100 Handmade Christmas Gifts Perfect For Every Home

Christmas is almost here and we’re all excited about the presents, decorations, Santa and everything else. But presents don’t just fall out of the sky. Someone has to spend time and energy figuring out what the best gift would be for those close to them. And so the nightmare before Christmas starts. Our suggestion this year is to offer handmade gifts. They can be fun to make and would be a thoughtful gesture letting your loved ones know you care. So check out our top 100 ideas for DIY Christmas gifts perfect for every home.

Gift a piece of nature with a DIY terrarium

Hanging terrarium a special Christmas gift

These hanging terrariums are really chic and stylish and would make a lovely gift for someone, especially now that it’s cold outside and there’s very little green left. Each terrarium requires white rope, a large wooden bead, some gold spray paint, painter’s tape, a gold marker, scrap paper, craft glue, a cardboard box and the actual glass terrarium hanger. Follow the instructions offered on Crafthunter for best results.

How to make a table succulent terrarium

You can fill the terrarium with succulents and this way you can combine several different colors, proportions, textures and shapes. You’ll need some potting mix and a variety of succulent cuttings and you can use them to improvise a lot of great-looking designs. Find out what are the steps you need to follow on Thewhimsicalwife.

Tabletop terrarium DIY

Tabletop terrariums can make beautiful decorations for the home office desk, the fireplace mantel, hallway table and a variety of other spaces. A cute idea can be to use custom decorations, a different one for each person you plan of gifting a terrarium to on Christmas. It can be something funny or something that characterizes that particular person, like the cute little puppy featured on prettyography.

DIY Glass Cloche Moss Terrarium

You don’t actually need a terrarium for this type of project. You can improvise using a plate and a glass cloche. Decorate the plate with mosses to create a design that you like. On Lizmarieblog you find out how to make a little bird’s nest using brown moss. Then simply place the glass cloche on top of the plate and your terrarium is ready to become a Christmas gift.

Fresh and green gifts in the form of planters

DIY Mini concrete granite pots

Another nice way of letting nature become a part of your Christmas gifts this year is with a pot or a planter. Check out Almostmakesperfect for a chic design for mini granite pots. To make these you need PVC pipe sockets, some granite effect spray paint, spray primer and painter’s tape. Spray the outside with primer, then with granite paint and use tape to play with various designs and patterns. Then plant a succulent or a small cactus and put a bow or tag on it.

DIY painted terracotta pots and add some rope

Terracotta pots can look really nice if you know how to decorate them. You can find an inspiring suggestion on Thebeautydojo. The supplies needed for the project include twine, white paint, alphabet stamps and a glue gun. First you paint the pot and then you wrap twine around the top portion and you glue it as you go. Stamp a message on the pot and then add the soil and the plant.

Air dry clay pots

You can craft the pot yourself if you want. A simple solution can be to use air dry clay. The project is described on Wecanmakeanything. The list of supplies needed includes a self-heating cutting mat, a rolling pin, some air-dry clay, wax paper, a craft knife and spray paint. You can use an existing mini pot as a sort of mold.

Wooden box hanging planteres with chain

The hanging planters featured on Abeautifulmess are easy to create if you have the right supplies. This is a really great way of adding some greenery to a space without using up any floor space or occupying shelves. You need small wooden jewelry boxes with removable lids, glue, balsa wood, cup hooks, chain and waterproof sealer.

Clay hanging plants

A similar idea is to craft air plant holders. They’re a great gift idea for those that have a hard time keeping plants alive. You can make these out of terracotta air dry polymer clay and using white acrylic paint, a rolling pin, a cookie cutter, twine and high gloss varnish. Check out Squirellyminds for a tutorial.

DIY Beaded Plant Hanger

Plant hangers are really great because they let you display your potted plants in a lot of difficult places and without needing a shelf. Combine the beaded plant hanger with a simple terracotta pot and some cute little plants or succulents and feel free to customize the design featured on Thecraftedsparrow however you want.

