100 DIY Christmas Decorations That Will Fill Your Home With Joy

Christmas preparations start early, sometimes as early as November. But the real Christmas fever starts in December when everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays, planning activities and putting together all the fun and beautiful decorations. Speaking of which, what do you say you give DIY Christmas decorations a chance this year? There are tons of great projects you can try involving Christmas tree decorations, wall ornaments, wreaths and lots of other things.

Advent calendars

DIY upcycled advent calendar - Christmas

Besides their symbolic role, advent calendars are also really fun. They’re one of the first crafts you should focus on. Let’s start with the simple tutorial provided on Curlymade. To make this calendar you need paper bags or paper, glue, scissors, an x-acto knife, small clothes pins and a sewing machine. If you’re using paper bags, first you need to take them apart and to draw rectangles on them. Fold the sides to the center, overlapping them and add glue. Print numbers on each bag on glue them onto them and then fill all the bags. You can then sew the top if you want. Hang them with clothespins onto a piece of twine.

Advent Calendar Christmas Tree

An even simpler and also more casual design idea is offered on Myscandinavianhome. The small paper bags have numbers written on them with a marker and they’re taped to a wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. Since this is a chalkboard wall, a star could also be drawn at the top.

Homemade paper envelope advent calendar

You can choose to customize each bag in a different way. This can be done by using different types of paper, of various colors and with all sorts of different patterns on them. You can use an envelope template to make the bags. Once that part is done, either draw or paint the numbers on them. You can then hang them on string like bunting and arrange them in a Christmas tree form using a clothes hanger. This fun idea comes from Pillarboxblue.

Watercolor advent calendar

Another beautiful way of customizing each bag is with watercolor paint. You can use a different color on each paper bag and then fill them all with treats or with notes leading to the gifts. Display them on a wall using double-sided tape. {found on griottes}.

Small fabric bags turned into advent calendar

A different idea is to make small fabric bags which you can then reuse the next year. Making them should be easy. You just need some fabric, a sewing machine and thread. You can then paint numbers on each one using stencils or you can just freehand them. To display them all, you can use the idea offered on browneyedfox. It involves using a frame, some wire and small clothespins.

Hanging Fabric Bags

If you’re using fabric bags, consider using badges or buttons with safety pins on the back instead of painting or drawing the numbers on them. This way they can be easily detached and reused. Also, if you want to give the bags a rustic look, use burlap and twine and then hang them all from a large tree branch. {found on craftandcreativity}.

Creative way to display small bags for advent calendar

A creative way of displaying all the cute fabric bags can be found on Asubtlerevelry. Instead of hanging them on the wall or inside a frame, you can just put them all inside a small suitcase or trunk, along with some candy treats and other things.

Forest Advent Calendar

You can also try a more modern and colorful version of the advent calendar, such as the version featured on Hellohappystudio. It’s a forest-inspired design that uses triangle-shaped bags that resemble tiny Christmas trees. To make this unconventional calendar you’ll need a wooden board, wood stain, tooth picks and washi tape in addition to colored paper.

Little Boxes Advent Calendar

The cute little boxes featured on Whateverdeedeewants are also a nice option. You can paper them out of cardboard or grocery bags and you can use number stamps and white craft paint for the numbers. You can display them all on a shelf or table.

Miniature Christmas tree decorations

Miniature Christmas Tree from Cork

The Christmas tree is the biggest symbol of this holiday when it comes to decorations. It doesn’t really matter if you already have a large tree in your home, a miniature one can always add cheer to a different part of the home. Check out the tiny trees that use corks as bases featured on Islaura for some great inspiration.

Driftwood Christmas Tree

The driftwood tree we found on Threadbarecloak is another interesting option. To make something similar you need around 40 pieces of driftwood, a reinforcing rod, a log slice for the base, a drill and a small nail. The first step is to arrange the driftwood pieces to form a Christmas tree shape and to trim them if needed. Then drill holes in their centers and also a hole in the center of the log. Insert the rod into the log and start threading the driftwood pieces one by one.

Mini Yarn Christmas Tree

The yarn trees featured on Onecreativemommy will definitely make the décor feel cozy in addition to adding color to it. The supplies needed for the project include yarn, foam cones, craft glue, straight pins with colored tops and beads and buttons. Startign at the bottom of the cone, run a line of glue around the edge and then press yarn onto it. Start wrapping yarn around the cone, addign more glue as you advance toward the top. Make a coil acorss the top and then decorate the tree with pins and buttons and beads.

