How to Achieve a Moroccan Style

Rich in color, texture, and architectural design, Moroccan style is beloved by many – those who have traveled and seen the Marrakech style firsthand, and those who simply love its authenticity and perfect imperfection. Moroccan style is all about the individual craftsman, from handmade furniture to hand-woven tribal textiles, from hand-painted tiles to hand-laid mosaics. The style exudes warmth and comfort and a sense that what you see is exactly what you get – and it’s beautiful because of that serene confidence.

Moroccan style decor
Some of the details you’ll likely notice in Moroccan style include high ceilings, mosaics, carved wood, patterned openings and window frames, and a lovely blend of interesting and unique textiles. There are mixed prints and patterns, comfortable Moroccan poufs and other seating, and ornate side tables. I think you’ll fall in love with this style from any corner of the globe.

Rich, Warm Jewel Tones.

Morrocan interior1

Morrocan interior

Moroccan style involves an unspoken depth and richness, largely because of the colors inherent in the style itself. The richer tones of golds, reds, blues, and greens are what first catches the eye, but they are balanced neatly by light neutrals and dark wood tones. The colors lend vibrancy and life to a Moroccan space. It just might be the richness of the colors themselves that somehow keep the detailed mixed patterns from seeming overwhelming.

Intricate Details & Interesting Shapes.

Living room morrocan

Fireplace morrocan style

Whether it is an intricately laid mosaic or an extremely detailed cutout on the window cover, Moroccan style embraces the beauty of a detail. And if one small detail is good, many small and large details are better. Anywhere that the architecture can house an added detail of beautification, Moroccan style will take advantage of that spot. Rugs, vents, shelves, windows, lights, wovens, furniture – all of these will work better in the Moroccan space if they have details in and of themselves.

Low-Set Furniture.

Moroccan inspired living room design ideas

There is something inherently familiar and cozy about furniture that is lower to the ground. Even if the furniture itself is ornate and luxe and seemingly untouchable, its being low-set will automatically create a cozy seating space and invite visitors. Moroccan style embraces the joys of conversation and visiting, so make sure there are plenty of inviting (low-set) furniture options, like a plush patterned rug or carpet, floor cushions, or poufs.

Tribal Accents.

Moroccan style porch

Tribal pendant lights

Because the style itself is borne of the handmade and primitive, it is no surprise that a Moroccan styled space will involve rustic tribal accents. This element is often found in hand-woven rugs, hand-painted tiles, or hand-carved items, which are typified in the style by distinctive abstract patterns and methods. The charm and inspiration of such items comes largely from the freedom of primitive form. Colorful Moroccan throw pillows tend to be patterned and vibrantly colored.

Visual and Textural Mosaic.

Morrocan outdoor seating

Outdoor relaxation area morrocan style1

As you’ve probably gleaned by now, the crux of Moroccan style is its ability to effortlessly combine various intricately detailed patterns on various mediums to create a satisfying, complete, and perfectly welcoming space. When you’re implementing your own Moroccan style, consider adding detailed pieces at each level of the space, from the floor, to the seating height, to eye level, to the ceiling.