Be practical and gift a shelf or key hanger

DIY key shelf

A key holder or key hanger would make a great gift for someone who has a history of losing their keys and wastes time hunting for them every time they exit the house. The shelf featured on Burkatron is really easy to make. All you need is a small piece of wood, a wooden dowel and some glue.

Wooden beads key holder system

Another cool project can be found on Johannarundel. This key hanger looks really chic and is actually pretty easy to make. In addition, the large wooden beads can also look cool as a trinket for your keys. You can include as many slots as you want, depending on how many sets of keys need to be stored there.

Colorful DIY Woven Keychain

Actually, a key chain on its own would make a nice gift for someone. The designs and approaches you can use for such a project are very diverse. For example, you can make a woven key chain. You’ll need assorted yarn, golden embroidery floss, pom pom trim, polymer clay and a key chain ring. Find out more details on Enthrallinggumption.

How to make your own keychain

Another simple DIY key chain design can be found on Northernambitions. It’s made of scrap pieces of leather. You’ll also need a key chain ring and a hot glue gun. Cut a small piece of leather and trim it to get the desired pattern and length. You can spray paint it first if you prefer a particular color.

Driftwood key and jewelry hanger

A really simple key hanger can be made using a piece of driftwood or a fallen tree branch. Use tape and paint to customize the branch. You can give it a striped pattern or use any other pattern. Then screw a few small hooks in it and tie some twine or cord to the end so it can later be mounted on a wall. {found on thesweetestdigs}

Cool and modern triangle shelves

Key holders are really practical for entryways but this also applies to other accessories, including shelves. An interesting-looking wall-mounted shelf can make a really nice addition to the entryway or to a hallway. The triangle-shaped ones featured on Burkatron can also be displayed in a bunch of other situations and settings, given how simple and versatile they are.

House shelving diy

For the entryway, a cute house-shaped shelf would make a wonderful accessory. The shelf is easy to make and would make a thoughtful gift for someone you care about. Check out Burkatron for a detailed tutorial on this project.

DIY decorative round shelves

Another minimalist and modern approach is featured on Thelovelydrawer. These circular wall shelves are both functional and decorative. You can make these with a few simple supplies such as a sheet of wallpaper, a round hat box or basically any round box, white spray paint, glue and a hook. The design you choose for the wallpaper will also dictate the final look of the shelf.

Marble hanging shelf

In case you have some leftover marble tiles and nothing to use them for, check out the project featured on Abubblylife. Each of these shelves uses a marble tile and some leather cord. Basically you just craft a cord hanger for the tile so you can then tie a knot at the top and hang the shelf.

Reveal your artistic side with handcrafted wall art

Handcrafted wall art - circle frames

Everyone has an artistic side and some choose to take advantage of it more than others. You can use your talents this winter to craft a bunch of unique gifts for those you care about. A simple idea can be to make interesting photo frames which can be displayed on the wall. You can buy a few simple circle frames, paint them a nice color and then glue belts around the edges. Find out more about the project on abeautifulmess.

DIY copper frames

The copper frames described on Ajoyfulriot could look really nice in a space with an industrial décor. You can make something similar out of ½” copper pipes and 90 degree copper elbows. You’ll also need some glue and a copper clip per frame. The first step is to decide how large you want each frame to be. Cut the pipes and then put the pieces together.

Make your embroidery wall art

You could also try embroidery wall art. You’ll need a template, an embroidery hoop, some spray paint, and embroidery thread. To customize the gift, use washi tape or come up with a different idea using things you already have in your home. Check out Thelovelydrawer for some inspiration.

Wooden wall art that add color to your house

A lot of things can be repurposed and used in new and creative ways and this includes craft sticks. A great example that showcases how versatile these are is offered on Nalleshouse. Here you can find out how craft sticks can be used to create a beautiful wall decoration which you can offer as a gift or keep for yourself.