DIY Beaded Yarn Tree and Balls

Another example of lovely yarn trees can be found on Tinselandtrim. In addition to the tree you’ll also find out how to make yarn snowballs which can also be used as decorations for Christmas. You’ll need styrofoam balls and cones, a hot glue gun and yarn. Decorate them all with small beads and wire.

Enjoy knitting

If you don’t mind spending a little bit more time with this project and you , check out the project on Stitch. Knit three small green cones and stack them to make the tree. Then make the yellow star to put at the top and use colored yarn to make small decorations.

Another cute miniature Christmas tree

Another cute miniature Christmas tree can be made out of green felt. You can find the tutorial for this project on Bonifrati. Basically you have to make a felt cone by sewing together three layers. Once you have the cone, stuff it with filling and decorate it with colored buttons, beads and whatever else you can find.

Wine cork Christmas tree DIY

Looking for a way to make cheap Christmas decorations? How about recycling a few things? For example, instead of throwing out the wine corks, keep them and use them all to make a unique Christmas tree decorations. You’ll need around 150 corks if you want the tree to look similar to the one featured on kj. You’ll also need a hot glue gun, a styrofoam cone, red ribbon and a string of lights.

how to make tiny button Christmas trees

Given the nature of this type of projects, there are lots of cute designs you can try. Another example can be found on heyletsmakestuff. Here you’ll find out how to make tiny button Christmas trees. You’ll need green buttons, pearl straight pins, a little bit of green fabric and small foam cones. Cover the cone in fabric and start pushing pins with buttons into it until you cover the cone entirely.

Christmas ornaments mini Tree

In case you have some extra Christmas tree ornaments, use them to make a smaller tree which you can display on a table, desk, shelf, etc. You’ll need a mix of round ornaments in different sizes and colors, a star for the top and some sort of stand. The stand can be made out of ribbon spools, as shown on Inmyownstyle.

DIY Rustic mini Tree

Of course, there are lots of other designs and ideas you can try. If you prefer something simple and rustic, have a look at the project on thelovelydrawer. The tree here is made of twigs. The list of supplies required for the project also includes white paint, a glue gun, copper wire, white cotton thread.

Christmas tea trees

And if you want something out of the ordinary, perhaps the project featured on Thirstyfortea would appeal to you. These are Christmas tea trees and to make them you need styrofoam cones, individual wrapped tea bags, a glue gun and a cylinder to use as a stump for the base.

Christmas trees as wall décor

Christmas wall decor

The Christmas tree symbol can also be used as inspiration when designing wall decorations. The design possibilities are very numerous. One option can be to use pom-poms. Basically you just string them all and arrange in the shape of a Christmas tree. Find out more about this on Plumetismagazine.

Space saving giant Christmas Tree

What’s beautiful and interesting about these decorations is that they can replace the original Christmas tree. It can be a good option for small spaces or for those that prefer something a bit less traditional and a bit more original. The alternative can be to make a large Christmas tree wall decoration using green tissue paper, as shown on Curbly.

Washi tape christmas Tree

For those that enjoy minimalist decorations we found a really great project on Brit. It’s a Christmas tree wall decoration made with colored tape. So guess what? All you need for the project is washi tape. Feel free to use any kind you want. You can design the tree out of triangles or parallel lines.

Holiday Christmas Tree Card Display

One way of personalizing the tree is if you make it out or string and you attach photos and ornaments on it. If you want to better visualize how such a design would look like, check out Designimprovised for a beautiful example.

chalkboard Christmas tree

A chalkboard Christmas tree can also be a fun and original option. You can make the board out of an old door and using chalkboard paint or, if you already have a chalkboard wall in your home, you can just use that. One the surface is ready, all you have to do is draw a tree on it. {found on lanaredstudio}.

DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder

The tree could also be made of cork board in which case it would also serve as a card holder. You can find such a project on Abubblylife. The supplies needed include cork board and a marker. You can use push pins to then add ornaments and decorations to the tree.

Geometric paint chimp Christmas tree

A different option is to have the tree printed on a large sheet of paper and to then display it on the wall. But this wouldn’t actually be a DIY Christmas decoration so instead how about decorating the sheet of paper with triangle-shaped paint chips? You can arrange these in such a way to form a tree with a geometric design. {found on we-are-scout}.

