Living Room Furniture Ideas for Any Style of Décor

No matter your personal sense of style, you likely have a living room that serves as a gathering place for yourself, your family, and/or your friends and guests. This all-too-important space is a perfect spot to showcase your home style, whether you gravitate toward modern, minimal, traditional, bohemian, or eclectic style. This article provides plenty of living room furniture ideas for you.



Bohemian (“Boho-Chic”) Living Room

boho-chic living-room-furniture-design-ideas
boho-chic living-room-furniture

Bold colors and a variety of patterns and textures work in a boho-chic living room. A pleasant mix of warm and cool tones is always a good thing to form a welcoming and friendly space. Also, using unconventional decorating strategies, such as hanging artwork higher than “normal” or including wallpaper on a gallery wall helps to create a lively, unexpected, and refreshing bohemian space.

Coastal Living Room


The colors of the coast are not hard to come by, but using them strategically in a coastal living room takes a good eye and feel for nature. Natural objects, such as driftwood, can take the place of sculpture and artwork. Plenty of sand-inspired tones with pops of sea blue create a calming effect. And don’t forget to angle the living room furniture so window views can be admired and enjoyed…even if you don’t live on the coast itself.{found on michaelgimber}.

Contemporary Living Room


Neutral tones and clean lines create a lovely foundation for the contemporary living room. Furnishings should be straightforward and typically arranged at right angles, as this style embraces linear structure and order. A well-edited collection and plenty of white space are two must-dos as you design and arrange your contemporary living room décor.

Cottage Living Room


Cottage styled living rooms have plenty of leeway – for a beachy cottage vibe, lean toward “light natural” details, such as whitewashed plank walls and plush, neutral upholstered furniture pieces. Or you could go for colorful and simple, incorporating a mix of indoor-outdoor pieces (e.g., a sofa with a wooden bench, floral and grainsack throw pillows). Relaxed and comfortable is the name of the game for cottage style.{found on corynnepless}.

Eclectic Living Room


Eclectic décor in a long, narrow living room provides plenty of personality without making the space feel cramped. Similarly scaled furnishings (e.g., the sofa, armchair, oversize tufted ottoman, and chunky-framed round mirror in the photo above) provide balance and proportion. Mixed pieces with a similar detail, such as tufting on the Chesterfield sofa and upholstered ottoman, create cohesion without being “matchy.”{found on vintagechandeliers and thoughtsfromalice}.

French Country Living Room


Furnishings in a French country living room tend to incorporate a mix of bolder and more subdued tones, neutrals, and patterns. Curvy furniture backs and legs balance out more stately pieces. Consider choosing throw pillows with ruffles, or opting for distressed wood pieces, and don’t be afraid of arranging a piece or two of furniture on an angle.

Industrial Living Room


A large contemporary sectional sofa in a neutral tone and plenty of neutral grey and wood tones make for an inviting industrial living room. The incorporation of a textural pouf and lighting with interesting lines are ideas of details that really carry home the industrial vibe. We love an exposed wall and worn leather, too!

Mid-Century Modern Living Room


Nothing says mid-century modern like wood paneled walls and hallmark lounge chairs. In the mid-century modern living room, a built-in bench sofa create an inviting and impressively stylish touch. Or, create a cozy conversation space with some mid-century chairs across a low coffee table. Keep accessories full of personality but simple.

Minimalist Living Room


The key to creating a successful minimalist living room is to consider carefully your lifestyle, what you want to get out of your space, then working backward in selecting the minimum items to meet those needs fully. Simple, straightforward lines, fewer but larger (and impactful) artwork or wall décor, and very basic lighting fixture silhouettes are key.

Moroccan Living Room


Architectural features such as arches, exposed wooden ceiling beams, or cupboard door grids can and should be highlighted in a Moroccan living room. Traditionally, warm reds, oranges, and yellows play a big role in Moroccan style; however, this doesn’t mean the Moroccan living room needs to be decorated in only those tones. Use them in large or small doses for a welcoming space.

Rustic Living Room


To create a rustic living room, gravitate toward warm, worn wood pieces (distressed or antiqued wood finishes are available if you can’t find an authentically worn piece), textural textiles such as burlap or linen, and comfortable upholstered pieces to invite visitors to sink in and stay awhile.

Spanish Living Room

Braverman. Marc Appleton Architects.

Beyond the look and feel of a clay tile-roofed and white stucco Spanish style, consider a more modern take by picking up on the innuendos of Spanish style. Arched windows or doorways, built-in bookcases with arched details, and wrought-iron light fixtures are perfect ways to keep the Spanish style alive and well in your living room. Also, white or ivory walls help to emphasize exposed wood ceiling beams, a lovely component of this particular style.

Swedish (Scandinavian) Living Room


Simple furnishings, simply placed are key to a lovely Scandinavian living room. In addition to white walls, clean lines, and well-edited accessories and artwork. Don’t worry about filling the space so much, but focus instead on making each piece play an important role in its own right – the area rug, the interesting legged furniture, simple lighting, and maybe even a plant or two.

Traditional Living Room


Traditional living room designs incorporate a lovely blend of mouldings (ceiling, chair rail, fireplace, and baseboard, for example) and plenty of luxe-looking upholstered furniture. Create several separate conversation stations when space permits to help the larger traditional space feel smaller-scaled and friendlier, as this style tends to lean toward formality.

Tropical Living Room


Fronds, palms, and more fronds add immediate color and visual interest to a tropical living room. Keep furnishings feeling light, either with light fabrics or materials such as wicker, for a breezy and relaxing vibe. And embrace pops of earth-toned colors, such as a pair of clay-colored lamps or a couple yellow throw pillows.

Tuscan Living Room

tuscan living room, living room, tuscan style

Warm, bronze-y color tones, plush furnishings, and ornate details are components to look for and incorporate into a Tuscan living room. Woods should be medium to dark, and complementing area rugs are always a good idea.

Vintage Living Room


Found pieces, used pieces, vintage pieces – whatever you call them, a vintage style living room tends to emit an approachable, relaxed aura just because imperfections and slightly mismatched pieces are embraced and enjoyed. Keep at least a loose color palette to keep order to the space, and balance out natural light and white space with vintage details to infuse the room with successful style.