Let mirrors reflect your style

DIY hanging wall mirror

Mirrors can also be considered a form of wall art. Their double role allows them to be added to just about any space. Offering someone a mirror as a Christmas gift can be a really nice gesture. So let’s have a look at a few DIY projects featuring mirrors. One can be found on Sugarandcloth and the main feature is a chopping board turned into a frame.

Copper edge round mirror

The copper edged mirror featured on Abubblylife definitely has an industrial side. Notice that the frame is not perfectly round. That’s actually where the uniqueness and charm of each project can be found. No two frames will be the same if you design them this way. So go get yourself a copper pipe coiled roll and some fittings and get to work.

How to make a Circle chain mirror

Another possibility which is beautiful described on Abeautifulmess is to use a round piece of wood as a base for the mirror frame. You can stain or paint the wood or you can let it showcase its natural beauty. Basically you have to attach the mirror to the wood with glue. Then attach the chain so it can be displayed on a wall.

Gold Starburst Mirror With Clothespins

Starburst mirrors are popular and attractive and there are lots of simple and fun DIY designs you can try. One of them can be found on Design-fixation. The starburst mirror featured here is made out of wooden clothespins. Basically you just spray paint these and then you clip them onto a round mirror. Glue a piece of wire to the back of the mirror so it can be attached to a wall hook.

Beaded Mirror Decoration DIY

An oval mirror with a casual and chic frame such as the one described on Flaxandtwine can make a nice decoration for a home office, an entryway and a lot of other spaces. You can adopt this design if you want to offer someone a practical Christmas gift that also says something about your own style.

Send a message with a DIY clock

Mini hexagon marble clock

Another useful home gift is a clock. However, the gesture can also suggest someone that you dislike their lack of punctuality so think about that before wrapping it all ready for Christmas. But enough with that. Let’s check out some projects. The clock featured on Sugarandcloth was made out of a marble tile. So find a tile with a suitable shape and size and drill a hole at its center. Install the clock mechanism and that’s pretty much it. You can also add a hook at the back so it can be mounted on a wall.

DIY Pom Pom Clock

The project featured on Enthrallinggumption is interesting for a variety of reasons. First of all, the list of supplies is simple and includes things like a plastic plate, some pom-poms and a clock kit. After you make a hole at the center of the plate and insert the mechanism, you can start gluing pom-poms onto the plate making sure you follow the right pattern.

DIY Copper Patina Clock

On Thegatheredhome you can find out how to make a copper patina clock. You’ll need a round wooden clock face, a clock kit, white primer, copper spray paint, clear lacquer spray, white spray paint and metallic acrylic craft paint. Follow the instructions to get the design and the technique right.

DIY Lego clock

A clock can also be a nice gift for a kid. The design, however, would have to be fun, colorful and playful. A great suggestion is to use LEGO blocks. Basically you can build a LEGO clock and add the mechanism to make it functional. We found this project on Kidthings.

Clock made from Hama beads

Another lovely design that can look nice in a kid’s room can be found on frkansen. This one is made with Hama beads. You’ll also need a large pegboard, a thick piece of cardboard, baking paper, an iron and some glue. You can use the geometric design described here or come up with your own.

Flower vases – always beautiful and always a good choice

Pink Dip Dyed Flower Vase

When you’re out of ideas and you have to pick a gift for someone, there’s always the good old flower vase you can count on. Of course, a vase is not exactly an original gift but you can make it that way with one of these great DIY projects. For example, make a frosted ombre vase. The project is featured on Erynwithay and requires frost etching, a glass bottle or a vase, acrylic paint and a plastic cup.

DIY Globe Flower Vase

The globe vase featured on Delineateyourdwelling is made using an actual globe with the world map on it. You’ll also need some acrylic craft paint and an xacto knife. First cut a hole in the globe and make the edges as smooth as possible. You can then use craft paint to decorate it if desired.