Wedding Christmas Tree

And since we’re discussing unusual designs, check out the idea featured on Stylemepretty. You can try something like this if you enjoy casual and unexpected projects. You can add your own style to the design and adapt it in a lot of interesting ways.

Xmas Tree Wall hanging

Add some natural flavor to your wall tree and design it using fresh greenery. You can use actual Christmas tree clippings. The project is featured on Almostmakesperfect and involves the use of long wooden dowels and a hot glue gun. Check out the full description and decide how you want to customize the project.

Christmas holiday-themed wall shelf

If you’re the practical type, perhaps you’d like a wall decoration that’s also useful. One such example can be found on Papernstitchblog. Here you’ll find a very beautiful holiday-themed wall shelf shaped like a Christmas tree. It’s the type of accessory you can also use the rest of the year but which stands out during this period.

Driftwood Log Christmas Tree

The list of DIY Christmas decorations continues with the driftwood log Christmas tree.It’s made of log slices of various dimensions that are put together like pieces of a puzzle to form the tree. Add some accent lights to give the design a little bit of spark.

Scandinavian Style Tree

A Scandinavian-inspired tree can be made out of reclaimed wood boards. Nail them together in the shape of a tree as shown on the picture and don’t bother painting or staining the wood. Let its natural beauty show through for more charm.

Beautiful Twig Tree

A twig tree can also be an interesting option. The idea leaves room for a lot of creativity. The main idea is really simple: go out and gather a bunch of twigs of different dimensions. Put several together to form the core of the tree and then add the branches. You can tape them to the wall.

Simple Sticks Tree

Similarly, you can use sticks. First you need to cut a bunch of them to the desired size. Then arrange them to form a tree. Once you’re happy with the shape, transfer the design onto the wall. You can stick the pieces using tape or you can choose a different method.

String Lights Christmas Tree

String lights can also be transformed into wall décor and doing it is an extremely simple project. You can make the tree as small or as big as you want, depending on how long your string of lights is. You can also decorate it after this with ornaments.

Creative Wall Christmas Tree

You can put together a unique Christmas tree using all sorts of small decorations, ornaments and personal items. The design also gives us another fun idea: to arrange a bunch of fridge magnets like this and, as a result, to give the fridge a festive look.

Christmas Tree Wall Stickers

A simple and modern idea is to use wall stickers. You can even display sticker gifts at the bottom of the tree. This can also be a fun project for the kids. You can let them design their own tree on one of the walls in their room.

Chalkboard Doodle Tree

If you have a chalkboard wall in your home then you don’t really need anything else. You can draw a Christmas tree on it and make it look however you want. Use colored chalk to make the ornaments.

Christmas tree ornaments

Scented pine cones

Our list of 100 Christmas decoration ideas also includes a lot of cute and fun Christmas tree ornaments which you can craft yourself. Let’s start this category with a lovely project we found on Canarystreetcrafts. It’s an angel ornament made from an unfinished wooden peg doll, cheesecloth, raffia and a floral stem.

Small wood slices to crate christmas ornaments

Another beautiful design can be found on Spalvotasdryzuotas. It’s a miniature toy christmas tree which you can make out of several small wood slices with different diameters, a drill and ribbon. The instructions are very simple. After drilling holes at the center of the wood slices, thread them onto the ribbon and tie a bow at the top.

Wood slice Christmas Ornaments

You can also use wood slices to make individual ornaments for the Christmas tree. First you paint the center with chalkboard paint and you drill a hole close to the edge so you can run ribbon through it and hand the decoration in the tree.{found on brightgreendoor}.

The Jingle bells Ornaments

The Jingle bells featured on Oyboystuff would make lovely ornaments for the Christmas tree. The best part is that you can craft them yourself. The project starts with a bunch of ceramic bells. You’ll be using acrylic paint and a sponge brush to give them the color you want. Apply a coat of spray lacquer at the end and use ribbon to hang them in the tree.

Geometric Clay Ornaments

Other projects have abstract designs. A good example is the Christmas tree ornament featured on Myanythingandeverthing. You can make something similar out of clay. Use a sharp knife to give it the desired look and then paint it. Make a hole at the top using a screwdriver or something thin and sharp.

