8 Small Desks And Art Center Ideas For Kids And Small Homes

Kids love exploring their creativity and it’s nice to give them their own desk early on so they can have fun and develop their skills. Wall-mounted desks that fold down are a very good option for small spaces in particular but also because kids need this sort of flexibility in their rooms. Below you’ll find a bunch of examples and ideas for such desks, most of which you could build yourself at home.

Flip Down Wall Art Desk
Flip Down Wall Art Desk2
Flip Down Wall Art Desk5

A wall-mounted, fold-down desk is the perfect art station for kids. It occupies little space on the wall and no floor space at all. Also, it has some storage inside for all the crayons and supplies and you can place at the perfect height so the kids can sit comfortably while using it. If you want, you can build the desk yourself or you can purchase one and add a few finishing touches to customize it. For example, you could paint the front and turn it into a chalkboard. {found on ana-white}

Hideway wall desk

These desks don’t have to be tiny. If you have enough space on the wall, you can choose a larger desk with more storage inside and big enough to be used by two kids at the same time. it’s something you can build yourself from scratch and you’ll find all the information you need for that on organizedmom. you’ll need some wood, a pegboard, window lock, two legs, hinges, screws, nails and some paint.

Murphy wall desk

A really good idea can also be to make a secretary desk. It’s something you can do from some scrap wood pieces. you’ll need a few wood board, screws, glue and a back panel. Put cork board on the inside of the panel so the kids can hang their creations there. don’t forget about the storage. You could make compartments for all the crayons and pencils. And to make things even better, use chalkboard paint on the front of the desk. {found on realitydaydream}

Wall hang desk

Of course, a desk can be simpler than that. It can simply be a wall-mounted shelf placed at the right height. You can then add some accessories such as a pegboard on the wall and extra shelves for storage. This way you’ll create a nice art station which you can put anywhere you want: in the kids’ room, the playroom, the living room, kitchen or your own bedroom. {found on thisishappinessblog}

Repurposed armoire into a kids desk

Another option is to repurpose a cabinet or an armoire into an art center for the kids. The idea comes from myrepurposedlife and the transformation is pretty simple. The main feature you need to add is the desk extension at the front. For that you need a wood board or you can use the cabinet doors which you remove from the top of the armoire. Add two legs and the transformation is almost complete.

Pop up cardboard desk

If you don’t think a solid wood desk is necessary, perhaps something a bit more casual would work. For example, how about a cardboard desk? To make one you’ll need cardboard boxes, binder clips and duct tape. You can repurpose as many cardboard boxes as you want and you can even make a cabinet for the art supplies. Check out potterybarn for more details on the project.

Copper pipe simple desk

A rather different idea is offered on abeautifulmess where you can find a tutorial showing you how to make a pipe desk and bench for the kids. The project is quite simple and to make it you’ll need a lot of pipes and fittings. Once the frame is built everything is pretty simple. Just ass a board to make the desk top and another one for the bench.

midcentury wall desk

Of course, you can choose to buy a desk instead of trying to build one yourself. Westelm offers a nice option: a mid-century wall-mounted desk with a simple and also sophisticated look. it’s made of walnut-stained Acacia wood veneer and engineered wood and has antique brass hardware. This is actually a really stylish desk you could get for yourself.