White chalk paint milk bottles

A vase can be replaced by a milk bottle but you’d have to decorate it in order for it to look presentable and special. One option is to use chalk paint. The project goes like this: clean the bottles and then use a large paintbrush to apply chalk paint to its exterior. Wait for it to dry and apply a second coat. The project is described on Littleredwindow.

Bud vase holder

Of course, if you want the vase to look stylish and chic, you’ll most likely need a different strategy. A great design idea can be found on blitsy. The supplies needed for it include three metal hoops of different sizes, four wooden beads, leather lace, three plastic storage tubes and double-sided tape.

Tube vases display flowers

The test tube vase display featured on burkatron is definitely worth a try, given how simple the project really is. All you need is a few test tubes, a piece of wood, some string and a power drill. Drill a few holes in the wood, big enough for the test tubes to fit in without falling through. Make two smaller holes at the ends for the string to pass through.

Simple and stylish candle holders

Modern and stylish candle holders

Just like flower vases, candle holders are a classical gift option. However, this doesn’t make them boring or unoriginal. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make a candle holder stand out, especially if you craft it yourself from scratch. A chic example is offered on historiasdecasa where you van find out how to make a candle holder using a small block of wood, copper fittings and white paint.

Pine and balsa wood candle holders

Tea lights are the most commonly used candles so you can opt for these if you want your gift to be versatile. The wood tealight holders featured on Curbly are actually quite easy to make and they look chic and sophisticated. The project requires a wood plank, a dowel, wood glue, white paint, varnish and some tape.

Concrete and copper candle holders

This might come as a surprise to some but concrete is an extremely versatile material which can be used for a lot of cute and interesting project. This also includes candle holders and you can check out Johannarundel for detailed instructions on such a project. You’ll need a mold which can be made of cardboard or can be the upper portion of a plastic bottle.

Wood plank candle holder for table centerpiece

If tapered candles are more your style, check out the project featured on Sparkandchemistry. The candle holder described here can be made out of a wood block and using a power drill. The size and the thickness of the wood block varies depending on the design you choose for the candle holder. Feel free to improvise and adjust the project.

Beaded candle holder

The simple design of the candle holder featured on Nalleshouse is very versatile and can be adapted and customized in a lot of great ways. The basic supplies include a bunch of wooden beads or various sizes, some leather cord and a drill. Make holes in the large beads so the candles can fit in. then thread the beads on the cord and mix and match them however you want.

Advent candle holder

An advent candle holder could be a lovely decoration for some interiors. Check out the modern version offered on Bravenewworld for a few details on how to craft one. The design itself is not festive and this allows you to also use it for other occasions. The most important thing in this case is a think piece of wood that you can use as a base. Once you figure out where you want the candles to do, drill holes in the wood, big enough for the candles to fit in but not too large. You can make a random pattern or you can be symmetrical, depending on the look you want.

DIY decorative magnets

Fall decorative magnets

You can never have too many fridge magnets and neither can someone else so you can never go wrong with a gift like this. In addition, your magnet will definitely be unique and, as such, a beautiful addition to someone’s collection. Check out these feather magnets. You can make the feathers out of leather scraps as shown on Boxwoodclippings.

Cute succulent jar magnets

Or how about these cute succulent jar magnets? They’re so lovely you can’t possibly resist displaying them on your fridge. To make these you’ll need small glass vials, a bit of moss, a hot glue gun, small but powerful magnets and succulents which can be real or artificial. {found on thecountrychiccottage}.

Gifts for the office – DIY pencil holders

DIY Gold pencil holders

If you’re doing secret Santa at the office or if you simply want to offer someone a gift they can put on their desk, how about a pencil holder? We’re not talking about the kind you buy but rather about the kind you can make yourself just to show how much you care. You can make one out of a simple cup and with some spray paint. {found on damasklove}.

Pencil Holder DIY for the Crafty Desk

An embroidered pencil holder can be a lovely accessory for a crafty desk. To make one, follow the instructions on Erynwithay. The project uses cardboard tubes and embroidery thread. The design and pattern possibilities are endless so have fun improvising.

