20 Blue living room design ideas

The key to creating a calm, clean and classic atmosphere into your living room one way would be to incorporate blue shades into the décor. Blue has always been a sign of freshness and elegance. As a result, blue living room designs are always elegant and stylish while also creating a calm atmosphere.

You can choose blue as the only accent color for the décor

In a room filled with mostly wooden furniture it can be difficult to find the perfect color for the walls. But in this case you should also consider using complementary colors and blue would make a great choice. You can use blue for the drapes, maybe in combination with other colors such as grey or beige which are neutral tones and would not interfere with the accent color.

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You can also opt for complementary color combinations
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Blue goes well with warmer colors and shades for balance
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A dusky shade of blue could be soothing for the eyes
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You can also opt for the pastel shade and combine it with brighter colors

You can also use blue for the rug or carpet and for other items as well such as the lamps, the decorative pillows or even the furniture itself. Blue is a color that looks absolutely wonderful when combined with brown and beige. The atmosphere becomes so inviting and calm that you’ll want to spend the whole day in the living room.

A very pale blue accent wall with small turquoise accents
The pillows are a very common way of introducing color into a room
A white and brown living room with small blue accents
A cheerful combination of yellow and blue for a sunny look
Pastel blue walls and a matching accent rug complemented by wicker elements
Blue as a wall color is often perceived as being soothing and calming

Blue living room designs can also be more colorful than that. You can use blue for the walls as well, although you should consider pastel tones instead of bright tones because you don’t want to create an overwhelming décor. By using vintage designs and textured fabrics, together with a combination of blue and cream you’ll get a fresh look and serene atmosphere. Also, it will be easy to create a classic balance.

The combination of blue and white or grey is also very chic
A more traditional living room featuring blue accents throughout
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A turquoise shade looks beautiful in combination with yellow and black
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An overall neutral color palette accentuated by pastel blue accents
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The very subtle shade of blue on the walls makes the room feel even larger
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Another bright and airy living room featuring floral accents
The only colorful accents here are the turquoise cushions
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There are countless ways in which you can add color to a room
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Complementary colors are often used in more traditional decors

Other ideas that can help create a successful blue living room design include the use of blue and white stripes that are always elegant. You can use the nautical print for the pillows for example or for the drapes and the rug. The blue also looks wonderful when combined with white walls and dark wood furniture.{first 5 pics from decorati,next 6 from bhg,and last pics from here}