DIY Triangle Wooden Photo Holder

Every now and then I find myself looking for some new ideas to display the overwhelming amount of photos and postcards I have at home. Is it just me? Or can you relate to the situation where you are surrounded by inspiring images showcased in many different ways and styles, and yet – still want to change things up and add something new? Well, this is my life, but thanks to this little obsession I have a new creation to show you, which for some time (likely very short!) satisfed my inner designer’s needs.

mountain photo holder fronnt

Making your own, little decorations is extremly satisfying, so I highy recommend you to get creative and try to come up with some new ideas. In the meantime, have a look at what I have created out of a plain wood plank:

mountain postcard holder_

You will need:

  • a wooden plank
  • a wood saw
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • sand paper
  • tape
  • paint of your choice
mountain holder supplies


Note: If you are not confident to use a saw, you might ask at your local hardware store to cut the piece for you.

1. Draw a triangle shape od your prefered size on the wood plank, then cut it out using saw.

mountain photo holder cut

2. Use sand paper to polish the edges and remove all the possible splinters from the sides.

mountain photo holder step by step

3. Make a cut on top of the triangle, then polish it from the inside using sandpaper again. Wash the triangle well, removing all the dust and dirt and wait for it to dry well before going into the next step.

mountain photo holder tutorial

4. Mark the area you want to paint (‘the top of your mountain’) on both sides of the wood with a tape to get a straight lines after painting.

mountain photo holder tape

5. Paint both sides of the triangle using your preferred color and wait for it to dry. I really like the combination of raw wood with white paint, however you can go for any look  you like.

mountain photo holder paint

6. Once it dried well, carefully and slowly remove the tape.

mountain photo holder finish
mountain photo holder done

Ta daa! Ready! You can use the ‘Mountain holder’ in a few different ways – to display some of your favorite photos or postcards or as a napkin holder on your table. It’s a little accessory which fits well also into the upcoming Holiday season. What do you think?

wooden mountain postcard holder_
mountain postcard holder table