Origami Christmas Ornaments

Origami can be really fun but also a lot of work. If you like the idea but don’t want to waste time with super complicated projects, check out the star ornaments featured on Deliacreates. They’re origami inspired and easy to make. All you need is paper and glue.

design for paper star ornaments

Another design for paper star ornaments can be found on Craftandcreativity. These ones are a bit more complex and a bit more complicated although the whole project is, at the end of the day, quite simple. You can make them out of pages from an old book or colored paper.

DIY Felt Mistletoe

Add charm to your Christmas tree this year with felt mistletoe ornaments. You can find a tutorial for the project on creativebug. First you need to print out the templates. Then you cut out the felt, preferably in two different shades of green. After this, you tie them together and you add small beads symbolizing the berries.

Christmas tree with colorful crochet ornaments

If you want to decorate your Christmas tree with colorful crochet ornaments, then you’d better start right now. You’ll need a 3.5 mm hook, 8 ply cotton, a wool needle and sharp scissors. You can find detailed instructions for the project on Mypoppet.

Rustic Clay Christmas Ornaments

Check out Makingitinthemountains for a great method showing you how to make rustic clay ornaments. You need air dry clay, textured fabric or doilies and letter stamps (optional. Roll out some clay and cut out a circle. You can use a cookie cutter or a cup/ glass. Add some texture to the ornament by pressing a doily or some lace on it and then customize it with the stamps.

Burlap and Candy Cane Reindeer Ornament

Rudolf would sure love to become a part of your Christmas décor so why not allow it? We’re talking about a reindeer ornament for the Christmas tree which you can make using a few simple supplies such as two candy canes, some burlap, googly eyes, two buttons, twine and a hot glue gun. Glue the candy canes together as shown on Aboutfamilycrafts and then wrap burlap around them. Add the googly eyes and the red nose and hang Rudolf with twine.

Christmas décor green and eco-friendly

Looking for ways to keep your Christmas décor green and eco-friendly? Then check out the ornament ideas offered on Spalvotasdryzuotas. They use tree branches and twigs and straw thread and they can be customized in a lot of ways. The star garland is a really nice option.

minimalist Christmas tree ornaments

If you enjoy working with air dry clay then you already know of all the fun and beautiful things you can make with it. For example, you can make minimalist Christmas tree ornaments such as the ones featured on Sayyes. The instructions are simple: roll out the clay on wax paper and use a knife to out the shape you want. Then cut the design into the clay and let it dry but not ebfore you make a hole at the top.

DIY Cork Ornaments

Cork is also really versatile so we weren’t surprised to find out that cork Christmas ornaments are a thing. If you need some inspiration in this sense check out Northstory for a lovely design for cork stars. They look really chic like this, with one half painted white.

Easy Christmas Tree Ornaments you can craft

Want to try something unusual this year? Decorate your Christmas tree with miniature sweaters made by yourself. You can use leftover yarn. You can find detailed instructions for this project on Milk-shed. You’ll need yarn, circular needles, stitch markers and a needle.

Craft Christmas Tree Ornaments

On Evermine you can find three original ideas for crafting Christmas tree ornaments. One of them is to make decorations out of dehydrated fruit slices. Basically you slice the citrus fruits and you place them in the dehydrator where you leave them for 18 hours. Then you apply a coat of varnish on each slice and you attach a piece of twine on them so you can hang them in the tree.

Peanut snowmen ornaments

The second idea featured is for a bunch of funny-looking peanut ornaments that look like snowmen. For this project you need peanuts in shell, acrylic paints, some yarn, twine and a glue gun. First you paint the peanuts, making the bottom portion white and the top colored. Then you paint eyes, noses and mouths on them. Then you give them yarn scarves and you hang them with twine.

Stick Christmas Ornaments

Then there’s the final project which involves stick ornaments. For this one you’ll need things like sticks, pine needles, twigs, pinecones, some buttons, twine or ribbon and a hot glue gun. The instructions are really simple. Glue two sticks in an X and then add smaller ones to make the ornament look like a snowflake. Glue buttons at the center.

Leather Christmas Tree Ornaments

The leather ornaments featured on Deliacreates are simple and modern and their minimalism also gives them a very elegant look. To make them you need a few things including small strips of leather, Chicago screws, a leather punch tool and string or twine. Cut the strips of leather to the desired length. They don’t all need to have the same dimensions. They need to be increasingly longer in order to obtain this particular shape. Punch holes at each end, stack the strips and screw them together at the ends.

