DIY String Wall Art

Bring autumnal tones into your home decor with this simple, easy, and budget friendly DIY project. Customize this wall hanging with a seasonal color palate of yarn that matches your space. Make a large version for the living room or make something small scale for a bedroom and bathroom. So many options with this creative and crafty project!

DIY String Wall Art
Materials to DIY String Wall Art


  • Yarn in various colors and textures
  • Wooden dowel or metal pipe (here we used walnut wood dowel)
  • Polyurethane spray finish
  • Sewing scissors


Start by cutting your dowel down to size (if needed) and spray with clear polyurethane finish. Allow to let dry according to the instructions on the back of the bottle. Here we used a nice medium dark walnut dowel rod. You can use something light colored or metal if you prefer.

DIY String Wall Art Instructions - step 1

With your sewing scissors, cut large pieces of string from each of the yarn colors (pick your colors wisely to make sure they coordinate with each other and your room). For this piece we used about 15-20 strands of each color. Cut longer than you think you will need, you can always cut shorter later.

Tie the string around the dowel rod in each color block. Cut and tie more string as needed to fill in each color block.

DIY String Wall Art Instructions - step 2

Cut off any excess string from the knot and adjust your strings so that the knots are all aligned on one side of the dowel (facing towards what will be the back of your project).

Add a string at the top of the dowel to hang the project. Here we picked a simple black yarn. Adjust the length of this string based on where you want to hang the project and the length you are going for.

DIY String Wall Art Instructions - step 3

Finish up the project by trimming the ends of the string into an even pattern. Trim at the length desired for your wall space. Here we used a slightly asymmetrical triangle point. You may opt for a straight line or diagonal cut based on the space where you are hanging your wall art.

Hang this piece up on the wall with a small nail, pin, or piece of strong painter’s tape (perfect if you’re a renter)!

DIY String Wall Art Decor
DIY String Wall Art Colorful
DIY String Wall Art Angle View
Colorful Yarn Wall Art