ll add pops of color too!

12. Crinkle Papers

Crinkle Papers

Similar to confetti, this is a great look for parties. But it’s also a fun way to help decorate your home office or craft rooms.{found on monogramsandmakeovers}.

13. Craft Supplies

Keep craft supplies in apothecary jars

They’re great for organizing the craft room too. From stickers to buttons, use apothecary jars to display and separate in style.

14. Dessert

Dessert in apothecary jars

If you stumble upon some extra-small jars, you could make your next dinner party even more memorable. You can fit tiny desserts inside!

15. Nail Polish

Your nail polish collection can be thrown in a jar too. Display them on your vanity and don’t ever lose another bottle.

16. Snacks

Storage nacks in apothecary jars

Pretzels, chips, peanuts and the like can all fit inside varying jars on the kitchen countertops. Make snacks even more accessible and nicely organized by doing it this way.

17. Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies

Here’s another fun item to fill up those jars with. And everyone in the family can grab a fortune after dinner!

18. Pacifiers

Nursery room decor in apothecary jar

When there’s a baby on the way, you’ll be sure to have a stockpile of pacifiers waiting for his/her arrival. Display the lot in an apothecary jar in the nursery!{found on projectnursery}.

19. Clothespins

Storage and display clothespins

For whatever reason you may have for having a collection of clothespins. They can be a fun way to add decoration to the laundry room!

20. Terrariums

Apothecary jar succulent

Here’s another DIY project we’re loving. Create terrariums out of those apothecary jars you snagged from the craft store!

21. Paint Brushes

Paint Brushes apothecary jar

Take the top off and use the jar to hold your paint brushes inside the craft room or your art studio. Of course, you can use them as decor only as well.

22. Blocks

Jazz your nursery room with apothecary jar

Here’s another charming way to jazz the nursery. Blocks are fun to play with but they can be fun to decorate with too!

23. Hair Bows

Storage hair bows

Or you can organize your little girl’s hair bows and headbands inside one of these beauties. Display the collection and find what you need in a jiffy every morning.

24. Coins

Coins storage

They’re great for collection coins as well. Throw in all of your spare change or use it to display a lot that you love.

25. Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutters

Bigger jars are perfect for holding your cookie cutters too. We love how these look in the kitchen, but of course, it’s functional too.

26. Yarn

Yarn apothecary jar storage

Yarn fits well inside as well. So your leftover pieces and stockpile can be displayed quite nicely.

27. Easter Vibes

Easter Vibes

Dress the jars for Easter too! Eggs and a bit of grass can go a long way in this festive, DIY design.{found on decorbytheseashore}.

28. Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes

For makeup lovers, you can hide your makeup brushes inside these jars as well. Keep them off countertops and have them ready for you every day.

29. Paper

Paper decoration ideas

Slide some paper scraps inside for a specific vision. Antique and vintage feelings can be expressed in this super easy decorative idea.{found on thebudgetdecorator}.

30. Antiques

Apothecary jars decor accents

Of course, you can just fill the jar up with antiques themselves. Pick some that inspire you and decorate your personal spaces like home offices or bedrooms.{found on missmustardseed}.

31. Cupcake Liners

Cupcake Liners

Personally, this is my favorite because I have a jar filled with these liners in my own kitchen! Have them ready for baking any night of the week but display some of your favorites too.{found on joyinourhome}.

32. Cookies

Apothecary Jar of Cookies

Actual cookies can fit inside. Instead of traditional or boring cookie jars, make grabbing a sweet in the evening a bit more stylish.

33. Candles


We are loving this decor idea as well. Especially with the addition of cinnamon sticks at the bottom, making it even more aromatherapeutic.

34. Soap

Soap stored in apothecary jar

Bars of soap can fit nicely inside as well. Decorate the bathroom or display your homemade, fragrant slices on the countertops or beside the tub.

35. Pasta

Storage pasta in your pantry

Dry pasta is another great filler, whether for decorative or organization! Just look at this pantry full of dinnertime ideas!

36. Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt

Have a jar filled with Epsom salt right next to the tub. Make your bathroom feel like a spa day with this extra bit of luxury.

37. Sprinkles

Sprinkles jars

From big apothecary jars to small, sprinkles are such a fun way to fill them too. It’s usable, yes, but adds so much youth and fun to the kitchen.

38. Varying Textures

Varying Textures

If you’re using the jars for strictly decor purposes only, pay attention to texture and create layers. Not every jar needs to be the same scheme either!

39. Candy Corn

Boo Apothecary Jars jars

During the fall and Halloweentime, you can fill your jars up with the candy of the season! Add color and fun with some candy corn!

 40. Photos

Display photos in apothecary jars

And here’s another personal favorite as well. Add some family photos and favorite memories to your apothecary jars and dress up different corners of the house.