Bottle cap reindeer Christmas Tree

The bottle cap reindeer featured on Thecountrychiccottage are extremely cute and their design is really transparent there’s hardly any need for instructions. But here they are anyway: take a bottle cap and glue a small red button and two googly eyes inside it. Then glue two small twigs symbolizing the antlers and a piece of ribbon to the back.

Christmas tree ornaments from wood

The design of the Christmas tree ornaments featured on Apartmenttherapy combine rustic and modern in a really stylish and natural way. To replicate the design, you’ll need wooden shapes, acrylic craft paint, eye hooks and ornament hooks. First you draw the design on the wood shapes with a pencil, then you paint them and at the end you add the hooks so you can hang them.

Wooden Clothespin Snowflake Ornaments

A fun idea is to upcycle wooden clothespins to create ornaments you can hang in the Christmas tree. Each ornament can be made of eight clothespins and you can more details on the whole project on Bystephanielynn. You can either paint or stain them, depending on the look you prefer.

Etched Snowflake Ornaments in Birch

If you have an etching tool then you must definitely use it to make beautiful ornaments this Christmas. You can find a nice suggestion on designmom. This projects shows you how to decorate wood slices or branches and how to transform them into beautiful and unique ornaments which you can display in your Christmas tree this year.

Clay Christmas Ornaments

When you’re crafting clay ornaments, cookie cutters are extremely useful. They come in a lot of fun and cute shapes, some quite festive, some even Christmas-themed. The star decorations featured on Thecraftedblog are only one example of how you can use cookie cutters to make garlands and all sorts of fun things to display.

DIY Felt Garland

Garlands are popular decorations for the Christmas tree and, although they usually give out a traditional feel, they can also be adapted to look more modern or to suit particular kinds of decors. So if you’re the type that likes cute, colorful and funky things, check out the felt garland on tellloveandparty.

DIY Origami Christmas Tree Ornaments

Origami crafts are a very interesting type as well. Their diversity basically lets them become a part of any décor. For Christmas, a nice option can be found on Nalleshouse. Here you’ll find a set of lovely miniature origami trees which you can proudly display in a lot of fun ways.

DIY Faxu Fur Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas is about spending time with friends and family in a warm and cozy environment and the ornaments featured on Placeofmytaste capture all those things in a wonderful way. They resemble classical ornaments but are definitely unusual. To make them you need small embroidery hoops, faux fur, ribbon, gold spray paint and a hot glue gun.

Embroidery hoops Christmas Tree Ornaments

Speaking of which, the versatility of embroidery hoops has been proven by now but let us add one more example to the list. It’s a very simple project the description of which you can find on Delineateyourdwelling. The supplies required for it include baker’s twine, an embroidery hoop, pine cones and a small evergreen branch.

Hanging miniature Christmas tree

It seems that hanging miniature Christmas tree in a larger Christmas tree is a popular thing so if you too find the idea attractive and interesting, check out the project on Knowhowshedoesit. These cute trees are made of recycled wood and you can decorate them in a lot of ways, using leaves, tree branches, tiny flowers, pine cones and a lot of other things.

Silver and Gold Juice Lid Ornaments

Ever imagined can lids can look so pretty? It seems surprising but these Christmas tree ornaments are actually made of metal lids from cans. First they were cleaned and then a small nail was hammered through the top of each one. Then one side of the lids was spray painted but not before sticking tape in order to obtain interesting and festive designs. {found on growcreativeblog}

Christmas Beaded Star Decorations

A bunch of beads put together can make cute ornaments which you can display in your Christmas tree. Basically you need round wooden beads and some thin wire but you can also use spray paint and glitter to change their look. You can find out more about this on makeandfable.

Beaded Gerland For Christmas Tree

You can also use bigger beads to make a unique garland. The idea is really simple. You take a bunch of wooden beads and some colorful string and you get to work. Slide the string through the first bead, move it and feed the string back through one more time. Repeat with the other beads.{found on curbly}.

DIY Chalkboard Ornaments for Tree

Another increasingly popular option has to do with chalkboard ornaments. They’re great because they can be customized in a lot of great and interesting ways. In addition, they’re pretty easy to make. The example offered on Evermine has a short list of supplies, including wood snowflake ornaments, chalkboard paint and two paint brushes.

