Using Taupe To Create A Stylish, Family-Friendly Living Room

We’ve already gushed about how great taupe can be when used as a neutral. And now we’re getting a bit specific and showing you how to use it inside specific rooms in accordance with certain styles. Today, we’re staking the reigns and featuring 20 gorgeous, family-friendly living rooms that utilize taupe in ways that you may not have thought of or paid attention to before. Let’s dive in!

1. Ample Seating

Taupe Ample Seating

Even if you want to add a bit of architectural accents or modern art pieces into the mix, make sure it’s still accessible to the family. Ample seating with natural light that hits the bright, taupe colors just right can really make a welcoming ethos come alive.

2. Texture Focus

Taupe Texture Focus

When creating a living room with style and traditionalism, go with a neutral like taupe but then play up the interest with different textures and light patterns. Nothing will become too chaotic this way, instead it’ll be just the right amount of playful.

3. Go Dark

Go Dark Living Room

Darker tones mark traditional value when it comes to living room decor. So, if you want that same cozy feel you get at your parents house, go with a richer shade of taupe but keep it stylish with a creamy highlight and some modern accents.

4. Blue Sparks

Blue Sparks with taupe

A great color that relaxes and create a subtle charm when mixed with taupe is just the right shade of blue. It evokes a sense of ease but also adds the right kind of spark you need in a neutralized room.

5. Feminine Touches

Living room with Feminine Touches

Even the family room can use a bit of feminine touches. Pink curtains and golden pieces can be added to a taupe-dipped room to create a beautiful contrast and some subtle, girlish charm.

6. Complete Relaxation

Taupe living room decor

Here we have a gorgeous mix of greys, blues and dark taupe. The room is completely covered in relaxed and mellow tones that envelope guests and create a welcoming space for the entire family to enjoy.

7. With Plum

Plum With Taupe Color Combo

Have you ever thought of using plum inside your home? It’s a bit of a unique color to choose for the family house but it goes so well with a variety of neutral including creams and richer shades of taupe for a cool, welcoming vibe.

8. Cottage Accented

Cottage Accented

This family living space is full of cottage accents but taken up a notch in style with the addition of a darker taupe wall. Instead of the too traditional gray or brown, taupe gives a beautiful and unique balance to the two.

9. Bits of Art

Bits of art - living room decor

You can glam up your family’s living room with some art work on the walls. Evoke a creative sense in your relaxing, taupe-inspired space by adding some of your favorite pieces.

10. Center Stage

Center Stage Living room

Don’t be afraid to put a smooth, silky shade of taupe at center stage. This white room magnifies the uniqueness and beauty of this offbeat neutral, color choice.

11. Smaller Corners

Smaller corner living room

Yes, even in smaller rooms taupe can act as a brighter and opener. Don’t assume you have to use off-white or crisper whites to create that traditional, homey feel but one that gives the illusion of more space in little rooms, go with something outside-the-box!

12. Make it Minimal

Make it Minimal

For minimal lovers, this room is the living space of your dreams. Clean, white furniture and taupe walls that create a bright, but open contrast. It’s cozy but it also have that no-fuss feel for contemporary stylists.{found on neilmacphoto}.

13. Rich Edge

Rich Edge Living room

Aren’t these rich, dark taupe walls not gorgeous? It sets the scene for a living room that’s not only functional for the family but also edgy and cool too!

14. Easy Simplicity

Easy Simplicity

Going for a more simple decor and design theme is something exactly what you need to highlight your favorite parts of the home. A bit of purple, a muted taupe shade on the curtains and furniture; this is an easy way to create a room to enjoy!{found on emblemfurniture}.

15. Just Pretty

Just Pretty Living room Design

And other times if you focus on making a pretty, no-fuss space, you won’t overwhelm the sensing with over-decorating. Just like this neutral-covered living room. Whites, creams and taupes swirl around the pretty and light room with ease.

16. More Formal

More formal living room

If you need to create a more formal and traditional living room – but also functional – then peek at this beauty for the right kind of inspiration. Just look at the rich, taupe furniture!{found on susanfisherphoto}.

17. Homey Home

Homey Home Taupe Living Room

This living room gives a sense of a true cozy home. The mixing and matching of prints and textures give interest but it doesn’t stray from that homey feel we all want out of our personal spaces.

18. Subdued Drama

Subdued Drama Living Room

Give your living room a dramatic effect without diminishing its cozy or welcoming feeling. This taupe covered space is filled with bold prints and a pop of turquoise that we’re in love with!

19. Metro Moves

Metro Moves Living Room

If you live in a more urban development or just love a more metro type of styling than check out this living space and grab some inspiration from it. The natural lighting plays well with the warmth of  the taupe shades.{found on suzannelawsondesign}.

20. Asian Infusion

Asian Infusion Living Room

The bamboo accents and raw pieces scattered around this space evokes an Asian-inspired that’s light but also very well felt. The taupe plays well with the pure green color as well, not giving away to too much kitsch in the decor theme.