Wood bangle pencil holder

And if you’d rather go with a less girly design, check out Makeandtell. Here you’ll find a tutorial on how to craft a wood bangle pencil cup. Once again, you can use your imagination and creativity to come up with original designs and patterns which can be applied to this type of project.

DIY jewelry boxes and organizers

DIY air dry clay jewellery bowls

If you’re looking for a gift idea for a girl, consider a jewelry box or organizer. Even if they already have one, the gift will be appreciated because it’s basically impossible to keep your jewelry organized and any kind of help is appreciated. The air dry clay jewelry bowls featured on Pastelsandmacarons are a really nice option.

ikea hack coark coasters

You could also make some lovely jewelry dishes out of cork coasters. The project only takes a few minutes. You’ll need a bunch of coasters, masking tape, golden spray paint and white spray paint. Follow the instructions on one-o and add your own twist to the design.

lacquered box

A jewelry box, however, is a bit more elegant. We’re not proposing you actually build the box from scratch. You can get a simple craftstore box and transform it into a chic statement piece. You can find some inspiration in this sense on Earnesthomeco. The knob is a really nice touch.

Driftwood jewelry hanger

A more casual approach can be to craft a jewelry hanger such as the one featured on Julieblanner. You can make this accessory out of a fallen branch that has an interesting shape. Decorate it however you want. You could use paint or washi tape. It works well for necklaces and bracers.

Coasters – you can never have too many

Arrow wood slice coasters

Coasters are among those items that are always good to have around and there’s basically no limit to how many you should have in your home. No matter what the situation is, you can be certain that your gift will be useful. Of course, if you want this to be a thoughtful gift, you could wither make or decorate the coasters yourself. A cool idea can be found on houseofhawthornes. Here you’ll find out how to make wood slice coasters.

DIY hexagon marble coasters

Marble coasters are also an interesting and outside the box option. The ones featured on homeyohmy are not actually made of marble. The supply list includes black and white clay and some adhesive felt. Mix some black clay with small bits of white clay to get that marbled look. Roll the clay on a piece of parchment paper and give it the desired shape using a template and an x-acto knife.

Pom Pom painted coasters

A cute and girly design can feature all sorts of details such as the mini pom-poms you see on surelysimple. These coasters are made of plywood which was cut into circles. They’re decorated with pom-poms but, before this, they were painted. To obtain this particular effect, start painting with one color and, while this one is this wet, dip the brush in another color and blend them.

Beaded coasters

A different but just as stylish and simple strategy is to make coasters out of wooden beads and cord. The project can be found on DIYs. The supplies you need for it include parachute cord, wooden beads, a hot glue gun, scissors and a lighter.

DIY custom napkins for special events

Mudcloth napkins

Your Christmas gift this year can be a set of custom napkins. It’s a lovely idea and there are lots of ways in which to personalize the napkins. For example, make mudcloth napkins by following the instructions offered on Almostmakesperfect. Basically all you need is a set of plain linen napkins and fabric markers. Decide on a pattern and use it to customize the napkins.

DIY Dip Dye Linens

Paint-dipped napkins also look very beautiful. To understand this technique, check out Inspiredbythis. Use it to create an ombre design on the napkin. The technique can also be applied to a bunch of other projects which you can also find here.

Brush Strole napkins

Give your napkins an artsy look. You can use fabric paint and paintbrushes. The design idea offered on Makeandtell is really simple. You need white cloth napkins and several paint colors. Paint brush strokes on each napkin in order to obtain a beautiful design. Consider how the napkins will be displayed.

Personalized Brush Stroke Napkins

Another similar design for brush strike napkins can be found on DIYs. The technique used is basically the same one. The colors differ. Use the project as inspiration or come up with your own design.

Christmas linen napkins

If you want, you can find some linen fabric that you like and cut it in small pieces. You’ll need a sewing machine to give the napkins a finished and elegant look. But don’t forget about the way you present them. Since it’s Christmas, a cinnamon stick and a rosemary branch can add just the right amount of charm. {found on gatheredthreads}.