DIY Gold Leaf Pine Cone

Other nice options suggest using things you find in nature in order to bring some of its charm indoors. For example, you can turn pine cones into individual ornaments for the Christmas tree or you can thread them and form a garland which you can use as a decoration for the fireplace mantel. Check out Thesweetestoccasion to learn how to make gold leafed pine cones.

Wood plank decorated with gerlands for Christmas

Another project that uses pine cones can be found on Dreambookdesign. This time the project is a garland made with pine cones and pom poms. They’re all threaded on colorful string. You can alternate pine cones and pom poms or you can make two different garlands and combine them at the end.

Chalkboard Christmas Tree Ornaments

Of course, you can also try to revive your old ornaments if you don’t want to make new ones from scratch. A simple option is featured on Desertdomicile. The list of supplies needed for this project includes black and white acrylic paint, a brush and some old ornaments which can either be made of glass or plastic.

Scrabble Tile Ornament

And if you actually want to make the ornaments yourself from scratch, consider crafting something with a more unusual design or that uses unusual materials. For example, you can recycle some old scrabble tiles from a broken set and make Christmas-themed ornaments like the ones we found on Oopseydaisyblog.

Wine Cork Reinder

Then there’s also the option to use wine corks to make this extremely cute reindeer ornament. You can find a detailed tutorial on how to craft it on Cmongetcrafty. You need three corks. Cut one in fourths and use them to make the legs of the reindeer. The other two will be the body and the head.

Christmassy Mason jar crafts

Christmassy Mason jar crafts

Everyone knows how versatile Mason jars are so we’re not going to talk about that. Today we’ll focus on all the festive things you can make with these jars and how you can turn them into decorations for Christmas. Let’s start with the snowy mason jar featured on Decoart. To make something similar, use epsom salt, a brush and decoupage glue.

Frosty mason jar luminary decoration using glue

Or you can make a frosty mason jar luminary decoration using glue, frosty snow, two black buttons and an orange nose made of clay. You can also give your Frosty jar earmuffs. Make these out of a red and white pipe clear and two red pom poms. Check out the full description of the project on Chicacircle.

Luminaries cozy jackets

You can also give your jar luminaries cozy jackets. You can make several of these out of an old sweater. Of course, you can also knit the sweaters yourself in which case you’ll have to use the jar as a guide. If you’re using a sweater keep in mind that the sleeves are your best option. You can find out more about this technique on Dottieangel.

Snowy pinecone candle jars

Making winter luminaries is fun and simple. Mason jars are the main thing used for such projects. You can find a really nice design idea on Craftsbyamanda. Each luminary requires a glass jar, two pinecones, some lace, twine, espom salt, a candle and Snow-Tex. Of course, you can change the design and customize it according to your own preferences.

Christmas Fairy light jars

Fairy light jars are another type of beautiful decoration which can also be great for other occasions other than Christmas. They’re really easy to make. In fact, all you have to do is put the fairy lights inside the jar. Tape the top of the string to the lid and drop the battery box to the bottom of the jar. You can then cover it with burlap if you want. {found on makinglemonadeblog}.

Christmas-themed Mason jar

Some projects are not necessarily Christmas-themed but definitely fit in wonderfully during this time of the year. One example is the project we found on Masonjarcraftslove. The combination of bright red and aqua blue is really beautiful and the two small jingle bells give the whole project the festive look we were looking for.

DIY Snow Globe from a mason jar

A really great use for a Mason jar is if you want to make a snow globe. The whole process is really simple actually. In order to make a snow globe like the one featured on Thecreativemama you need a jar, a gift card, a hot glue gun, some glitter, ribbon and embelishments. Glue the gift card to the lid so it stands up and then glue the ornaments as well. Add some glitter to the bottom of the jar and then fill it with water. Put the lid on and add some ribbon around the bottom.

Salt shakers miniature christmas decorations

If you want to make miniature snow globes you can use salt shakers instead of jars. You can put a tiny Christmas tree inside each one. The trees can be dyed red like shown on Masonjarcraftslove. Use a little bit of clay to make a stand for them. Then place them inside the shaker and add some salt. Screw the top on.

Snowflake decorations

Atomic snowflakes on wall

Each snowflake is unique and, as a result, there are lots of different ways in which you can craft a snowflake decoration. If you want to make the decorations out of paper, check out the detailed tutorial provided on Instructables. You need a template printed on paper and scissors.

