World’s Hottest Home Designers in Miami for Art Basel, Design Miami

The first week of December usually means the start of the Christmas season – but for some people it means a pilgrimage to Miami where global art and design converge. This year, Homedit will be bringing you the latest in home design and décor from DesignMiami, Art Basel, and an assortment of concurrent fairs, December 2-6.We are excited to see what many of the designers and galleries will be showing, and here’s a sneak preview:

01-Surfaces uncertain RO LU
RO/LU RO/LU and Various Projects Surfaces On Which Your Setting and Sitting Will Be Uncertain presented by the Patrick Parrish Gallery.

The Patrick Parrish Gallery of New York will feature a work by RO/LU  a Minneapolis-based firm. Its wood pieces look intentionally unfinished. Starting as a landscape design studio in 2003, RO/LU tries to “incorporate principles of outdoor architecture into its indoor furniture.”

The Patrick Parrish Gallery is also featuring Brian Thoreen’s coffee table from his first collection.

“I commissioned Brian to make a special version of his signature table for Design Miami/, a table of the same design as shown here, but with three types of green marble, to re ect the lush and beautiful backdrop of Miami with its green seas and verdant vegetation,” says Patrick Parrish in the Design Miami preview catalog.

Alien Egg Carlo Trucci
Alien Egg Table by Carlo Trucchi

Work by Italian artist Carlo Trucchi will be among the pieces featured by Erastudio Apartment Gallery. Trucchi  is “an artist with a keen eye for manipulating materials like metal and wood.”

Christophe Come Lava Cabinet
Christophe Come, who designed this Lava Cabinet, has been called “A true heir to the French tradition of design and craftsmanship.”

Cristina Grajales Gallery, which exhibited at The Salon Art+ Design in New York, will also be at Design Miami.  Wall decor piece Goody Goody Goody Gumdrops, by Steven and William Ladd, will also be shown in Miami.

Goody Goody Goody Gumdrops
David Krynauw Lighting
Hand-crafted wood lighting by South African David Krynauw.

South African designer David Krynauw creates special furnishings and lighting fixtures of wood. Krynauw writes that his work is special because “Uncompromising attention to quality, detail and originality go into the designs that cover a spectrum from brutalistic to light and intricate. A desire for a fresh approach leads me to experiment with different shapes and forms to produce unconventional and inspiring pieces. The bulk of my work consists of original and unique creations and the focus is rather on establishing a synergy between client and product, as apposed to mass production.”

Jeff Zimmerman’s wall hung “Splash” sculpture is made of 17 pieces of hand-blown baking soda glass.

Kentucky native and glass sculptor Jeff Zimmerman created this wall art piece, which drew you into the R & Company booth from across the room at The Salon Art+Design in New York. Whether you have modern decor, contemporary or more traditional, his “Splash” sculpture would be a focal point.

RandCo Light Column
Wolfe’s work, represented at Design Miami by R & Company, uses glass casting and blowing to create his unusual forms.

U.S. artist Thaddeus Wolf uses non-traditional glass techniques to create his works.  He often uses a glass molding process where each mold can only be used once.  He layers colored glass and then carves into it to reveal the different hues.

xandrekriel round table
This round table is by South African woodworker Xandre Kriel.
Collage Table 1 by David Wiseman

“(David) Wiseman’s pieces offer his unique renderings of extraordinary natural phenomena, such as blossoming branches in porcelain and bronze, the tangle of a pomegranate tree’s canopy beautifully orchestrated across a ceiling, or a bird hidden in a bronze fireplace screen,” according to his website.

galerie vivid aldo bakker
Aldo Bakker’s designs are “remarkable for their defiant refusal to be classified by time, fashion or zeitgeist, let alone be classified by the surrounding world.

Galerie VIVID, which has traditionally presented mostly Dutch contemporary artists, will include work by Aldo Bakker, Janne Kyttanen and Gerrit Rietveld. All three artists produce pieces that are clean, spare and perfect for any modern home decor style.

Galerie VIVID Rietveld
Zig Zag chair designed by Gerrit Rietveld, presented by Galerie VIVID.
Galerie VIVID Kyttanen Sedona
Sedona Bench by Janne Kytannen, fashioned from aluminum.
Ian Stell Chorus Chairs
Ian Stell’s Chorus chairs include five sections that can flip and move, changing the nature and function of the piece. If flipped over, the relation is the same.

Designer Ian Stell, based in New York City, creates unique wooden designs and installations.

Jean Royer Sofa
Jean Royer “Ours Polaire” Sofa shown by Galerie Downtown.

This plush sofa is an artful and versatile piece based on the original designs of Jean Royere, circa 1946. 