Customized mugs that send a message

DIY nail polish marble cup

In addition to flower vases, candle holders and a lot of other things, mugs are also a popular gift choice regardless of the occasion. There are tons of techniques you can use if you want to customize a plain mug. For example, check out the technique used to get the marbled look featured on Prettylifegirls. You need nail polish, toothpicks and a container.

DIY Gold glitter Dipped

If the person you have in mind for this gift likes glitter and other such things, then glitter away. Take a mug, brush mod podge on the bottom portion and then pour glitter over it. After it dries you can apply a top coat of mod podge to seal the glitter. The idea comes from Thesweetestoccasion.

Two tone dipped mugs

If you want a design that’s simple and yet Christmas-related without being too festive, check out these two-tone dipped mugs we found on Thisheartofmineblog. You need porcelain paint, some tape and a paint brush to get similar results. Feel free to use any type of mug you want.

Custom door mats for a warm welcome

Pink custom door mat

A really nice gift idea for the home is a door mat. Offer one to someone you care about so they remember you every time to enter or leave the house. You can use plain door mat and customize it. For example, you can give it a new shape and color and even add a custom message. {found on spydiy}.

Hola doormat

Keep in mind that the design and the message displayed by the door mat should be more or less neutral. A simple “hello” or “hola” would suffice. Use a stencil and spray paint the message on a plain door mat. You can change its color before this if you wish. {found on shrimpsaladcircus}

Mosaic door mat

In order to create the door mat featured on anniefranceschi you need a piece of tile backerboard, ceramic tiles, grout, a template, a black sharpie and some painter’s tape. Smash the tiles in small pieces and combine them like pieces of a puzzle. Then fill the gaps with grout. Seal the whole thing and then paint the message on.

Rivers rocks door mat

A door mat doesn’t seen a message to look beautiful or to put a smile on someone’s face. For example, you can make a lovely mat out of ocean stones. The technique can also be used if you want to make a bath mat. Check out the detailed tutorial featured on tattoedmartha for more info.

DIY kitchen-related gift ideas

Marble utensil holder diy

Things like kitchen utensils or other kitchen-related items make really nice gifts because they’re very useful and, let’s face it, who would ever mind receiving a new chopping board or some customized wooden spoons? Another nice gift would be a utensil holder. You can make a marbled one using contact paper. The hardest part is finding good-looking, realistic marble contact paper. A suggestion in this sense is offered on abeautifulmess.

Color dipper wood kitchen utensils

Since we mentioned them, check out the wood kitchen utensils featured on peoniesandpears. They’re not exactly special in terms of material, shape or dimensions but they were dipped in color and the new design suits them well. You can do something similar this Christmas using acrylic paint and some mod podge.

Grill set holder

Sure, it’s a bit cold outside for a BBQ but it’s never too early to get ready for one. So how about a grill set holder as a gift for someone this Christmas? The one featured on lilluna can be made out of a piece of wood and with some spray paint, knobs, vinyl and spray polyurethane. Follow the instructions for similar results.

Cutting board turned into a tablet holder

For the modern cook, we suggest a tablet holder. It comes in very handy in the kitchen and it’s not usually a must-have so you can pretty much be certain your gift will be a very welcomed one. You can make a beautiful tablet holder out of a cutting board. Other than that, you’ll also need a Scrabble tile holder and a wood building block. The list of supplies is quite odd but the design itself is actually pretty simple and versatile. You can find out more about the project on Mamiejanes.

Chalkboard Handle Cutting Board

We also mentioned chopping boards and you might wonder how such a thing could be made to look special. Well, there are numerous possibilities. One is to paint the handle. Use tape to get a nice straight line and sand down the area you’re about to paint. Two coats should be enough. Remove the tape while the paint is still wet. {found on personallyandrea}

DIY Personalized Cutting Board

Another possibility is to make a monogrammed cutting board. You’ll need an alphabet branding set and the whole project goes like this: screw a hot stamp letter to the wood burning tool and turn the heat on. Let it warm for a few minutes and then stamp the board with the desired message or word. Check out bakedbyjoanna for more details. You can also put on a nice tag and this will be your gift.

