15 Practical Headboard Designs For All Bedroom Types

The headboard is one of the features that, besides being practical and functional, can also serve as a decorative element for the bedroom. This double function allows its design to be customized in many different ways, depending on the function that prevails in each case. Is functionality is what you’re looking for on a headboard, one that has built-in storage can turn out to be ideal.


Bookshelf headboards are popular for their practical and space-efficient designs. But finding the perfect balance between useful storage and simplicity can be a real challenge and that’s when the alternative comes in: a DIY headboard. This option allows you to decide how many shelves or cubbies you need, how they should be placed as well as the overall shape and size of the headboard.


An actual bookcase can be repurposed into a headboard and the transformation would be pretty simple. Sometimes it can be as simple as placing the bookcase behind the bed and continuing to use it as usual. However, be careful what you display on the shelves, avoid vases, glasses and other similar things that can fall down by accident and cause trouble.


If you prefer a simpler look, instead of a bookcase you should consider floating shelves. Two or three shelves can be mounted to the wall behind the bed and you can use them as display surfaces for framed photos, artwork and other decorative things. They’ll be practical but they’ll take up little space and they’ll keep the décor light and open.

modern headboard

There are cases when you could definitely use some extra storage in the bedroom but you don’t want it to be visible and fully exposed. In cases like these a bookcase turned into a headboard or a set of open shelves just won’t do. So consider a padded headboard that offers lots of storage but keeps it hidden behind colorful panels.


We mentioned bookcase headboards quite a bit so far and, as simple as this transformation may seem, there are a few things you need to consider before choosing this option. For example, decide whether a single bookcase is enough or whether you need two or three. Also, how tall should they be? What will you be storing there? Etc.

Bed with headboard storage behind

The bed doesn’t necessarily has to be pushed against the wall. It can take a more central position in the room, in which case the headboard can be accessed from the back. This means it can look similar to a dresser or even be one.

Bedroom with headboard storage behind

What happens when a room has two beds? Do they each have a separate headboard or are they linked by a large one? Both options are equally valid. If a single headboard is used, this will give the room a cohesive look. In addition, this can be emphasized by using a single nightstand in between the two beds.

Headboard separate structure

Sometimes the headboard is not a separate structure but rather part of a large unit or the wall itself. This design strategy works for modern and contemporary bedrooms that are usually minimalist. Emphasize this simplicity with a sleek platform bed.

Shoe storage behind the bed

One way to maximize the storage capacity of the bedroom is by combining a headboard with a wall unit. This can be done in a lot of different ways. For example, you could opt for a low padded headboard and above it, in its continuation you could occupy the wall with a shallow storage unit.

Built in headboard storage

The headboard itself can double as a storage unit, especially if the bed is not pushed against the wall. The headboard can include open compartments at the front and drawers or shelves at the back or even on the sides.

Shelves above the bed

A different idea is to have the bed embedded in a large wall unit. The unit can include the nightstands, storage shelves and compartments and the bed can fit in there just right. In cases like this one, the unit also includes built-in accent lighting.

Master bedroom with headboard storage system

A wall unit can either be modified to make a bed and headboard fit in its design or can be custom made as a set. This type of combo works well in modern bedrooms where simplicity is defining for the décor and the focus is on keeping the floor space open and clutter free.

Storage system for bedroom behind bed

Obviously, many different combinations and styles are possible. Also, some of them are quite versatile and can look jut as beautiful in a modern or a traditional setting. Sometimes even a rustic look can be very charming.

Shelf above the bed

A lot of beds have a headboard included in their design and structure. This makes things easier in a way but also limits the design and décor possibilities. Still, there are plenty of ways to use a standard bed in combination with extra shelves or units.

Bedroom bookcase storage behind bed

Recessed shelves and wall units are space-efficient and work nicely in combination with just about any type of bed. A padded headboard can be complemented by a set of shelves on upper portion of the wall and, at the same time, can be pushed against the wall.