10 Green Kitchen Designs That Are A Symbol Of Freshness

The kitchen nowadays has become more than just a room where meals are prepared. In most cases the kitchen has become a part of the actual living area and sometimes its also connected to the dining room. It’s very important to choose the right color for the kitchen. Today we’re going to focus on green and on ways of successfully using this color to create a fresh kitchen décor.

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Green has also been a symbol of freshness so you can be sure that it’s going to be a success. However, you need to be careful not to exaggerate. First of all, make sure you’ve chosen the right color tone because too pale or too bright is not what you need in your kitchen. Then decide which portions of the kitchen will be green. You can paint the walls green or you can create a color contrast by only painting portions of the walls.

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The furniture is also very important. You can alternate green and brown pieces for example or you can try to find a set that already incorporated this color without making it seem forced. If you also want to accentuate the fact that this is a bright and spacious room you can also use lots of white. It will also help if you have large windows or if the kitchen opens to a terrace or patio for example.

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A fresh kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be all green. You can also use this beautiful color for decorations. The pendant can be bright green for example, the floor, the knobs of the cabinets etc. You just need to be creative. You can also use green to recreate a piece of natural and come up with a themed kitchen. For that you would have to use your imagination and add patterns, textures and shapes that will help you achieve your goal. Whatever theme you choose, the color green will always help you create a fresh and beautiful décor.{pics from bhg}