Handmade modern chop board

Of course, there’s also a third option, that of making the cutting board from scratch. Start with a hardwood board, some sand paper, tape and spray paint. Sand down the portion you want paint and protect the rest with tape and a plastic bag. Then apply two coats of spray paint. Let it dry and that’s about it. {found on francoisetmoi}

Creative projects you can do with wood slices

DIY painted wood cut platter

We find wood slices to be really versatile and perfect for a lot of great DIY projects. So let’s check out a few. A wood slice or a slab of wood could become a unique platter. The most difficult part is finding that particular slice of wood that has an interesting shape. Smooth out its edges and surface, take some tape and give it an interesting design using paint. {found on lovelyindeed}.

Wood slice try constellation

A wood slice tray would also make a nice Christmas gift. You can customize and decorate it in a lot of ways. A nice example can be found on shemakesahome. The constellation design featured here is easy to replicate using glitter or metallic paper and some mod podge.

Painted wood slice tray

Another method you can use to design a custom wood slice tray includes acrylic paint in various colors, painter’s tape and some varnish. Apply tape in the pattern of your choice and start painting stripes or whatever design you want. Remove the tape and let the paint dry. Finish it off with a top coat. {found on shemakesahome}

Home sweet home on a slice wood

A wood slice can also be used as a decoration. Consider this gift idea for someone that recently moved into a new home. You can find a tutorial on Creativeramblingsblog. The list of supplies needed for the project include white chalk paint, a paint brush, some contact paper, glitter vinyl and a stencil.

Cool projects you can do with leather

Wine leather rack for countertop

Presuming you already have some leftover leather or leather strips in your home, let’s review two DIY projects that let you use those in a creative way. The first one is a wine rack which, by the way, would make a delightful Christmas gift. The project requires a piece of wood and six leather strips. Check out Itsprettynice for more details.

Basket with leather handles

For the project featured on Designsponge you’ll need a leather belt which you can turn into handles in addition to a few other things such as craft paper, tempered hardboard, skewers, a glue stick, clear spray varnish and a drill. You’ll be using these to make a basket.

Fun projects you can do with rope

Rope wrapped mini basket

Another great and really versatile resource you can use for your DIY projects this year is rope. For example, use cotton rope to make a pencil holder or a container for storing makeup brushes. You’ll also need some tacky glue, wide-eyed needle, a glue gun and colored yarn. Start coiling the rope as shown on Designsponge and use glue to help it maintain its form. Continue to make the sides. Decorate it with yarn.

Wrapped rope container for craft room

A similar project is featured on Damasklove. The supplies needed in this case include two paper mache cylinders, embroidery floss of several different colors, a hot glue gun, some cotton cord and craft glue. Glue the cotton cord to the bottom of the cylinder and then wrap it around the sides as well and secure it with a clip. Draw a pattern on with a marker. Unwrap the cord and wrap embroidery floss over the marker lines. Wrap the cord around the cylinder again and secure it with glue this time.

Easy wooven rope basket

A woven rope basket can also make a lovely gift for someone. Find out how to make one on Thepapermama. You’ll need sisal rope, embroidery thread and some colored yarn. Start with the base. Twist the rope into a roll and secure it with embroidery floss. Continue until you’re happy with the size. Then start making the sides in a similar way.

Vase flowers makeover

You can also use rope to decorate a bunch of plain glass vases or containers. The makeover is really simple and really well described on Loveandmarriageblog. The supplies required include a glass vase, a hot glue gun, decorative rope and scissors. You have to glue the rope to the vase. At the end you can also add a few decorations if you want.

ikea tray hack with rope

A different type of project which you can find on Dreamgreendiy suggests using rope to make a custom tray. It goes like this: take a round tray and start gluing the rope to its bottom (the inner side), forming a coil until you reach the center.

