How Do You Store Your Nail Polish?

It’s amazing how many interesting ideas you can come up with when you need to find a solution for stuff like storing your nail polish. It should be simple: just put it all in a box and you’re done. But it’s not exactly like that. If you don’t believe, just take a look at the following examples:

Glass Bowl.

Nail polish storage

Let’s start with something very simple. All you need is a glass bowl. Just put all your nail polish inside the bowl and mix them up nicely. They won’t stay upright but this is a solution you choose more for the looks. Display the bowl on your dresser or somewhere else and you’ll also have a nice and colorful focal point.{found on likeadime}.

Wood rack.

Wall display

If you prefer something a little more organized, you could try finding a shelf or two. These ones are perfect because they are small and perfect for storing nail polish. If you’re not happy with the color, you can spray paint them and give them a more cheerful look.{found on site thismomsgonnasnap}.

Tiny wall shelf.

Wall shelf

These tiny shelves are also nice. Open shelves are a little less secure and safe so it is possible for you to accidentally cause your nail polish to drop and break. Still, it’s a nice way in which you can display it. If you have a large collection, organize it according to color or dimensions.{found on reksblogja}.

Box craft.


If you’d rather save space, a show box would work as well. In this case, it’s not the box that interests us but those tiny labels. You can paint small white labels with each color of nail polish and stick them to the tops of the bottles. This way you’ll always know which you to grab.{found on thebeautydepartment}.


Polish rolls

Here’s another unusual way in which you can store your nail polish: in rolls. These rolls are made from faux leather and they come in a variety of colors so you can also personalize them as you want. Each roll fits 14 nail polishes. If you have more than 14 then you can organize them by color and use multiple rolls.{found on bubblegarm}.

Another glass vase.

Glass bowl

What’s most important when storing nail polish is to be able to see the colors so you don’t have to take them one by one until you find the one you actually need. So a glass container would be a nice idea. Choose one with an interesting shape so it can also become a decoration.{found on site}.

Cupcakes storage.

Tower storage

You know how beautiful cupcakes look like when they’re organized on those round display things with multiple levels? Why not use one for your nail polish as well? It’s a nice idea for large collections but, of course, the size may vary.

Old tiny suitcase.

Storage suitcase

Here’s another lovely idea: if you have or if you can find a cute little suitcase, it would be perfect for storing nail polish. It will look very professional and it will also have a nice vintage look. It’s actually very charming.

Wall display.

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For an extensive collection of nail polish, such shelves would be great. It’s a great way for you to be proud of your collection by displaying it and you also get to easily find the shade you want since you can see them all so clearly.{found on sabrinas}.

Plexiglass rack.


This transparent rack is also great. Mount it on a wall and it won’t change anything cause of its lack of color. Then just store your nail polish there and enjoy being able to see it clearly and to be able to easily find what you need.{found on site}.

Drawer organizer.

Drawer storage

If you want, you could also store your nail polish in a drawer. We’re not talking about just throwing it all there but about actually having a well-organized system. Use boxes to delimitate compartments and to crate storage spaces for all sorts of other accessories.{found on flickr}.

Spice rack.

Rack nails

This type of rack is also nice. It’s made of metal so it’s durable and it will serve you for a long time. Also, you can paint it if you want. It doesn’t fit many nail polishes but it’s enough space for most people that normally have around 10 colors or so.

Lego nail polish rack.

Lego nail

If you really want to be creative and original, explore your playful side and make a nice storage system out of Lego pieces. You can create compartments with the dimensions that you choose and you can also use the colors that you want. It’s an option that gives you plenty of freedom.{found on ritalabella}.