How To Make A Terrarium – Oversized Design

How to make a terrarium from an oversized glass vase with these easy instructions. Since this is an open terrarium you can go wild with what plants you chose to include and what items you use to accessorize it!

How To Make A Terrarium

The size of this terrarium makes for a great centerpiece on a dining table. Or use this tutorial to make a small scale terrarium for a shelf or side table. They’re so quick and easy that you can make plenty more for your friends and family!


DIY Oversized Terrarium materials

Supplies you’ll need to build a terrarium:

  • Large glass vase
  • Small rocks
  • Succulents and small indoor house plants in various sizes
  • Soil
  • Moss
  • Gardening gloves
  • Spray water bottle
  • Paint brush
  • Trinkets or accessories for planter

How to make a terrarium step by step:

Step 1: Rocks

Start by adding rocks to the bottom of your glass vase. Fill the vase about one quarter to one third of the way full. The rocks allow for proper drainage of the terrarium so the soil doesn’t stay too moist and the terrarium can drain well.

Step 2: Soil

Pour in soil so that the glass vase is about half full (or the amount of soil matches the amount of rocks).

DIY Oversized Terrarium steps

Step 3: Add succulents

Take one of the succulents out of it’s planter and loosen up the roots and soil. Dig a small hole in your soil in the vase and plant the succulent.

Step 4: Planting

Continue planting various sizes and shapes of succulents in your vase (we used about 3 here). Add in a small amount of moss to add a little color and texture to the terrarium. This will also help soak up excess moisture.

Step 5: Decor accessories

Add small accessories or trinkets to your terrarium to fill in the rest of the space and personalize your little planter. Here we used a vintage flash bulb and a cute aqua plastic cat.

Step 6: Cleaning

Knock off any soil from the plants and accessories with a paint brush to clean things up. Use a spray water bottle to add some moisture to the planter and to also clean off any excess soil from the glass or the plants and accessories inside.

DIY Oversized Terrarium books
DIY Oversized Terrarium finished
DIY Oversized Terrarium decor

When your terrarium is complete, display it in an area that will receive at least 6 hours of good indirect light per day. Water weekly during spring to fall which is growing season and every couple weeks during the off season (fall to spring)!