Three simple projects you can do with burlap

Gold foil burlap placemat

Given how accessible and cheap burlap is, using this as a primary resource for a DIY Christmas gift is a great idea. An interesting thing you can do with burlap is a place mat. You can gold leaf, adhesive and acrylic paint to make an interesting-looking one. {found on delineateyourdwelling}

Easy burlap framed art

Another thing you could do with burlap is some easy graphic art. You can find the full list of supplies needed for this project as well as detailed instructions on Vitaminihandmade. It’s up to you to choose a design or a pattern that you like.

Vintage Rustic Gift Bag from Burlap

A gift also needs a nice package so find a beautiful way to display it. One option is to use burlap to make a favor bag. You’ll need lace ribbon, twine, round tags and stickers as well as some string. Cut the burlap and sew the bag. Turn it inside out and cut the lace to size. Wrap it around the bottom of the bag and sew it on. Add the stickers and the tag. {found on alittlesweetlife}.

Artistic projects involving embroidery hoops

Alphabet hoop art

All the projects in this category require the use of embroidery hoops and all of them can become gifts for your close ones this Christmas. Let’s start with some alphabet hoop art featured on Adventures-in-making. To make something similar you’ll need embroidery hoops, cotton fabric, felt, embroidery floss and an alphabet template.

Craft hoop art you can do

Another option is the cottage-style decoration featured on Acultivatednest. The project requires the use of an embroidery hoop, some burlap fabric, assorted paper kites, craft glue and ribbon. Cut a piece of burlap, place it inside the hoop and secure it in place. Glue the kites on and that’s pretty much it.

DIY Heart Embroidery Wall Hanging

Using the technique described so far you can basically customize these decorations however you want. It’s totally up to you to decide on a design or a pattern. For example, you can show your love with a cute heart pattern like the one described on Yellowdandy.

Love handwriting sing on hoop

Check out whilewearingheels to find out to make an embroidered keepsake. You’ll need fabric, an embroidery hoop, a water soluble pen, a needle and some thread. Write something onto the fabric and center the word in the hoop. Start stitching the design.

Mason jar crafts

DIY Mason Jar Match Holder Sandpaper Lid

Reusing or repurposing Mason jars comes as a natural thing to do. The possibilities are numerous and you can even include a Mason jar in your Christmas-themed DIY gifts this year. Perhaps someone would enjoy receiving a Mason jar match holder such as the one described on 17apart.

Colorful striped mason jars

Or maybe you’d like to use the jar as a container for the gift. You can decorate the jar with chalky finish paint and some tape. Check out the instructions on Thecraftedsparrow for more detailed on this part. You can fill the jar with all sorts of things, from delicious treats to office supplies.

Mason jar sewing kit

A cute gift idea for someone that enjoys crafting things can be a Mason jar sewing kit. The project is described on momtastic. It requires the following: a mason jar, some fabric, a glue gun, stuffing, a pencil and scissors.

Mason jar soap dispenser

A Mason jar can also be easily transformed into a soap dispenser. There are numerous tutorials describing the process and one of them can be found on Cookingalamel. You’ll need a tape measure, a soap pump, a mason jar with a lid and ring, a drill and a hot glue gun.

Add the finishing touches with a beautiful tag

Leather bar tags

When you finally decided on a few ideas and you completed crafting the gifts, it’s time to pack them nicely. Consider adding a tag. You can make an elegant leather tag such as the ones featured on Sugarandcloth. You’ll need a small piece of leather, brass eyelets, a rotary punch, a leather stamp set, a cutter, twine and a mallet.

DIY beverage burlap tags

Another option is to make burlap tags. The project is described on Beckhamandbelle. The supplies needed are burlap tags (which, by the way, you could make yourself), twine or string and a sharpie. Personalize the tags however you want.