Turning Trash Into Treasures – 8 Easy Chair Makeovers

Every looked at a piece of furniture and thought it looked unsalvageable? At the same time, you should also remember that what might seem like trash to one person may seem like a real treasure to another. An old and ugly chair, for example, can have great potential and if you’re up to the challenge you could turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture for your home. Wondering how difficult such a project could be? Perhaps the following examples can offer you some hints.


This ugly chair really looked like trash before it was rescued and turned into something clean, chic and quite and stylish. In fact, it was only the upholstery that looked horrible. The wooden frame was quite well preserved and good-looking. So after the chair got a new seat and backrest cushion, its image changed completely. You can check out the full transformation on designsponge.

impressive chair makeover design

Another impressive chair makeover was featured on cuckoo4design. The old chair was taken apart piece by piece and the old upholstery was removed. Basically, after removing the old and dirty fabric, new one was stapled in place on the seat and backrest. Then these were placed back on the frame which, luckily, was in good condition in this case.

Vintage chairs makeover from yellow to gray

The vintage cane chairs featured on thediymommy were not nearly presentable enough to fit in a modern home or any home for that matter. However, that changed after the chairs’ frames were painted and after they got new upholstery. The light gray suits them perfectly, emphasizing the beauty of the white frame.

Dining chair makeover project

A similar fate awaited this ugly dining chair we found on blesserhouse. The ugly velvet seat and the backrest were quite hideous. In any case, it was nothing that couldn’t be changed with some new fabric and some paint. The curved design of the backrest had to be modified a little bit to make the upholstering process easier. After priming and painting the frame, the backrest was upholstered using simple linen canvas. The process was repeated for the seat and both got beautiful nail head trim.


When you decide to give a chair a makeover, you can basically change its style and make it look however you want. Check out how this old chair became a chic French-style piece with country charm. The frame was painted gray and the seat got a skirted cover. You can find out more about this wonderful transformation on tidbits-cami.

Chair makeover from gold accents to white

In the case of the two matching chairs featured on heartsandsharts, the makeover includes some high gloss white paint and printed fabric. The new look is definitely very charming. Reupholstering the chairs proved to be a challenge. However, it came out perfectly, down to the little details. The white and gray print gives them a lightweight and feminine look.

big chair makeover project

Reupholstering a wingback chair is not a all easy. Nevertheless, it can be done. So in case you need some tips and ideas, check out the makeover featured on designertrapped. Try to remove the old upholstery with care so you can potentially reuse some of the things that hold the frame. Start with the back panel, then move on to the backrest and then the seat. Of course, paint the frame after removing the old upholstery and before putting on the new one.

Porch chair makeover design

On the other hand, the rocking chair makeover featured on kleinworthco was so easy anyone could do it. The chair’s frame became white and for this part chalk paint was used. Light satin varnish was then used to give the chair the wonderful look you see here. The woven seat didn’t really need any attention at all. It just had to be taped off when painting the frame.