Modern TV Stands Full Of Charm And Versatility

Living room furniture is often quite diverse. Each element has its own well-defined role in the whole ensemble. The TV stand, for example, is usually integrated into a wall unit and is designed to naturally fit into the picture. Modern TV stands are usually focused on simplicity and functionality and there’s a whole variety of design approaches and styles to take into consideration. The ones we selected for this article are in fact entertainment centers given their more complex designs.

White and Grey Living room TV media stand

A modern entertainment center can look something like this. The unit is designed to leave a large portion of the wall exposed. As a result, it goes well with colored or wallpapered accent walls. The TV fills the gap between the horizontal and the vertical modules, giving the L-shaped unit a more complete look.

Modern white living room furniture with TV Stand

A lot of modern wall units play with all sorts of geometric designs and forms. Take this one for example. The open cubbies form a really eye-catching grid, being centered around a closed square module. The TV completes the design and stands on the lower module which is meant to offer all the necessary storage.

Built in swivel TV

For small spaces, a more compact entertainment center is needed. One similar to this one can do its job perfect, offering quite a bit of storage inside the closed modules and placing the TV at the center where it becomes the center of attention. the whole unit is designed around the TV stand.

White living room furniture with a Swivel TV

Simplicity can take a lot of forms. Even though this wall unit is not exactly based on an open design with shelves and cubbies, it doesn’t look bulky at all. In fact, the frames the whole wall in a really stylish and elegant manner. The design is centered around two open areas, one of which houses the TV.

Modern MDF with reclaimed wood to create a TV stand

When several different materials or colors and finishes are used, the design of a modern TV stand tends to become a bit more eclectic. A nice combination can be focused on rustic and contemporary elements and a live edge shelf or a raw wooden module can be positioned next to a glass section or a clean and minimalist cobby.

Reclaimed wood front TV stand

Bold colors are often employed when designing both modern and contemporary entertainment centers. This shade of orange is bright and string but also really pleasant to the eye. In addition the glass portions balance out the design of the shelving modules really well. Accent lighting also lends this cheerful color to the wooden TV stand.

Grey Living room TV furniture

Isn’t it beautiful how the TV stand is integrated into the entertainment center here? The combination is an natural as it can be. Moreover, there’s another interesting detail about this wall. The vintage suitcases casually placed on the floor next to the TV add a touch of rustic charm to the room, contrasting with the clean and fresh lines of the wall unit.

Geometric modern TV stand

Geometric designs offer a lot of possibilities when it comes to furniture design. The options become more numerous when you also take into consideration all the materials and the color varieties. In the case of this unit, for instance, part of the charm is given by the combination of wood and beige tones.

Floating living room media system with bookshelves and T area

It’s possible to highlight the architecture of a space or to add interest to a structure by employing the right forms and dimensions. We find this upper section of the unit to be the most eye-catching part of the design, even though it’s based on simple lines and angles. The whole unit is well-balanced both in terms of proportions and the amount of open and closed sections.

Living room with desk area and TV

A lot of modern entertainment centers are made up of individual modules which act as freestanding pieces. This gives the whole ensemble a flexible and  more versatile character. In addition, it makes the decor seem more airy and allows the room to feel spacious, making this sort of design a suitable option for small living rooms.

Small TV stand in Gray

But what if you don’t want to place the TV on a wall and would rather have it in front of a window? Then a different kind of TV stand would suit the space better. This is a really good example. This modern stand can be placed just about anywhere, having reduced dimensions and also incorporating quite a bit of storage which is always a useful feature.

Living room furniture with wall mounted TV

There’s no need to expand the entertainment center on the whole wall or all the way up to the ceiling. This is a nice example in this sense. The unit only covers about half of the whole wall surface, leaving the upper portion exposed. This is a good strategy when you want to make a low ceiling seem higher or when you want to showcase the beautiful paint color behind the unit.

Low living room furniture with TV Stand

Here’s another example of a low entertainment center. This is is placed against a striped wall and it’s the pattern that actually serves as a focal point, giving the unit a less striking appearance.

Gray living room furniture with a modern design

In some cases, a simplistic TV stand like this one is a perfect choice for certain types of living rooms. Although it’s a very low unit, it integrates plenty of storage, enough for the needs of a small living room. The entire surface can be used as a display area which means that the TV can also be easily repositioned for the best viewing experience.

Decorate the living room furniture with Arts

Here’s a similar design seen from a different angle. Depending on the context, such a TV stand can stand out or blend in. There are many ways to make it integrate into the rest of the decor.

Dark and small TV living room furniture

If you don’t really need a lot of storage in the living room, there’s no point in taking up wall and floor space with a massive entertainment center. Something a bit more simplistic can suit your needs really well. And if you also want it to blend in, you could match it to the wall behind it.

Boxed swivel TV furniture

In some cases the entertainment center or TV stand can double as a room divider. This can be the case when you have an open floor plan and you want to visually separate the lounge area from the kitchen or dining space.

Modern white tv stand

A wall unit that is composed of several individual modules can put some of them in the spotlight and make others blend in. For example, the TV stand can contrast with the wall and the other modules and this way it would stand out, making everything else blend into the background.

Modern TV stand with two vertical storage units

Speaking of individual modules, an interesting approach is to give each one a different color or finish. This way they would look beautiful as a whole but would also stand out individually.

Modern TV stand for simple living rooms

A TV stand can take the form of a simple wall-mounted shelf. Of course, this doesn’t stop it from being a part of a larger and more complex ensemble which can also include closed modules and freestanding boxes.