Rustic snowflakes

Another option is to make snowflake decorations out of twigs and branches. You can use Christmas tree clippings or you can gather the supplies out in the yard. After you arrange them in the shape you want and secure them with glue or thread, put a button at the center or add some other type of tiny decorations. {found on littlethingsbringsmiles}.

Compas Coin Snowflake

For the snowflakes featured on Dandelionpatina, you’ll need some twine, coin medallions, toothpicks, fishing line and a glue gun. Wrap twine around the toothpicks and secure it with glue. Then align the sticks and glue them to the back of the coin medallion.

Giant Snowflake light

If you want to make a larger snowflake decoration which you can display on a wall or on the mantel, check out the idea suggested on Abeautifulmess. The supplies needed for this project include LED lights, a snowflake template, a drill, duct tape and, depending on the type of material you want to use, a wood board or a large foam core board..

Cheerful Christmas wreaths

Winter Wood Joy Sign

Wreaths are popular decorations and their design can be adapted to suit a lot of different holidays and decors. Christmas wreaths, however, tend to look more at home. The techniques you can use when crafting them can vary. One option is offered on Sistersuitcaseblog. It involves a box wreath frame, paint, paper mache letters, tape, snowy garlands and red cotton cording.

Christmas globes to create a wreath

If you have some extra Christmas tree ornaments, use them to decorate a wreath and then you can display it above the fireplace, on the door or on a window. Try to mix and match the colors and sizes as best you can in order to get a balanced look. {found on poppytalk}.

Diamond boxwood Wreath

And if you prefer something simpler and more modern, check out the minimalist geometric wreath design featured on Homeyohmy. It’s a boxwood wreath and to make it you can use a square wreath form and then display it in a way that makes the wreath look like a diamond.

Holly Berry Vine Wreath Christmas

A nature-inspired wreath can look really beautiful in a lot of different decors. You can find a beautiful example for a berry wreath on Joyusgarden. You can hang this wreath on your tree or display it above the mantel or on the door. It’s up to you to find the right combination of ornaments and colors.

Banners and letter ornaments

Noel Letters For Christmas

Want your Christmas décor this year to send a message? Then what better way to do this than with some wall letter decorations? Check out the stylish Noel sign featured on Craftpassion. It;s an easy project and to make it you need a styrofoam ring, fur yarn, a Santa hat, double sided tape, glue, paint and paper mache letters.

Vintage Noel Wreath

The vintage banner featured on Mesewcrazy also looks really chic and has a versatile design. All you need for it is some fabric, ribbon, fabric glue, small clothespins and craft wire. Check out the instructions to find out all the steps.

Wood sign for Christmas entryway

A wood sign displayed at your front door entrance can cheer up your guests this Christmas and is a good strategy for putting a smile on everyone’s face before they even enter your home. You can find out how to make such a sign on Thenetzfamily.

Make your home smell like Christmas

Build a festive simmer pot

In addition to all the beautiful decorations and ornaments you’ll be displaying in your home this Christmas, it would also be nice to make the whole place smell like Christmas. A nice idea can be to make stove top potpourri. Just fill a saucepan with some water and cinnamon sticks and apple slices. {found on designimprovised}.

Pine cinnamon simmer

Pine also smells lovely and is a better option if you don’t like the sweet scent of apples. So replace those with pine branches. Use the same strategy as described above and make your home smell beautiful.

Mix your own potpourri.

Of course, ideally you would make your own holiday blend. This way everything will be exactly to your liking. So come up with your recipe for homemade potpourri and mix fruit and spices that you like. Make a list and mix and match flavors until you get the right fragrance. You can experiment with all sorts of different combinations and even come up with custom recipes for other holidays as well, such as Thanksgiving or Easter. {found on julieblanner}.

Hang a sweet-smelling garland

Bring the beautiful smell of Christmas into every room by hanging garlands made of dried fruit slices and spices. You can also make your own version of this garland by selecting ingredients that you like in particular. {found on 5orangepotatoes}.

Scented pine cones

And if you want your home to smell beautiful without making the source of the scent too visible, check out the scented pine cones featured on Kleinworthco. The idea behind this project is really simple actually. You just spritz the cones with cinnamon-scented oil and then you display them throughout the house, hide them in closets, in bookcases and wherever else you want.