Nanda Vigo Crontopo
Nanda Vigo’s “Crontopo” presented by Erastudio apartment Gallery.

Erastudio Apartment Gallery will also show works by Nanda Vigo, “one of Italy’s most sophisticated and respected architects, both in terms of her history and her artistic and aesthetic creations,” says the preview catalog.

Parada FriedmanBenda table
Guillermo Parada’s marble and bronze 2015 coffee table.

Friedman Benda has been showing a number of exciting pieces from Brazil such as those they exhibited at The Salon Art + Design in New York in November.  In Miami, the gallery will show some different works, including the above piece by Chilean designer Guillermo Parada.

Kroo modern table
Table by Alessandro Mendini.

Gallerie Kreo, whose exhibit at the New York Salon Art + Design we greatly enjoyed, will also be showing at Design Miami. Here, the gallery’s Modern Table has several interesting features, including its shape, geometric design, mosaic construction, and color combination.

Denant Table
Maria Pergay, Romanian-born artist based in Paris, is known for her innovative use of stainless steel. Her work will be shown by the Demisch Danant Gallery of New York.
RandCo Haas Stool
Stool by the Haas Brothers shown By R and Company Gallery of New York.

While Homedit saw work by the Haas Brothers, presented by R and Company, at Salon Art + Design in New York, we are looking forward to Miami where they will be debuting their Afreak collection of whimsical pieces reminiscent of Dr. Suess or Tim Burton — or someone’s imaginative and colorful dreams.

Peter Marigold Bleed Side Cabinet
British designer Peter Marigold’s cabinet from his “Bleed” series.

Peter Marigold has created a series of contemporary cedar wood cabinets with a  painterly and complex surface patina. It features a form of ‘localised ebonising’ created through an entirely innovative process. Strategically arranged steel hardware “is stripped of its protective zinc coating using acid, which reacts overtime with the tannin in the cedar. This produces an intricate bleeding pattern on the wood that in turn emphasises and adds to the warm tones and natural grain of the organic material,” describes the Sarah Myerscough Gallery website. Myerscough is showing Marigold’s work.

philippe nigro ligne roset confluences
“Confluences” designed for Ligne Rosset by Philippe Nigro.

Chicago’s DiCastelli Gallery will show a range of pieces, including work by French-born designer Philippe Nigro, who today works primarily in Italy and France.

sofa13 wendell castle
Much of Wendell Castle’s works is made of stained ash.

Friedman Benda is also showing work by Wendell Castle. The Design Miami preview catalog notes that Castle’s “groundbreaking unification of sculpture and furniture has inspired and influenced generations of artists and designers and signifcantly contributed to the acceptance of design as a significant art form. Now in his sixth decade of working, Castle explores and innovates with materials and form at every turn, and has had a long record of acclaim.”

Brooklyn-based Cody Hoyt creates ceramic vessels with patterns that will enliven any living space.

Design would not be complete without accessories and design objects to enhance you home’s interior design style. Design Miami will have no shortage of  interesting items like these vessels that sport a variety of patterns not typical of pots and containers.

SerritellaCeramic Trompe L'Eoil Pine Bark Platter
Eric Serritella’s Ceramic Trompe L’Eoil Pine Bark Platter.

Eric Serritella came to art and design from a long career in marketing. “I currently focus on the design and texture of one-of-a-kind hand-carved trompe l’oeil ceramic sculptures carved to look like birch trees and weathered logs,” Serritella says in his professional statement.

myerscough ricourt organic wood
The Sarah Myerscough Gallery will show a number of Marc Ricourt organic shaped wood pieces.

Designer Marc Ricourt “sources the material for his organic wood objects from the bucolic surroundings in which he lives, translating nature into sculpture. He initially turns local wood on the lathe, intricately carves and then treats the surfaces, through bleaching, dying or an application of ferrous oxide, to create beautifully complex and idiosyncratic works of art,” says the Myerscough Gallery website.

Featured in Architectural Digest, Hezichoo makes its work exciting by integrating indigenous organic fibers with man made materials such as metal and nylon monofilament.

Textiles such as rugs, wall decor and other design elements will also be a part of the exhibitions at Design Miami.  The Cristina Grajales Galery will be showing Hezichoo Textiles,  a weaving atelier based in Bogotá, Colombia, that produces custom made textiles for rugs, upholstery, window treatments and architectural meshes.

Florida native David Salkin creates stylish textiles for floor coverings and other projects.

David Salkin is trained in architecture and manipulates plans and grids to form patterns and images. Salkin’s current projects include custom rugs, tile patterns, wallpaper, and fabric.

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